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Creating and using personas


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This is the deck for a talk I gave at the Brisbane UX and IxDA meetup group on creating and using personas. I've had to remove the case study slides in order to make this available to a wider audience.

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Creating and using personas

  1. 1. PersonasBY
  2. 2. This deck was originally presented alongwith specific artifacts from a real personaproject at the Brisbane UX and IxDA meetupgroup. The examples have been removed inorder for me to distribute the talk morewidely.
  3. 3. Key concepts
  4. 4. Persona"A social role or character"Derived from the latin wordfor theatrical mask
  5. 5. A persona is not...•  Made up•  A marketing segment•  A set of demographics
  6. 6. Personas focus on goals &behaviours•  Who are your users?•  What are they trying to do?
  7. 7. A persona is a modelIt highlights that which is important andabstracts out those details which are not.
  8. 8. A persona is a way ofcommunicating researchEverything in a persona should be traceableback to something you observed in research.Ethnographic research is the approachrecommended for creating personas.Censored
  9. 9. A persona is a composite archetype•  Represents a range of behaviours andattitudes•  Can represent millions of peopleFlickr: The SWAP Team
  10. 10. Ultimately, personas are a designtoolThey help you make better design decisions.
  11. 11. Using personas:Helps us to focus on humans and their goalsUnderstand their needs and contextGive the team focus and help them prioritise
  12. 12. Good personas=+ +GoodresearchGoodanalysisGoodcommunication
  13. 13. Further referenceAbout Face (chapters 4 & 5)The User is Always Right
  14. 14. Thanks!Questions?