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  1. 1. April heat is godsend for AC manufacturers: Business 23/08/10 5:47 PM News Business Movies Sports Hi Guest Sign In | Create a Rediffmail account Get Ahead April heat is godsend for AC manufacturers web Search Moneywiz Live! April 21, 2009 10:17 IST Get Quote 23 Aug,15:59:55 Share this Ask Users Write a Comment BSE +7.53 18,409.35 +0.04% NSE 5,543.50 +12.85 +0.23% Market Voices Get the Live Expert Comments Gainers / Losers Daily • Weekly • Monthly Among the minority who are relieved at the rising heat are consumer durables' companies and retailers. Air conditioner (AC) sales are picking up in anticipation of a hot summer. April and May account for over 35 per cent of AC sales. Consumer durable makers were worried that it would be a mild summer this year, too, as it had rained in Delhi [ Images ] and parts of western and southern India [ Images ]. In 2008, AC sales were especially affected in North India, from where close to 40 per cent sales are reported. The branded AC market stood at two million units last year, worth around Rs 4,000 crore (Rs 40 billion). This year, the story promises to be different. Over the past week, AC sales have risen, with demand outdoing supply, says Pradeep Bakshi, vice-president (operations), Voltas [ Get Quote ]. Blue Star [ Get Quote ] sold around 1,50,000 units of window and split ACs in 2008-09. "Around 35 per cent of our annual sales generally take place in summer. This summer, we anticipate growth of approximately 10-15 per cent over the corresponding period last year," said B Thiagarajan, executive vice-president, Blue Star. Besides an early monsoon, dealers were worried due to the global financial meltdown, which resulted in subdued spending in the metros in the past six months. "We were hoping to just match last year's sales," said Nilesh Gupta, director, Vijay Sales. Gupta is now smiling as sales are exceeding his expectations. Name Age Email Mobile Select City The slowing economy has also forced companies to rework their inventory management, besides manufacturing and trade credit terms. "We are not granting extended credit period to the trade channel," said Pranay Dhabahi, COO, Haier, adding, "The trade has the option to buy smaller stocks." Cash flow measures include "keeping the supply chain efficient and in tune with the market demand", according to Carrier India Managing Director Zubin Irani, who is positive the season will be better than last summer. Dealers have cut inventory. "We have cut by almost 30 per cent. This has also helped us keep payments on track since the credit period by companies has shrunk," said Manav Bhandari, owner of New Delhi-based Happy Air-Condition and Refrigeration Works. Due to the slowdown, consumers have become more value conscious and are spending largely in the economy segments, buying the one-tonne split ACs priced between Rs 14,000 and Rs 25,000, say dealers. Ajit Joshi, chief executive officer, Croma, says, "Consumer sentiment is a little low overall but has impacted luxury and non-essential products (like apparel, jewellry) more than the industries where people make considered purchases (like in electronics.)" Consumer durable retailers are witnessing an increase in same-store sales, says Peshwa Acharya, head of marketing and operations at Reliance [ Get Quote ] Digital, which has sales of Rs 30-50 crore (Rs 300-500 million) a month. "During summers, 30 per cent, or Rs 15 crore (Rs 150 million) of our overall sales, are from air conditioners. AC sales will grow 1530 per cent over last year," he said. Sapna Agarwal & Suvi Dogra in Mumbai/New Delhi Source: Brass Trumpet MRP Rs. 4400 Rs. 3500 Buy Now more offers>> Share this Ask Users Write a Comment Page 1 of 2
  2. 2. Asia Retail Congress 2010 23/08/10 5:42 PM Advisory Council Indian Abhijeet Mitra Tarun Joshi Adityea Kapoor Business Head – Trade (Abbott Nutrition International –India) Abbott Healthcare Pvt Ltd. Anand Raghuraman Partner & Director The Boston Consulting Group Ananta Raghuvanshi Chief Executive - Retail (India) & Residential Channel Sales (Delhi NCR) Emaar MGF Land Ltd. Apurva Gupta Director and Head – Retail Services CB Richard Ellis Asitava Sen CEO Ebony Retail Holdings Ltd. Ameesha Prabhu Trading Manager - Hardlines & Home Tesco Hindustan Wholesaling Pvt. Ltd. Anand Sundaram Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer – Operations The Phoenix Mills Ltd. Anil Mishra CEO Integrid Media Pvt Ltd. Arun O Gupta Customer Care Associate & Group Chief Technology Officer Shoppers Stop Ltd. Director Business Consulting Services, The Nielsen Co. Atul Shah Balvinder Singh Ahluwalia C Vinod Hayagriv President Koutons Retail India Ltd. Managing Director C Krishniah Chetty & Sons Pvt. Ltd. Chandan Ghosh Cory York Head NLD/ ILD Aircel Limited. Director Business Development Novator India Ltd. Deepak Deshpande Dev Amritesh Vice- President Retail Tata International Sr. Vice President Marketing Domino’s Pizza India Ltd. Devendra Chawla Head – Private Brands Future Group Independent Retail Professional Dheeraj Dogra Head - Retail Express Avenue, Chennai (An Indian Express Company) Page 1 of 4
  3. 3. Asia Retail Congress 2010 23/08/10 5:42 PM Gopa Kumar Harminder Sahni AVP (Sales and Operations) Next Retail Managing Director Wazir Advisors Pvt. Ltd. Harshvendra Soin Jagdish Krishnan Chief People Officer Fortis Healthcare Ltd. COO – Retail Heritage Foods India Ltd. Jay Gupta Joanna deSouza Customer Care Executive & Managing Director The Loot (India) Pvt. Ltd. President Future Capital Real Estate (FCRE) John Wilcox Juzar Mustan Chief of Operations HyperCity Retail (India). Ltd. Chief Executive Officer – Logistics AFL Pvt. Ltd. Kapil J Pathare Lalit Kumar Jain Director Maxwell Industries Chairman Kumar Builders Lucy Roychoudhury Mandeep Sethi EVP – Sales and Marketing Oberoi Constructions Vice - President Trident Industries Manoj Dani Meheriar Patel Chief Operating Officer HPMC CIO, GM & Head - IT, HR & Admin Globus Stores Pvt. Ltd. Mukul Rastogi Vice President – HR (Lifestyle Retailing Business Division) ITC Limited. Nigel Lang Niranjan Gosavi Nitin Barekere Chief Marketing Officer Atom Technologies General Manager - Human Resources Max Hypermarket India Pvt. Ltd. Pankaj Jaju Peshwa Acharya Senior VP, Investment Banking (Retail and Real Estate verticals) Enam Securities Pvt. Ltd. VP & Head – Marketing & Consumer Experience Reliance Retail Prasad Kapre Prodipta Sen Managing Director Blue Skies Business Management Group VP – Marketing and Corporate Affairs Alpha G:Corp Development Puneet Avasthi Puneet Mansukhani Vice President and Research Services Director IMRB Retail Head India Sales Vinculum Solutions Ltd. Purvin Patel Rachna Aggarwal Chief Operating Officer Radhakrishna Foodland Pvt. Ltd. Chief Executive Officer Indus–League Clothing Ltd. Founder Flitabout Page 2 of 4
  4. 4. Asia Retail Congress 2010 23/08/10 5:42 PM Radha Ramanujam Rahul Narvekar Head Finance & Commercial Reliance Retail Ltd. Co-founder and Director Fashion & You Rajgopal Nogja Rajiv Duggal President Lavasa Corporation Ltd. & HCC Real Estate Chief Executive Officer Select City Walk Rakesh Pandey Ronak Sheth CEO Kaya Ltd. Head – Market and Brand Development NEXT Sanjay Sachdeva President - Corporate Strategy & Business Development Advance India Projects Ltd. Saurabh Mittal Savitha Shivsankar Shashikala Venkatraman Head Kaya Life Kaya Ltd. Managing Director Sq.Ft Consulting Pvt. Ltd. Shoaib Ahmed Shubhojit Pakrasi President Tally Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Asst General Manager – Operations GKB Lens Shubhranshu Pani Simran Singh Managing Director – Retail Jones Lang LaSalle Meghraj Founder Sreekumar Vijaykumar Srinath S Naidu Managing Director All India Retail Chief Operations Officer DCHL Group. Sunir Ramchandani Head Corporate Property Services Group ICICI Home Finance Company Ltd. Global Practice Head - Customer Experience Wipro USA Tej Pavan Gandhok CEO Lite Bite Foods Ltd. Tim Eynon Umesh Nair Principal Advisor - Business Strategy & Brand Development Provogue Head Corporate Development & Strategic Alliances Bird Group Varun Bhomia Retail Consultant Director General Retail Management Solutions Pvt Ltd. Varuna D Jani Vikas Wadhwa Owner Varuna D Jani Designs Business Head Barcode India Vinayak Mahtani Vineet Agarwal Managing Director Mahtani Fashion Pvt. Ltd. Executive Director Transport Corporation of India Ltd. V Rajesh Page 3 of 4
  5. 5. Asia Retail Congress 2010 23/08/10 5:42 PM Vineet Kanaujia Vineet Kapila General Manager – Marketing Safexpress Private Limited. President Spencers Retail Vineet Verma Vinita Shridharani Chief Executive Officer Brigade Hospitality Services Pvt. Ltd. Chief - Marketing & Retail (India) Tata International Ltd. Vinod Sawhny Vivek Seigell President and COO Bharti Retail Pvt. Ltd. Head - IT, DI & DTH Next Retail India Ltd. © Copyright 2009 - 10, all rights reserved Page 4 of 4
