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Imtech Intelligent transportation Systems group description

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Imtech ITS

  1. 1. Imtech ITSWorldwide partner in intelligent transport systemsOur society is characterized by a significant increase in the Client driven solutions to worldwidedemand for mobility. The increasing need to transport both challengesgoods and people is a result of, and a precondition for, Mobility is a border-crossing topic, and so is ITS. Eacheconomic growth. The safety, reliability, predictability and mobility challenge has its specific characteristics basedsustainability of mobility are the most important challenges on its local technical, economical, organizational and cul-confronting road managers in the 21st century. tural situation, which a solution should take into account. Worldwide, mobility problems are tackled with multipleICT and Traffic Technology solutions, different results and, most importantly, with les-Integrating ICT into traffic technology is one of the pro- sons to be learned. The success for effective ITS solutionsmising ways of facing these challenges. By the integra- deployment, requires the combination of this worldwidetion of ICT, road managers can ensure a more efficient knowledge and experience, with each client’s expectationand safer use of infrastructure, travelers have more and particular situation.information and are able to plan their personal trips fromdoor to door using different modes of transport while Imtech ITS approachoptimizing both time and comfort. Furthermore, policy To be able to develop and provide a suitable solution, themakers can acquire better information to enable them clients’ needs have to be known and lead the process. Byto act on the mobility questions of the future. In ITS (Intel- analyzing the situation and discussing this with the client,ligent Transport Systems), ICT and traffic technology meet the direction of the solutions can be defined, based onand therefore will be key to sustainable mobility in the specific knowledge and experience. From that point comesfuture. the design and implementation of the solution. Imtech ITS has a team of multi-disciplinary consultants with theImtech Intelligent Transport Systems knowledge and experience needed to make the best trans-Imtech ITS develops and implements tailor made ITS lation to a suitable ITS to current and future mobility challenges world-wide. Imtech ITS provides knowledge and assistance to Imtech ITS is active in international projects, adding itspolicy makers, infrastructure providers, industry and other knowledge and experience in the development of newmobility organizations. Imtech ITS is an internationally technologies and theories, and helping clients in solvingoriented, customer directed organization that works from a their mobility problems. These projects vary from the or-cooperation point of view, with the support of an organi- ganization and management of information streams tozation that is leading in traffic technology, system integra- concrete technical solutions for in-vehicle support systemstion and asset management. and nomadic devices through Europe and beyond.
  2. 2. Future of Traffic managementImtech ITS participates in ITS Research & Development initia-tives, and contributes actively to public and private commis-sions and workgroups concerning the future scenarios fortraffic management. These activities provide a close contactwith ITS state of the art and future concepts, and allowdissemination of knowledge and expertise with colleaguesin the business, e.g. in NICHES+ and ERTICO.An ITS roadmapKnowing how the future might look is good, knowing howto get there is even better. Imtech ITS supports its clientswith the integration of user needs, business processes andlegacy- and state of the art technology to provide a totalsolution. Imtech ITS can assist the customer in this process,from policy making to delivery and asset management, and Customer Imtechdefine the roadmap to enable the transport system of to-morrow. Outstanding Provide an IntegratedIntegrated Solutions Performance SolutionIntegrated solutions exist in many forms. This can vary from Make use of existinga local traffic optimization case to an ITS master plan for a Legacy Technology systemslarge city, and from a basic road side cabinet to a high techcontrol center. As part of Imtech Traffic & Infra, Imtech ITS Facilitate Business Business Process Processcan support projects of different sizes and complexity. Understanding the User Needs needs Imtech ITS Basicweg 16, Amersfoort The Netherlands T +31(0)33 454 17 77 I