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Imtech Cooperative ITS Platforms


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Cooperative systems offer a universal way for roadside equipment to communicate with vehicles. It provides open connectivity, as promoted by the European Commission. And it also allows multiple applications, to run side by side.

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Imtech Cooperative ITS Platforms

  1. 1. C O O P E R A T I V E I T S - P L A T F O R M : S P E C I A L T O O L S F O R R O A D A U T H O R I T I E S
  2. 2. Cooperative systems Cooperative systems offer a universal way for roadside equipment to communicate with vehicles. It provides open connectivity, as promoted by the European Commission. And it also allows multiple applications, to run side by side. Challenges to solve Current priority solutions for emergency vehicles and public transport use dedicated systems. This requires a substantial investment per service which is not very efficient when authorities are considering multiple services. Another disadvantage of these dedicated systems is the lack of information sharing possibilities. Why can we not use a universal platform for this? Driver feedback, if used at all, is limited to simple broadcasts and mostly only at specific locations. Isn’t there a way to subtly inform drivers and inform continuously with information targeted at certain vehicles only? The performance of state of the art safety, efficiency and environmental applications is limited, not only to the algorithm used, but also to their sensor and information distribution capabilities. Applications can’t share information easily, and information can be distributed easily to specific drivers. How can we remove this limitation? How our platform will help you Our platform solves all of above challenges. It offers open communication, continuous driver feedback and it allows multiple applications to run on the same platform. It consists of vehicle and roadside components. On the roadside it can be connected to Peek and third party Traffic Light Controller’s via the Ivera protocol. Application management, configuration and system monitoring is done via our easy to use and new web based management tool. This is how authorities and fleet owners access the system. Drivers interact with the system via an Android touch screen device. Currently we offer two applications: 1. In-vehicle time to green. Continuous real time driver feedback for Heavy Goods Vehicles. This reduces emissions and decreases congestion; 2. Priority services, with in-vehicle confirmation. This improves safety and provides shorter travel times for emergency vehicles.
  3. 3. Open communication technology Recently the European commission gave way to the exclusive use of 802.11p bandwidth for ITS applications. This bandwidth can be used for communication between vehicles, and between vehicles and roadside equipment. Standardised and secure communication will enable a whole range of innovative applications. We took the opportunity to develop an end-to-end cooperative platform for the ITS domain. With this platform priority services for logistics, emergency services and public transport operators are available. This innovation will remove the remaining thresholds from the current equipment generation for good. Future proof The standardized WiFi technology and the layers on top of that secure communications interoperability (subject to ETSI standardisation). Both the roadside and the vehicle- side architecture support multiple applications running side by side. This provides a future proof solution. Features ƒƒ 802.11p communication ƒƒ Platform architecture allows easy extension with new services ƒƒ All priority services consolidated into one platform ƒƒ Conditional priority at traffic intersections ƒƒ Continuous feedback to the driver (prediction of waiting time) ƒƒ Web-based management tool ƒƒ Easy installation (i.e. RSU router only requires 1 cable) Benefits From a road-authority’s perspective: ƒƒ A future proof and innovative platform; ƒƒ A quicker response time for emergency services; ƒƒ Improved safety at intersections; ƒƒ Meeting emission reduction targets as set by governments; ƒƒ Reduction in fuel consumption; ƒƒ Priority or prolonging green-time as incentives to foster green routes; ƒƒ Investing in roadside equipment yields economic attractiveness for the city. From the emergency services perspective: ƒƒ Increased safety when crossing intersections; ƒƒ Shorter travel times to reach an accident; ƒƒ Less damage through accidents at intersections. From a logistic service provider perspective: ƒƒ Reduction of fuel- and maintenance costs; ƒƒ Shorter transport times, lower costs, improved utilisation; ƒƒ More reliable planning. Vehicle router supports 3G, GPS and WiFi Roadside router with antenna Roadside host, for use in traffic controller
  4. 4. Specifications Vehicle router Radio IEEE 802.11p (range 700m), 3G (optional), GPS Receiver (optional) Power supply 10-28 VDC Dimensions (mm), weight (g) 120·220·30, 235 Connections 5,9 GHz, GPS and 3G antenna, m-USB, ethernet, blue light signal ETSI TS standards 102 636-4-1, 102 636-5-1, 102 637-2, 102 637-3 Roadside unit Radio IEEE 802.11p, IEEE 802.11n (optional), range 700m GPS receiver Integrated in the router Power Supply 230VAC Dimensions (router, host (mm)) 130­·230·480, 220·330·210 Mounting (router, host) bracket for mast, din rail in VRI-cabinet Weight (router) Approx. 5 kg Connections Ethernet, USB Connection traffic light controller RPDB (Peek controllers), Ivera-protocol ETSI TS standards 102 636-4-1, 102 636-5-1, 102 637-2, 102 637-3 Imtech / Peek Our people develop and implement innovative systems that offer concrete solutions for improving mobility, safety and the environment on European roads. Imtech/Peek leads the way in traffic control. We develop and provide solutions for cleaner, safer and smoother traffic management. Our offices are located in The Netherlands, Poland, Croatia, Sweden, Finland, Belgium and the United Kingdom. We are specialised in developing, supplying and maintaining high-quality electronic and software solutions for traffic and transport problems. Our products and systems are used in national, urban and regional networks and in public transport. Peek is a subsidiary (company) of Imtech NV.
  5. 5. Head office Imtech Traffic & Infra Basicweg 16 NL-3821 BR Amersfoort P.O. Box 2542 NL-3800 GB Amersfoort The Netherlands Tel. +31 33 454 17 77 Fax +31 33 454 17 40 The total solution provider