  6. 6. Brand Side of the Story: Peshwa Acharya, VP & head of marketing & consumer experience, Reliance Retail | Alootechie 23/08/10 5:27 PM News | Marketing Channels | Mobile | Media Strategies | Consumer Strategies | Search | Events | Gaming | Interviews | Brand Side of the Story | Jobs Subscribe To The Alootechie Newsletter Enter your email id Subscribe Me! Brand Side of the Story: Peshwa Acharya, VP & head of marketing & consumer experience, Reliance Retail Peshwa Acharya has over 19 years of marketing experience working across sectors like fast moving consumer goods (FMCG), consumer durables, telecom and retail. Presently, as the vice president and head of marketing and consumer experience, Reliance Retail, Acharya plays the pivotal role in driving the marketing and trade plan for around 1000 stores for the company across different formats. In an exclusive interview with AlooTechie, Acharya shares his viewpoints on digital media and how he sees Reliance Retail’s marketing objectives aligning with what the medium offers. What is Reliance Retail’s perception and idea about launching brand campaigns on internet? What are some of the most exciting online campaigns that the company has initiated so far? " We use the internet to achieve two primary business objectives: branding campaigns and new customer acquisition campaigns. The measurable nature of the medium is one of the main reasons we are able to leverage the internet to achieve these twin business objectives. " For us at Reliance Retail, marketing depends on a very simple idea. We want to be present everywhere where the target group (TG) match happens. We have several brands in our kitty including Reliance Fresh, Reliance Mart, iStore, Reliance Footprint, Reliance Jewels, Reliance TimeOut and others but we can’t do digital campaigns for each and every brand. In our perspective, online would make sense for some of our formats like that of iStore (Apple store) and Reliance Digital [specialty electronics and CDIT (consumer durables and information technology) store] because a lot of our premium audience is online. We initiated a social networking based campaign for Reliance iStore to convert leads for our products. And the response from the campaign was very good. Our brand generated good word among the Apple audience, who are online and technology savvy people. What percentage of the total advertising budget does Reliance Retail spend on the digital medium? The percentage share is not fixed as it depends on what sort of business we are going to use the medium for. So, we cannot reveal an exact figure. - Gowri Mukherjee senior vice president and head, eBusiness, Citibank India Recent Comments cleaning services on HTML Developers supra Shoes on Indyarocks launches mobile optimized platform What are the issues and challenges that you have faced so far while promoting your brands on internet? MakeMyTrip SEO on Earlier internet search was keyword based but now it’s meaning-based: Amit Singhal As far as my experience goes with the medium, reach clearly is a problem. And the problem would persist unless and until the penetration levels increase in the country. Till then, advertising on this medium will have to be limited to some specific product categories and not as standalone for large mass brands. Internet Mobile on Earlier internet search was keyword based but now it’s meaning-based: Amit Singhal Another problem that I have faced is that the measurement system is not up to the mark. There are a lot of metrics present in the market but no one seems to reach a consensus while delivering results. This only proves that the measurement system of an online campaign needs to be worked upon more. And thirdly, there is a huge lack of innovation in the internet medium. One can’t keep on doing the same stuff over and over again across all kinds of brands. Every brand has a unique feature and this needs to be attributed through innovative marketing initiatives. Unless the people working in this medium can innovate, spends will not grow on internet. evening dresses on Online matrimony in India may be worth $63 million by 2010-11 Events Travel Distribution Summit 06, October 2010 Mumbai, Hotel Novotel, Juhu Beach Summit Info » What answers do you seek from your digital advertising agencies and digital media partners while promoting your brands on internet? The primary question that I seek is to how I can get my brand message across to the TG in an effective and measurable manner. What I would also like to see is more innovation and that too in an effective way which can help in building business of my brand and format. There is a perception that people research and compare products online and buy them offline. Why do you think it is like that? Presently, this is true in the case of electronics products but the perception is changing fast. There are some Page 1 of 3
  7. 7. Brand Side of the Story: Peshwa Acharya, VP & head of marketing & consumer experience, Reliance Retail | Alootechie 23/08/10 5:27 PM categories where online buying works best. Sectors like insurance payment, travel and ticketing work best for online buying. Even in the electronics category there is a huge possibility of driving shopping online, especially of accessories and small volume items. Online retailers have to provide some sort of incentive to the consumers so that they opt for buying online. For example, my car insurance is on ICICI Lombard and every year I used to call up the insurance person in my home and make the payments through him. One day, he asked me why I don’t opt for online payments as this would not only save up my time, but also charge me less. And I actually saw that making a payment through this medium not only made me save time, but also cost me less. Hence, the incentive needs to be there for a person to make a purchase online. As the TG becomes more time-starved, internet will serve as the appropriate medium for their social interaction, information search, connectivity and shopping. Moreover, online buying will make more sense as the credibility of the online retailer is more established. For instance, if I know about a brand well, I will not need to have a touch and feel factor before buying the product and hence can initiate the buying process on internet. But if I am not sure about how reliable the retailer is, I might opt out of the transaction. So, every online retailer first needs to establish a trust in the mind of the consumer. How do you see the importance of social media for promoting your brands online? Social media is very important and with the emergence of sites like Facebook and Twitter, it has become much more important for brand marketers to be present on this medium. A lot of our TG is actually using social media and we saw that as we had a great response with our lead generation exercise for iStore launch. People are speaking high about mobile being a great medium for brand communication, but still, very less amounts are spent on this medium. What’s your take on this? The scene in mobile marketing is changing very fast. With mobile phones growing at a rate of 20 million per month, this would be the medium of internet connectivity and would far surpass the PC penetration in the country. When this happens, spends will also increase. How do you see your marketing objectives aligning with what the digital medium offers two years down the line? Actually the online behaviours of consumers are changing faster than we marketers and business owners would realise. Especially if you appreciate the fact that India is a demographically young and tech savvy nation, we must understand and be present in the medium. For me, brands like electronics, leisure, books, music and toys would better reap the benefits of the medium. _______________________________________________________________________ by Tridiv Das on 11 August, 2010 Very well said. It's true that repeative things don't work on the internet, and it requires innovation in technology and well as ideas. Internet is more than just a media, It's also a market place and a business engine (crowd sourcing). Between 2010-2030, India will add 241 Million people in working-age population which implies that this generation will be deeply engrossed with internet and social media. Social media has a great future, its still in its nacent stage. in future people will communicate live on social media - it has already made email passe, email is currently alive due to business email exchange and easy to archive aspect of a mail box. reply by Amazingindia on 30 April, 2010 Thats the beauty of Alootechie to come up such descriptive insights from head honchos. It gives we readers some nice info about how company works and how are they going to move in coming times. keep them coming. reply by Guest on 25 March, 2010 Please learn Internet as Medium before commenting on it reply Post new comment Your name: * Guest E-mail: * The content of this field is kept private and will not be shown publicly. Website/Blog URL: Comment: * Page 2 of 3
  8. 8. Conference on Digital Commerce: Consumers will transact online only if they see value | Alootechie 23/08/10 5:47 PM News | Marketing Channels | Mobile | Media Strategies | Consumer Strategies | Search | Events | Gaming | Interviews | Brand Side of the Story | Jobs Conference on Digital Commerce: Consumers will transact online only if they see value Subscribe To The Alootechie Newsletter Enter your email id Subscribe Me! 01 December, 2009 by Satrajit Sen According to Gurmukh Singh, head, business marketing, Intel South Asia, consumers will transact online only when they see value and value doesn’t always mean money. Citing an example, he said that upgrades at least two people to business class among those who have booked their tickets online. Singh was speaking at the third panel discussion titled ‘How are brands and manufacturers tapping ecommerce to enhance distribution?’ of the National Conference on Digital Commerce organised by Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) on November 27, 2009 in New Delhi. Peshwa Acharya, vice president and head, marketing and consumer experience, Reliance Retail, said that grocery is not a successful model online; however, “we can see etailing picking up in categories like books and electronic items.” Gaurav Gupta, regional manager, Asia Pacific, retail operations, General Motors, said that it is hard to sell automobile online as still there are hardly around 300 cars sold a year though internet in India and that too are mainly bought by NRIs to gift their relatives in the country. However, Gupta felt that selling automotive accessories online can be a successful model. According to Peshwa Acharya, demand, supply backed by technology are the major three frameworks of digital " We use the internet to achieve two primary business objectives: branding campaigns and new customer acquisition campaigns. The measurable nature of the medium is one of the main reasons we are able to leverage the internet to achieve these twin business objectives. " commerce. Citing an example, Acharya said that Reliance Rescue is a company that takes care of the after-sales affairs of Reliance Retail’s all verticals and if they had to start a digital commerce venture, they would need a company like Reliance Rescue for each and every vertical that is sold online. Speaking about a typical mindset among Indians for buying educational courses online, Mohit Hira, president, elearning, retail, NIIT, said, “People think that if the course is provided online, it should be free. They also have a mindset to pay through cheque and cash for education courses and hence paying with credit cards is a problem.” Sharing his experience, Hira further said, “Many people came and checked our online course but did not convert. - Gowri Mukherjee senior vice president and head, eBusiness, Citibank India Their primary concern is where can they get somebody to ask if there is a problem?” According to Jeetendra Joshi, head, ecommerce, Gitanjali Group, a study revealed that consumers searched and did their research on products online, but when it came to buying, they would rather prefer the offline mode. For this, Gitanjali is considering blending offline and online models by replicating physical franchisees online as well Recent Comments as localising content and inventory to reduce the barrier of couriers and shipping, informed Joshi. Mohit Sharma on Number of internet users in India grows by 8% to 51 million: Juxt Rahul Narvekar, co-founder and director, brand sourcing, Fashion and You said that for some brands, the offline experience was so good that online did not work for them. “There needs to be a compelling reason for the Mohit Sharma on Earlier internet search was keyword based but now it’s meaning-based: Amit Singhal consumer to go online and if we can take care of these issues, I am sure people will transact online,” Narvekar cleaning services on HTML Developers added. supra Shoes on Indyarocks launches mobile optimized platform « Back | E-mail to a friend | Print by Yogendra Oza on 02 December, 2009 If I am an Internet Marketer who want to sell stuff online whether it is a Car, Insurance Policy, Mobile Phone, Luxury Gifts or even Grocery then I have to put myself in the shoes of the buyers. MakeMyTrip SEO on Earlier internet search was keyword based but now it’s meaning-based: Amit Singhal Events Travel Distribution Summit 06, October 2010 Mumbai, Hotel Novotel, Juhu Beach Summit Info » First of all we have to accept few basic things. This is India and we lack in many things including a strong financial infrastructure and also a service infrastructure. Every Indian goes online just to get some cheap stuff. Convenient shopping is not their criteria. Marketer have to accept this and then have to plan the strategies. As it was said, consumer is confused. He want to buy but how and why increase the level of confusion. We are the people who will not put trust on anyone as far as the financial matter is concerns. I will like to buy something on net but I am confused. Will they really send me the thing which I ordered? Will there be any hidden charges? What if the product be a faulty? Where can I save myself from merchant fraud and many things. Page 1 of 3
  9. 9. Conference on Digital Commerce: Consumers will transact online only if they see value | Alootechie 23/08/10 5:47 PM The marketers need to help the consumer in solving all these problems. We can sell everything online but before that we need to create and an environment of trust and responsible services. Customer is the king and we have to show him that he is king. There are more ways to add value but the basic things should be started from here. Yogendra Oza reply by Management Consulting Firm on 02 December, 2009 Indians are a tactile lot. No wonder groceries will never sell on the net here. reply by abhishek on 02 December, 2009 Cool! reply Post new comment Your name: * Guest E-mail: * The content of this field is kept private and will not be shown publicly. Website/Blog URL: Comment: * Web page addresses and e-mail addresses turn into links automatically. Allowed HTML tags: <a> <em> <strong> <cite> <code> <ul> <ol> <li> <dl> <dt> <dd> <p> <br> Lines and paragraphs break automatically. More information about formatting options CAPTCHA Hi! Please enter the words as you see them below so we know you are human and not the agent of Spam. Thank you. What code is in the image?: * Copy the characters (respecting upper/lower case) from the image. Post comment Domestic News International News Number of internet users in India grows by 8% to 51 million: Juxt enables users to pass their online accounts to friends and family Google amends its maps to show entire Jammu and Kashmir as part of India Google acquires social gaming company Slide Royal Challengers Bangalore launches online campaign to allow fans send gifts to players launched as a dating site for virgins Earlier internet search was keyword based but now it’s meaning-based: Amit Singhal Social networking sites reach more women than men worldwide: comScore Page 2 of 3
  10. 10. Corporate Communicators’ Conclave 2009 by JFPS group - Agenda and Venue 23/08/10 5:41 PM Home About OMShare Client Success Event Organizers Feedback Want to Blog @ OMShare? Subscribe via Email Subscribe Corporate Communicators’ Conclave 2009 by JFPS group - Agenda and Venue Posted by Paritosh Sharma at March 4, 2009 (No Ratings Yet) The JFPS Group Malaysia, presents The CORPORATE COMMUNICATORS’ CONCLAVE 2009 Evolving from a Tactical Player to being a Communications Thought Leader at the Strategy table The CORPORATE COMMUNICATORS’ CONCLAVE has its vision in defining the emergence of communication officers as business partners to the CEOs and the Leadership teams in the stewardship of a companies’ reputation. They spur the initial planning and implementation of innovative communication strategies to deliver the right information to the companies stakeholders, which is one of the key fundamentals in building a successful business. This conclave distinguishes itself from other conferences as delegates are given the opportunity to participate as Guest Panelists in the roundtable Discussion that gives them a chance to lock-horns with the’-conclave-2009-by-jfps-group-agenda-and-venue/ Page 1 of 8
  11. 11. Corporate Communicators’ Conclave 2009 by JFPS group - Agenda and Venue 23/08/10 5:41 PM country leading CEO’s, HR specialists, Marketing eperts and branding consultants for interactive knowledge sharing experience. Highlights of the event Agenda for the event Day 1: Day 1 would witness some of the top executives moderating and speaking on various scheduled sessions. The various speakers include: Dr. Ajit Pathak (National President, Public Relation Society of India (PRSI)) Dr. Pragnya Ram (Group Executive President, Corporate Communications, Aditya Birla Management Corpn. Ltd.) Shael Sharma (Head – Group Corporate Communications, Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd) Badri Agarwal (President, Bharti Foundation) B. Thiagarajan (Executive Vice President, Blue Star Ltd) Malini Thadani (Head of Group Communication and Corporate Sustainability, HSBC India) Sammy Medora (Executive Director, KPMG) Kalyan S Bose (Head – Corporate Affairs, Bombay Stock Exchange Ltd) Mithu Basu (General Manager - PR & Corporate Communications, The Leela Palaces-HotelsResorts) Roma Balwani (VP - Head, Corporate Communication, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd) Jayaram Ramanathan (Vice President - Corporate Communication & Public Relations, Hinduja Group India Ltd) Damini Sood (Managing Consultant, TEXT 100) SK Dutt (Head – Group HR, ABG Shipyard Ltd) Unni Krishnan (Managing Director, Brand Finance) Yogesh Joshi (President, Association of Business Communicators of India (ABCI)) Deepshikha Dharmaraj (Managing Partner-Business Development, Genesis Burson-Masteller & PresidentPublic Relations Consultants Association of India (PRCAI)) David Appasamy (Chief Communication Officer, Sify Corporation) Pradeep Chopra (co-Founder, OMLogic Consulting) Arnab Mitra (Business Head – Mumbai, Ignitee India *previously known as Connecturf, India’s first online advertising agency) Dinesh Wadhawan (Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer Times Internet Ltd) Yogesh Joshi (President, Association of Business Communicators of India (ABCI))’-conclave-2009-by-jfps-group-agenda-and-venue/ Page 2 of 8
  12. 12. Corporate Communicators’ Conclave 2009 by JFPS group - Agenda and Venue 23/08/10 5:41 PM Day 1 provides high value through the following scheduled sessions: Case Study – Building a corporate reputation through creative media management Engineering Top Management Buy-in for Securing a Seat for Communication at the Strategy Table as a Key Driver of Business Strategy Delivery Executing Beyond Conventional Mechanisms of Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility to Strategically Outshine Others in a Long Term Marketing Investment Thriving in the Shadow of Business Crisis Positioning the organization as the Employer of Choice Living up to the promise – creating integrated brand and customer experiences for achieving desirable marketing results Measuring the success and effectiveness of a communication plan – linking communication activities with project results and income generating opportunities for the business* The Big Bad Online World that can Make or Break Corporate Reputation The action on Day 2 continues with Roundtable Discussions, with the following speakers: Renu Kakkar (Vice President, Technology & Corporate Communications, Apeejay Surrendra Group (IT Convenor & Corporate Relations Indian Forum for Corporate Communicators (IFCC) ) Paresh Chaudhry (Group President, Corporate Communications, Reliance Industries Limited) (President, Indian Forum of Corporate Communicators (IFCC)) S K Dutt (Head – Group HR, ABG Shipyard Ltd) Vineet Kaul (Chief People Officer, Hindalco Industries Ltd) Aquil Busrai (Executive Director – HRIBM India & National President National HRD Network) K S Vijay Kumar (Executive VP - Human Resources RFCL Ltd (formerly Ranbaxy Fine Chemicals Ltd)) Nandini Goswami (Group Head, Corporate Communications, JM Financial Group-Vice President Indian Forum for Corporate Communicators (IFCC)) Peshwa Acharya (Chief Marketing Officer & Head - Consumer Experience Reliance Digital Retail) Regional Chairperson (Indian Forum of Corporate Communicators (IFCC)) Arijit Sengupta (President India-Ogilvy Worldwide PR) Schubert Fernandes (Associate Vice President - Hanmer MS&L) What you get on Day 2 from the scheduled sessions: Paving your way to the strategy table – A Dialogue between CEOs and Communicators A critical partnership: the roles Human Resource and Communicators play in creating an engaged, informed and productive workforce How Indian Businesses can join the ranks of Best Global Brands? Building quality and business-minded communicators for the industry - Action Plan to be delivered Event Venue Renaissance Mumbai Hotel & Convention Centre, 16th and 17th April, 2009 Register for the event here Business If you enjoyed this post, please consider to leave a comment or subscribe to the feed and get future articles delivered to your feed reader. Comments Comment by Shalini Khatri on July 6, 2009 @ 12:02 am More on corp comm plz, tx’-conclave-2009-by-jfps-group-agenda-and-venue/ Page 3 of 8
  13. 13. Digital agencies should be a part of brand building process from the start: Experts i-Zone Guru Speak Beta Zone 23/08/10 6:30 PM Whacky 2.0 News Back to Home Guru Speak Top Stories Access on your mobile Digital agencies should be a part of brand building process from the start: Experts exchange4media Mumbai Bureau November 19, 2009 A+ AReport a problem Print this page Email this page Tell a friend The Seventh Digital Marketing Roundtable organised by IAMAI and eBay India was held on November 18, 2009 in Mumbai. The roundtable discussed ‘Common mistakes of digital marketing’. The internet medium has matured in the last ten years and now is the time for digital agencies to have custodians who build brands based on customer insights. This was one of the outcomes from the Seventh Digital Marketing Roundtable. Another prominent point was that even though marketers still did not understand how digital media functions, the experts believed that in time to come, the spends of FMCG brands would go up in digital media, especially in social networking The panellists included Lloyd Mathias, Chief Marketing Officer, Tata Teleservices; Kartik Jain, Head Marketing and eChannel, ICICI Lombard; Manish Vij, Co-Founder, Quasar Media; Peshwa, Acharya, VP and Head Marketing and Consumer Experience, Reliance Retail. The session was moderated by Ambareesh Murty, Country Manager, eBay India. The session commenced with Vij giving a brief presentation on his learning from digital marketing. Vij highlighted, “The digital media has matured in the last ten years. Now marketers need to involve digital media when presenting creative thoughts. It is also high time that digital agencies have brand custodians. Digital medium needs to intercept people searching their product at any point of time. But first, we need to change the way we are thinking and once that happens, a lot will change itself.” Highlighting the truth about e-marketing, Jain said, “There is a need to look at cost per acquisition, to use analytical tools, as it is the compass to navigate business. Another truth is that search works better than content advertising. We need to understand customer search behaviour. It is also learnt that text ads do better than banner advertising and that e-marketing is just one element of the entire marketing mix.” Understanding Customer Behaviour Amarjit Batra Country Head, OLX Classifields Research on Internet How ready are we for interactivity? How well is your site’s ‘Contact Us’ page working for you? High hopes, but small launch budget? Use Blogs Are you getting the best mileage from your greeting cards? Hierarchy of Internet Usage - User Life Cycle (ULC) MSc Degree in Marketing & Advertising, Tailored Syllabus Expert Tutors, Check Details!.. Mathias noted, “One of the challenges for marketers is that digital medium becomes very resultoriented. There is a whole new opportunity within digital marketing about building one’s brand. The essence of building brand value therefore has slightly diminished, and so it is important in getting the entire digital team into your brand thought.” “Digital media has a huge role to play for FMCG brands, one of the challenges for the marketers however is that they should start looking at digital media as a platform for their brands, as the whole ability of digital media is to make your brand come alive. I see media spends of FMCG brands rapidly increasing particularly in social media,” added Mathias. Vij observed, “There should be a differentiation with some elements of digital media, as there needs to be a balance required when it comes to ROI. Clients become so focussed on cost per acquisition that they forget a lot that the digital media can offer.” Acharya observed, “Are we building the brand in the right manner and in a sustainable manner? Things are moving much faster than we think, are we really utilising that? There is a high possibility of conversations being much higher in the digital media than in any other medium. One of the reasons why enough money is not being spent on digital media, is because the marketers have still not understood the way internet functions. The crux of the matter lies not in measurement system alone.” Murthy concluded, “The panel has agreed on the need for a balance in ROI with strong resonance on brands being built on consumer insight. Social media is one of the areas where brands can fit in well and even though internet in India is still very small, marketer can now no longer ignore the medium.” © exchange4media 2010 Post your Comments *Write here... *Topic *Name Choose Topic Add New Topic Location Page 1 of 2
  14. 14. Digital Commerce: Finding the right ‘blend’ to leverage eCommerce amongst brands i-Zone Guru Speak Beta Zone Whacky 2.0 23/08/10 5:47 PM News Back to Home Guru Speak Top Stories Access on your mobile Digital Commerce: Finding the right ‘blend’ to leverage eCommerce amongst brands Abhishek Chanda November 30, 2009 A+ AReport a problem Print this page Email this page Tell a friend How brands and manufacturers are tapping e-Commerce to enhance distribution came under the scanner at the National Conference on Digital Commerce. The Conference was organised by IAMAI in the Capital on November 27, 2009. The panel, moderated by Kashyap Vadapalli, Director, Marketing & Operations, eBay India, probed issues like what opportunities does eCommerce present to brands and OEMs and tried to decipher how big brands are behaving with digital commerce – are they averse to it or are they making space for it? The panelists included Mohit Hira, President,, NIIT; Peshwa Acharya, VP & Head, Marketing & Consumer Experience, Reliance Retail; Gaurav Gupta, Regional Manager Asia Pacific, Retail Operations, General Motors; Gurmukh Singh Malhotra, Head, Business Marketing, Intel South Asia; Rahul Narvekar, Co-founder & Director, Brand Sourcing, Fashion and You; and Jeetendra Joshi, Head, eCommerce, Gitanjali Group. Amarjit Batra Country Head, OLX Classifields Research on Internet How ready are we for interactivity? How well is your site’s ‘Contact Us’ page working for you? High hopes, but small launch budget? Use Blogs Are you getting the best mileage from your greeting cards? Hierarchy of Internet Usage - User Life Cycle (ULC) The was kicked off with moderator Vadapalli asking the panel whether there were buyers and, more importantly, were there a good number of sellers in the e-Commerce space and what were the barriers and enablers for this domain. To answer this each panelist presented their own experiences and brand insights when it came to eCommerce. Joshi of the Gitanjali Group came up with an interesting model that the brand is considering seriously. According to him, a study suggested that consumers searched and did their research on products online, but when it came to buying, they would rather prefer the offline mode. “It is at this step that we are losing out the consumer and haven’t really done enough to retain him,” he said. For this, Gitanjali is considering blending offline and online models by replicating physical franchisees online as well as localising content and inventory to reduce the barrier of couriers and shipping. Build E Commerce Website Easily create an ecommerce website. We give you all the tools. Acharya of Reliance Retail stressed that the scenario needed to be approached from a framework that was formed out of the consumer, the supplier and the technological aspects that included platforms, finances, etc. “I strongly believe that the marketer has to provide value and an experience to get the consumer online. A good example of that in our country has been the e-ticketing model of IRCTC,” he said. The conflict between offline or the typical brick and mortar players who believe that online market isn’t big enough and the online players who aren’t transparent enough as they do not reveal figures like footfalls was brought up by Mohit Hira of NIIT. According to him, there were four players in this domain – the government, the brand, consumers and the dealers. A practitioner of e-Learning, he maintained, “This category has a huge potential, but since we all have been receiving education offline, not many are adopting this platform,” he said, adding that one of the biggest challenges to this platform was the traditional affinity of Indians to the human interface, be buying oranges or education. Gurumukh Singh Malhotra of Intel also echoed similar sentiments and suggested that yet another barrier to e-Commerce in India was that of language. He maintained that when most players were reducing their spends on the Internet, Intel had doubled it. But that made sense especially for the brand as almost all transactions and processes of Intel happened online, he said. Narvekar of Fashion and You, however, strongly believed that for some brands, the offline experience was so convenient that online would hardly work for them. “There needs to be a compelling reason for the consumer to go online,” he stressed. Similar sentiments were echoed by Gupta of General Motors, for whom selling cars online had proved to be a stupendous task. To simplify things, he gave the example of buying a wedding venue online, which he thought the consumer would hardly go for as this was something he would personally like to go see, touch and feel. “Similarly, cars need to be touched and felt. That’s why a test drive works wonders to sell a car,” he said. Another interesting point that he brought forward was that transacting a huge sum of money online wasn’t that big a hindrance for a consumer interested in buying a car as was the lack of shopping experience. This is in contradiction to the myth that consumers are still wary about transacting online. © exchange4media 2010 Post your Comments Page 1 of 2
  15. 15. DNA: Money - In bad times, we shop for substitutes 23/08/10 6:31 PM In bad times, we shop for substitutes Tanvi Shukla / Thursday, January 8, 2009 1:07 IST Peshwa Acharya, chief marketing officer and head-consumer experience, Reliance Digital Retail, lives in South Mumbai and travels to his office in Navi Mumbai everyday. Enroute, he crosses trucks plying on the eastern expressway and off late, has observed many of the truck drivers using a Bluetooth headset for mobile phones. “This shows how fast the consumer electronics industry, especially the accessories vertical, is growing,” he said. The truck drivers may not have enough disposable income today to buy a flashy phone or a music system, but they seem to be going for whatever is affordable and offers convenience. Acharya calls this phenomenon the ganne ka juice effect. It means, when cash flow is tight but shopping has to continue, consumers buy more of accessories to support the parent product. “During a recession, or even when disposable income is not growing as fast as expected, consumers tend to accessorise more around their parent product to extract the maximum “juice” out of their purchase” Acharya explained his effect. Today, the general market sentiment is such that consumers are hesitant from spending on big ticket items. So, it makes sense to push smaller products for their entertainment. So, for example, if the consumer is postponing buying that expensive smart phone, he will settle for a bluetooth handsfree for the time being. Or better still, speakers for the personal computer while the laptop buy gets postponed. Whether or not the ganne ka juice effect is for real, the fact is that the consumer electronics business, especially IT peripherals, headsets, and entertainment systems is outperforming the market. Reliance Digital is seeing 100% growth in same store sales in accessories.For Future Group, the electronics business, which includes higher-end products such as TVs and refrigerators, is growing 30% year-on-year. According to retailers, sales of electronics picked up in December. While November saw sluggish sales, people are now gradually returning to stores. URL of the article: Permission to reprint or copy this article or photo must be obtained from © 2005-2010 Diligent Media Corporation Ltd. All rights reserved. Page 1 of 1
  16. 16. Festive sales warm cockles of retailers - Money - DNA 23/08/10 5:45 PM C Today's Epaper | Subscribe to newspaper | Feedback Follow us: HOME MUMBAI INDIA WORLD MONEY SPORT ENTERTAINMENT OPINION SPEAK UP HEALTH SCI/TECH ACADEMY LIFESTYLE Search HOT TOPICS: ABDUL NASSER MADANI | BLACKBERRY | COMMONWEALTH GAMES 2010 You are here: HOME > MONEY > Report Quiz » Festive sales warm cockles of retailers Which small car is Volkswagen planning to launch in India in 2010? Published: Tuesday, Oct 20, 2009, 3:06 IST By Shailaja Sharma, Vivek Seal & Neha Rishi | Place: Mumbai, New Delhi | Agency: DNA Speak Up » + Indian Retail School Rated Best Retail Management School Admissions Open for Retail Courses Retail Jobs India Best Companies Offering Retail Jobs For 3-9 Yrs Exp Professionals Only. It surely was a festival of shimmering lights for retailers. Despite spare discounting, consumers seem to have splurged between September 1 and October 18, or the so-called “festival season” this year. Dadar locals fight for their garden railings Ads by Google Reliance Call India Live Cricket India Retail Jobs India Kerala India Reliance in Retail Interview » ‘This is our moment in the Sun … and I am waiting for a revolution in education’ Sales of consumer durables and electronics bested all other segments. View more interviews » “Sales have been very good for us, especially in the premium segment. Overall we saw 40% growth in the period,” a Samsung spokesperson said. Blogs » An open letter to Lalu Prasad Yadav That’s a 10 percentage point gain over last year. The company generated more than one-third — 35% to be precise — of its annual sales,expected to be $2 billion, in the brief period. - Vivek Kaul View more blogs » Chaebol and rival LG Electronics clocked over 40% sales growth in its home appliances business as consumers bought washing machines, microwave ovens and vacuum cleaners. Opinion » LG says the festival season contributed to about 30% of its annual sales, but did not share details. LCD televisions were a hit, a company spokesperson said. Who will give Urdu the kiss of life? Healthcare costs kill, too For Pantaloon Retail, India’s largest chain, the big change was in the home segment, which was languishing since last year. “The home segment recovered in this festive season. It showed a positive growth of 5-7%. In electronics, we saw a 20-30% jump in sales,” said Kishore Biyani, managing director, Pantaloon Retail. There is only light, and more light Ads by Google Concurs Peshwa Acharya, chief marketing officer, Reliance Retail. “Categories such as consumer electronics, home appliances and information technology-related gadgets have done exceedingly well,” he said. “It is difficult to compare festive season to festive season as our number of stores have increased, but month on month we have seen a 30-40% growth. The other category that has done well for us is beverages where our ‘live for free promotion’ campaign worked really well,” he said. The campaign allowed customers a shot at getting a house free. “Apparels and the hypermarket segment have shown good growth too,” Acharya said. Pantaloon’s Fashion segment, which comprises apparels and accessories, saw more than 20% growth. “We did not have any major discounts on these products except some gifts on purchases,” Biyani said. BS Nagesh, managing director of Shoppers Stop said the last four weeks have been extremely positive, with the week before Diwali the best of the lot. “The consumer sentiment is positive, it is cautiously optimistic. Spending on non-apparel, jewellery and cosmetics has been good. Apparel is also stable now. I am positive on the next two quarters,” Nagesh said. Ajoy Chawla, vice president and global business head, Titan Industries, said the company’s watch division saw 20% growth in the last one month, year on year. He attributes it to new launches and an exchange offer launched in JuneAugust. Chawla said though this year Diwali came in early, the “gap in November” would be filled in by the urban wedding season. Page 1 of 2
  17. 17. Festive sales warm cockles of retailers - Money - DNA 23/08/10 5:45 PM Some would like to keep a good thing going by extending offers. Reliance Retail’s Peshwa said consumer-related promotional offers will be withdrawn whereas the product related offers will continue even after the festive season. Comments | Post a comment | Ads by Google Ngo in India Share this article | News India Print | Email Mumbai India Muslim India Delhi India Copyright permission mandatory to republish this article. For reprint rights click here Top stories on » Terrorists kill mother-daughter duo in Kashmir MPs' allowances raised further by Rs10,000 a month ISI warns Taliban not to open talks without permission: Report CPI-M asks all parties to oppose new amendments to nuclear liability bill Popular content » Most... Viewed Shared Commented Cheryl Cole sizzles in her 2011 official calendar pics Britney Spears plays Madonna in Glee special episode Ex-RAW official given bail in spying case Cancer-stricken Michael Douglas says he lost out on a lot of fun while working BJP demands official celebrations of Telangana liberation day Shashi Tharoor wedding low key, only close relatives, friends invited Ex-policeman holds bus in Manila; 7 hostages freed Beauty salon owner accused of scamming Jennifer Aniston under house arrest Chile secures lifeline to trapped miners still alive BMC may end 7% water cut Arjun Atwal becomes first Indian to win on PGA Tour Nude Robbie Williams leapt over hotel balcony for sex with fan: Book For lakhs of Malayalis in Bangalore, it’s another Onam away from home Indian media boycott Mahendra Singh Dhoni's press conference About DNA | Contact Us | Advertise with Us | Subscription | Reprint Rights ©2010 Diligent Media Corporation Ltd. Page 2 of 2
  18. 18. Global Youth Marketing Forum 2010 23/08/10 5:40 PM Home SPEAKERS 8th - 9th February, 2011 - Taj Lands End, Mumbai ANUJ SINGH National Marketing Head & West Head Red 93.5 FM Digital Radio Mumbai Broadcasting Pvt. Ltd. PRASHANT PANDIT Head National Sales & Marketing, India Operation Triumph International SANJAY BEHL CEO - BIG TV President - Brand & Marketing Reliance Communications (ADAG) VENKATESH SARVASIDDHI Evangelist - Partner & Architect Marketing Microsoft India. SANTOSH DESAI* Managing Director & CEO Future Brands Ltd. JESSIE PAUL Chief Executive Officer Paul Writer Strategic Advisory (Author: No Money Marketing) DEEP MALHOTRA CEO & Chief Consultant Gemini Interactive Media ASHOK VENKATRAMANI Chief Executive Officer Star News, MCCS RAMEET ARORA Head Marketing Colors ASHOK LALLA President - Digital Euro RSCG India MAX HEGERMAN President Tribal DDB India MALCOLM RAPHAEL General Manager & Head - Marketing Brand Communication. Times Private Treaties ANUJ PODDAR Sr. VP - Strategy & Business Development Viacom 18 Media Pvt. Ltd. ASHISH KULKARNI Chief Executive Officer BIG Animation (I) Pvt. Ltd. AMISH TRIPATHI National Head Marketing & Product Management IDBI Fortis Life Insurance Co Ltd. RAMMOHAN SUNDARAM CEO & Managing Director ANURAG KHURANA President NewGen Media India VIJAY SINGH Managing Director & CEO 141 Sercon SHYJU VARKEY National Marketing Head ADITI VERMA Page 1 of 2
  19. 19. Global Youth Marketing Forum 2010 23/08/10 5:40 PM Radio One ADITI VERMA Head Marketing Times Business Solutions TARA PRABHAKAR Sr. Vice President - Qualitative, Retail & Shopper Consulting TNS India GRAHAM BROWN Co-Founder & Director Mobile Youth W2F Ltd. PESHWA ACHARYA Chief Marketing Officer Reliance Retail Limited (RIL) K. RAMAKRISHNAN Country Manager - Marketing Lenovo India MANAV SETHI COO - BIG Maps Reliance BIG Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. RAJESH CHAKRABARTI Chief Marketing Officer Reliance Consumer Finance Pvt Ltd & Reliance Home Finance Pvt Ltd. PUNITHA ARUMUGAM Group CEO Madison Media AJIT VARGHESE Managing Director Maxus (A GroupM Company) DEEPAK GULATI President TATA DOCOMO ASEEM PURI Global Marketing Manager - Fabric Cleaning Hindustan Unilever Ltd. PRASAD NARASIMHAN Chief Marketing Officer Virgin Mobiles India FAROKH T. BALSARA Partner & National Leader - Media & Entertainment Sector Ernst & Young India PRADEEP GIDWANI Managing Director Carlsberg India KINGSHUK MITRA Brand Director - Nokia Maxus India PRAKASH BAGRI Director Marketing, South Asia Intel Technology India SANDEEP LAKHINA COO – South Asia Starcom Worldwide VISHAL CHINCHANKAR Head - Digital Media Function Reliance ADA Group MANDAR NATEKAR Head Revenue & Marketing BIGADDA.COM RAJIV DUBEY Head - Media Investments Dabur India Limited HAANI MIRZA Creative Director GroupM Media Pvt. Ltd. NITASHA NARAD AVP – Marketing & Communications Tata Teleservices Ltd. MAHESH MURTHY CEO Pinstorm©All Rights Reserved Page 2 of 2
  20. 20. IAMAI - National Conference on Digital Commerce 23/08/10 5:44 PM INAUGURAL Session: Building the Business Environment for Digital Commerce to Thrive Reasons for the success of digital commerce across the world Does India have the right set of rules, regulations and business environment for digital commerce to succeed? Future trends in Digital Commerce and what draws/will draw consumers to Digital Commerce? Welcome Address by Ambareesh Murty, Vice Chairman, IAMAI & Country Manager, eBay India Theme Address by Sanjay Aggarwal, General Manager (Operations), IRCTC Address by Guest of Honour R Chandrashekhar, Secretary, Department of Information Technology, Ministry of Communications and Information Technology Government of India Q & A Session Vote of Thanks Panel Discussion 1: Building The Digital Commerce Ecosystem 1. 2. 3. 4. Will mobile commerce live up to its promise and reshape digital commerce? Role of shipping and logistics infrastructure in driving digital commerce Role of strong payment gateways Role of cheap and accessible Broadband in driving eCommerce penetration Introduction by Session Moderator: Amitabh Pandey, President eBiz, Thomas Cook Address by Panelist Rishi Khiani, Chief Executive Officer, Times Internet Ltd Vivek Nayak, Chief Operating Officer, Avenues India Brijesh Agarwal, Chief Operating Officer, IndiaMart Cory York, Country Director, Novator India Panel Discussion Q&A Session Panel Discussion 2: Is eCommerce Driving Value For The Customer Today? How far are digital commerce companies making a difference to online Indians? Are they providing real value to consumers? Are they creating enough trust among consumers Introduction by Session Moderator: B Muralikrishnan, Director – Categories and Product, eBay India Address by Panelist: Vijay Ananad, Sr. Director, K Vaitheeswaran, Co Founder & Chief Operating Officer, Indiaplaza Pranay Chulet, Chief Executive Officer, Quikr Rahul Sethi, President eCommerce, Ibibo Page 1 of 2
  21. 21. IAMAI - National Conference on Digital Commerce 23/08/10 5:44 PM Panel Discussion Q&A Session PANEL DISCUSSION 3: How Are Brands & Manufacturers Tapping eCommerce To Enhance Distribution? What opportunities does eCommerce present to brand manufacturers & OEM’s? What global learning’s can brands in India use to extend their reach leveraging eCommerce in India? Are big brands averse to digital commerce? Are regulatory and tax regimes preventing brands from selling online? Does the offline retail structure and orientation present challenges to online commerce? How can brands leverage eCommerce to connect better with their consumers? Introduction by Session Moderator: Kashyap Vadapalli, Director Marketing & Operations, eBay India Address by Panelist: Mohit Hira, President, NIIT Peshwa Acharya, VP & Head – Marketing & Consumer Experience, Reliance Retail Gaurav Gupta, Regional Manager Asia Pacific – Retail Operations, General Motors Gurmukh Singh Malhotra, Head Business Marketing, Intel South Asia Rahul Narvekar, Co founder and Director Brand Sourcing, Fashion and You Jeetendra Joshi, Head eCommerce, Gitanjali Group Panel Discussion Q&A Session PANEL DISCUSSION 4: How Will The Development Of Electronic And Mobile Payment Channels Enhance Digital Commerce? Are alternative payments India’s key to the exponential growth of digital commerce? Are consumers adopting easily to alternative payment systems? What are the consumer value drivers behind digital payments Introduction by Session Moderator: Sanjay Aggarwal, General Manager (Operations), IRCTC Address by Panelist: Probir Roy, Co Founder, Paymate Himanshu Singh, Managing Director, Travelocity India Shekher Srivastava, Vice President Marketing, ItzCash Card Rajpal Duggal, Group Advisor, Oxigen Infovision Panel Discussion Q&A Session Webcast FAQs | Download Windows Media Player Page 2 of 2
  22. 22. India Retail Forum 2008 - Picture Gallery MAKE INDIARETAILING MY HOME PAGE. News Exclusives 23/08/10 5:29 PM IMAGES GROUP'S WEBSITES Retail Jobs | Retail Matters Monday, Aug. 23, 2010 Home | About Us | Subscribe Newsletter | Advertise with Us Retail Dictionary Shop with Us Your are here » Home » Event Picture Gallery » India Retail Forum 2008 Retail Industry Retail Calendar Store Picture Gallery » Click here to view Store Picture Gallery » Click here to view Event Picture Gallery » India Retail Forum 2008 Conceptualised with the objective of creating awareness and enhancing knowledge to facilitate retail growth and lay a strong foundation of retail in India, India Retail Forum (IRF) 2008 brought together the retailers and thought leaders of national and international repute in The Renaissance, Mumbai. This three-day event is an ideal platform for a meaningful dialogue, a meeting that facilitate charting out an action plan for the growth of retail. Some stills of Day-1 are included in this section. Click on Picture for Large View India Retail Form '08 - Awards Indian Retail School Rated Best Retail Management School Admissions Open for Retail Courses Best Jobs In Retail For 3-9 Yrs Exp Professionals Only. Submit Resume Now & Apply For Jobs. Franchisee Opportunity Get Our Play School Franchise. Make A Difference While You Make Money! Grow in-store Shopper Marketing Consultants Growing Brands & Categories Most Admired Retailer of the year – Leisure: Planet M Most Admired Retailer of the year – Entertainment: PVR Received by: Vishal Mahajan, Zonal head, Videocon Retail Received by: Pramod Arora, President & CEO, PVR Presented by: Pradeep Jain, CMD, Parsvnath Developers Presented by: Pascal Allix, General Manager, South Asia, Oracle Most Admired Retailer of the year – Mobile & Telecom: The Mobile Store Most Admired Retailer of the year – Beauty & Fitness care: VLCC Received by: Rajiv Agarwal, CEO & Director, The Mobile Store Received by: Mukesh Luthra, CMD, VLCC Presented by: Daljeet Singh, MD, AIPL Presented by: Vipin Arora, Managing Partner IRIS & Preeti Jhingiani, Bollywood actor Most Admired Retailer of the year – Health & Wellness: Apollo Pharmacy Most Admired Retailer of the year – Fashion & Lifestyle: Benetton Received by: P Jaya Kumar, DGM Retail, Apollo Received by: Dalip Tahil, Bollywood actor, on behalf of Benetton Presented by: RPA Vision team – Janine Leadbeater, Mark Cherrett, Nigel Collett Presented by: Tesca Cook, MD & Paul Martin, Global Sales Manager, Planet Retail Page 1 of 4
  23. 23. India Retail Forum 2008 - Picture Gallery 23/08/10 5:29 PM Most Admired Retailer of the year Catering Outlets: Café Coffee Day Most Admired Retailer of the year Food & Grocery: Reliance Fresh Received by: Parizad Kolah Marshall, TV show host on behalf of CCD Received by: Peshwa Acharya, VP, Mktg & Consumer experience, Reliance Retail Presented by: David Martin, JMD, M Worldwide Presented by: Doug Hargrove, Chief Mktg Officer, Torex Most Admired Retailer of the year -Consumer Electronics: Croma Most Admired Retailer of the year Rural Retail: Kisan Seva Kendra Received by: Dalip Tahil, Bollywood actor, on behalf of Croma Received by: AMK Sinha, ED, Retail, Indian Oil Presented by: dott. Lucio Cauzzo, CEO, SGF Presented by: Mr & Mrs Bob Pritchard Most Admired Retailer of the year Department Store: Lifestyle Most Admired Retailer of the year Hypermarket: Big Bazaar Received by: Kabir Lumba, ED, Lifestyle Received by: Rajan Malhotra, President- Strategy & Convergence, Pantaloon Retail Presented by: Manish Kalani, MD, EWDPL Presented by: Atul Ruia, MD, Phoenix Mills & Manisha Kalani Most Admired Retailer of the year: Customer Relationship Management: Shoppers Stop Most Admired Retail Launch of the year: New U Received by: B S Nagesh, MD, Shoppers Stop Presented by: Jayne Riley, Managing Director & David Walter, Founder, Photolink Creative India Received by: Peter Baker, CEO, H&B Stores Presented by: Sanjeev Gupta, MD, Vision Global Investments Page 2 of 4
  24. 24. India Retail Forum 2008 - Picture Gallery 23/08/10 5:29 PM Most Admired Retailer of the year Innovative Concept: Manipal Cure & Care Most Evolved Retailer of the year: Spencer’s Received by: Somnath Das, COO, Manipal Cure & Care Received by: Nimesh Shah, VP Operations, Spencer’s Presented by: Dr. Nicola Evoli, Grottini & Kerrie Hales, Campbellrigg Presented by: R S Roy, Images Group & Jayne Rafter, Publisher, Retail & Leisure International, UK Most Admired Retail Group of the year: Future Group Most Admired Retail Face of the year: Kishore Biyani Received by: Kishore Biyani, Founder & CEO, Future Group Received by: Kishore Biyani, Future Group Presented by: Shishir Baijal, MD & CEO, Future Capital Real estate Presented by: Amitabh Taneja, Head, Images Group India Retail Forum '08 - Day 2 D Shivakumar, Vice President and MD, NOKIA India Paul Martin, Global Sales Manager, Planet Retail Ratan Jalan, CEO, Apollo Health & Lifestyle Session Speakers at IRF 08 Steve Gilman, Chairman, Big Idea India Retail Forum '08 - Day 1 Page 3 of 4
  25. 25. India Retail Forum 2008 - Picture Gallery 23/08/10 5:29 PM Attentive Audiences Hemu Javeri House full of Retail Professionals Ireena Shares Some Insights Retail Honchos Xchange Notes Vaidyanathan Home | About Us | Site Map | Advertise with Us | Retail Jobs | HR Talk | Courses in Retail | Press Room - Images Expert View | Events @ Images Multimedia | Retail Review | Just Arrived | Retail Glimpses | Know Your Companies | Partners in Retail Branding/Marketing | Know Your Honchos | Careers with Us | Letters to the Editor | Contact Us | Disclaimer Search Web Copyright @ 2007 All rights reserved. Powered By Online Division Find the latest online retail news, india retail news and information regarding retail market research at Indiaretailing. To View More IMAGES Sites, Scroll & Click Once Select-One Page 4 of 4
  26. 26. IT Secretary to Inaugurate IAMAI's Conference on Digital Commerce 23/08/10 6:30 PM RSS Login Home Press Release Events Resources Browse All By Industry By Subject Browse more on » Telecommunications, Other news twitter Sun, 22 Aug 2010 20:16 Register RSS/Syndication Contact Home My Account International Tools IT Secretary to Inaugurate IAMAI's Conference on Digital Commerce Printer Friendly Version With an agenda to highlight the regulatory and business roadblocks to digital commerce, the Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) is organizing a National Conference on Digital Commerce on November 27, 2009 in New Delhi. Bookmark for later New Delhi, Delhi, November 26, 2009 /India PRwire/ -- With an agenda to highlight the regulatory and business roadblocks to digital Download as PDF Subscribe to News Feed Share it with others For more information, please contact: --Faiz Askari Media Counsel Email, (M) 9871762630 commerce, the Internet and Mobile Journalists and Bloggers Visit India PRwire for Journalists for releases, photos, email alerts and customized feeds just for Media. Association of India (IAMAI) is organizing a National Conference on Digital Commerce on November 27, 2009 in New Delhi. If you have any query regarding information in the press releases, please contact the company listed in the press release itself. Please do not call India PRwire, we will be unable to assist you with your inquiry. Mr R. Chandrasekhar, Secretary, Department of Information Technology, Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, will deliver the inaugural address at the conference and elaborate on how to resolve regulatory issues. The conference is expected to discuss and dissect issues that are at present acting as impediments to the full-scale growth and adoption of digital commerce in India. The focus of the event would be both on internet as well as mobile commerce. The conference is expected to be attended by over 200 delegates. Commenting on the purpose of the --- recent press release(s) ICT tools to catalyse the growth of MSMEs In an attempt to boost the use of Internet and Communication Technology (ICT) to give a muchneeded impetus to the micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs), a conference titled "Free for SMEs" provided a composite platform to entrepreneurs and experts alike to discuss and deliberate the way forward. Chairman, IAMAI & Country Manager, eBay TRAI Suggests the Right Way for MVAS Growth: IAMAI The Internet and Mobile Association of India India said, "Digital commerce in India has [IAMAI] has warmly welcomed the Telecom immense potential as it increases customer Regulatory Authority's "Recommendations on value, brings transactional transparency and Spectrum Management and Licensing Framework" conference, Ambareesh Murty, Vice Page 1 of 3
  27. 27. IT Secretary to Inaugurate IAMAI's Conference on Digital Commerce 23/08/10 6:30 PM offers wider choice to consumers in a safe in so far as the recommendations pertain to the and convenient manner; soon India will have growth of the mobile value added service industry. an 'e' in every commercial transaction": Mr the conference. 71 Million People Claimed to have used Internet in 2009 71 million people claimed to have used internet in The event will emphasize opportunities that e- Report published by the Internet and Mobile Commerce presents to manufacturers, OEMs Association of India [IAMAI] and market research and for brand building. IAMAI President leader IMRB here today. Subho Ray said, "While digital commerce has thanks to the efforts of industry and consumer Thrust to enhance digital technology to facilitate National Security Acknowledging the utility that Internet brings to the participation, it is time to take a look at the day to day life, Dr Gulshan Rai, Director, regulatory impediments and rally all the highlighted the fact that even though Internet could stakeholders to find innovative solutions to the be considered as a catalyst and enabler to the hurdles". He added, "The biggest question we society, it could also act as a threat to the social are going to ask at the conference is "Is the and national security. environment in India enabling enough for 19% salary hikes projected for Internet and Mobile Industry reveals IAMAI and Mafoi study Market recovers, median 19% hikes projected for Murty is addressing the inaugural session of made significant leaps in the last two years digital commerce?" Some of the other key issues discussed at the conference would be: How to bring brands online? How to drive value for customers? How to use digital channels for transactions and how to help manufacturers 2009 according to the Internet in India [I-Cube] Internet and Mobile Industry reveals a recently concluded study by Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) and Ma Foi Consulting Solutions Ltd. use this channel for distribution? Some well-known speakers at the conference are: Satya Prabhakar, President and Chief Executive Officer,; Rishi Khiani, Chief Executive Officer, Times Internet Limited ; Amitabh Pandey, President and Head eBusiness, Thomas Cook; Sanjay Aggarwal, General Manager (Operations), IRCTC; Brijesh Agrawal, Chief Operating Officer, IndiaMart ;Pranay Chulet ,Chief Executive Officer, Quikr ; Peshwa Acharya, VP and Head, Reliance Retail; Mohit Hira, President, NIIT; Gaurav Gupta, Regional Manager-Asia Pacific, General Motors Time and Venue: NATIONAL CONFERENCE ON DIGITAL COMMERCE 27th November 2009: Ball Room, Hotel Intercontinental Eros, Nehru Place, New Delhi 0930 am onwards. Page 2 of 3
  28. 28. Mumbai Mirror Lifestyle - Health 23/08/10 5:46 PM Print Foot prints on the net Your future employer might be looking at something other than your CV – your digital footprint. Malay Desai tells you how to tweak it to your advantage Posted On Monday, October 05, 2009 Before you think ‘digital footprint’ is just another irrelevant term invented by young mediawalas, picture this: your future boss, after going through resumes of shortlisted candidates, decides to Google their names, one of them being yours. He hits upon a bitter online argument you had on Orkut last year, some drunken pictures of you on your friend’s blog and a mention of you on the website of a company you haven’t mentioned in your CV. How do you rate your chances now? Digital Karma Digital footprint, or the information you leave online (on blogs, social networking sites, comments on public forums, corporate data and more, whether voluntarily or otherwise) is increasingly being regarded as a tool to track one’s social and professional background. And if it helps track terrorists (post 26/11) and aid election campaigns (such as Obama’s), it can certainly swing your fortunes of landing a job. “Yes, looking through a potential candidate’s digital footprint forms a significant hiring strategy nowadays. I give a brief on a potential employee and the HR team looks them up on LinkedIn before picking someone up,” comments Peshwa Acharya, senior VP, Reliance Retail. “While most senior management candidates are hand-picked, it is for the junior and middle-level that the digital footprintcheck happens,” he informs. So what joy do potential employers get from looking at pictures of your team’s Goa offsite? “Apart from job portals, independent sources such as blogs and Facebook profiles are relevant to understand a potential candidate better. A digital footprint search gives accessibility to candidates who are not necessarily looking out for a change,” explains SK Dutt, HR head, ABG Shipyard Ltd. Your ‘general’ footprint (Google hits about you, also dubbed ‘ego search’ by hirers) gives out information about your personality that your CV never touches upon. How to look good, online Tweaking your online profiles isn’t Rule #1 of the job-hunter’s guide, but doing it simply makes a positive impression on the job bazaar. First of all, clean up your digital dirt. From web to images and video, there might be enough…dd&sectid=9&contentid=200910052009100502461648451b24c34&subsite Page 1 of 2
  29. 29. Mumbai Mirror 23/08/10 5:46 PM embarrassing/negative/outdated content on you to put off any employer. “Make sure you put in only what you think is right,” Peshwa offers, with reference to blogs and social profiles. Secondly, leaving relevant, thought-out comments and views on industry sites or forums is also a thumbs-up for your footprint. So if you have posted your views on say, the growth possibilities in your sector, or problems facing the nation, it will augur well for your CV. As Wesley-Anne Rodrigues, strategic planner at Law & Kenneth puts it, “After all, to come across as a well-read professional, it is important to have a point of view on events and issues.” Also, track what information you feed into which online bucket. “Whether it’s general, professional (such as a LinkedIn profile) or social (Facebook/Twitter), your footprint should be clear,” Peshwa suggests. However, don’t go overboard in advertising yourself, keep it candid. “No one likes packaged, coloured profiles,” he adds. Lastly, make sure your digital footprint is contemporary. You don’t want to see outdated (say a complaint against you a snitch posted on your ex-employer’s site) data which paints you awkwardly. And if you can’t delete some data, make sure you smother it! Balancing act “Having a digital footprint is as relevant as having a passport — it is what the world out there will know you as,” believes Rodrigues. Hence, it is essential to create the ‘fun factor’ in your footprint. Post videos, blogs of your Ladakh backpack trip, flaunt support for your favourite IPL team and simply be a part of discussions on pop culture. “The idea is to present a complete personality,” Dutt quips, adding, “but make sure you do this truthfully and with discretion.” Rodrigues agrees, “I’ll never cross-connect my Flickr and LinkedIn profiles.” On the other hand, it is crucial to secure your digital footprint by editing privacy settings and looking out for a cyber twin (i.e. an impersonator). Needless to mention, keep your banking/shopping passwords to yourself and not anywhere online. Peshwa gives significant advice on this: “Your company’s internal data too needs to be secured and you are responsible for it too. Unknowingly putting up private info about your employer can land you in a soup. That’s a reason why many organisations today simply don’t allow access to social networking sites or chat applications on their workstations.” Copyright 2008 Bennett Coleman & Co. Ltd. . All rights reserved.…dd&sectid=9&contentid=200910052009100502461648451b24c34&subsite Page 2 of 2
  30. 30. Price hike may not kill your appetite for electronic stuff | Idea 4 Home 23/08/10 6:32 PM Idea 4 Home Ideas for your home Home Contact Search this blog... Ads by Google Search Excise Duty Customs Tariff Customs Duty India Import Price hike may not kill your appetite for electronic stuff Posted on February 27th, 2010 in Home Gadgets Looking for a Lcd Tv? Choose from Wide Range of HD Ready Lcd from Videocon. Buy at Rs.9,990! Home Appliances World Class Product Created For India. Experience With LG Now! Find Importers-Exporters Promote your Business free. And grow your Business Everyday Best Interior Solutions Carpentry Work,Civil Work,Painting Plumbing,Interiors.All Under 1 Roof Mumbai: A 2% hike in excise duty, rolled back to 10% from 8, will make home electronics and gadgets a bit more expensive, but not enough to keep the shoppers away. “You can expect home appliance prices to increase by at least 2% with immediate effect,” said George Menezes, Page 1 of 14
  31. 31. Price hike may not kill your appetite for electronic stuff | Idea 4 Home 23/08/10 6:32 PM chief operating officer, Godrej Appliances. This means that your air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines and other consumer durables will cost more. But retailers maintain that the hike, a part of the partial rollback of stimulus measures, will lead to a marginal price hike. “Consumer durables will see a maximum of 4% hike in the next 15-20 days which is not enough to keep consumers away,” said Nilesh Gupta, managing partner, Vijay Sales. Ajit Joshi, chief executive officer, Croma, points out that besides the hike in the excise duty, increase in fuel prices will also add to the transportation costs of the products. Peshwa Acharya, VP and head, marketing and consumer experience, Reliance Retail, said, “The excise duty is a burden on the manufacturer and the extent of the price rise will depend upon the manufacturer’s stand.” The Union finance minister has touted India as one of the fastest growing markets for mobile phone connections in the world. And the mobile industry is happy with certain exemptions on customs duty. “The budget has doled out extended exemptions on mobile accessories such as battery, chargers and handsfree headphones,” said Rajeev Agarwal, CEO and director, The Mobile Store. R Zutshi, deputy MD, Samsung India, said, “The increase in excise duty coupled with the increase in commodity and petrol prices will lead to a cost increase which will be passed on to consumers.” Devita Saraf, CEO of Vu Technologies, said: “Taxes and duties eat into more than half of the cost of LCDs and television. Hence, if your television costs Rs50,000, the hike would mean an additional Rs1,000 to the total cost.” Laptops, notebooks, tablet PCs and other gadgets are also likely to see a marginal price rise. Price hike may not kill your appetite for electronic stuff Related Posts 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Prefab home price negotiation? | Desitn Real Estate Blog Videocon eyeing Philips' consumer products biz in India Appliances Online; New No Fuss Returns and Price Match Promise LED And OLED Technologies For Eco And Energy Efficient Electronic Gadgets Four residential fires kill six people in Louisiana Tags: battery chargers, customs duty, deputy md Add a Comment Name (required) Mail (will not be published) (required) Website Page 2 of 14
  32. 32. Reliance Digital launches its fifth store: On a major expansion plan - Retail News 23/08/10 5:44 PM Newsletter | Magazine | Feedback | Advertise | Subscribe | Free Advice Welcome Guest Franchise Home Retail Retail Small Business News Magazine Blog Search Reliance Digital launches its fifth store: On a major expansion plan New User Existing User Retail News Comment Print Reliance Digital launches its fifth store: On a major expansion plan Last updated : April 10, 2008 00:00 IST Reliance Retail, the retail division of Mukesh Ambani owned Reliance Industries Ltd., launches its first electronic and white goods store Reliance Digital at the growing retail hub Hyderabad on Saturday . With this outlet the pan-India presence of Reliance Digital Follow us: Twitter Facebook now comes to five. This large format retail store, covering an area of 25,000 sq ft, will showcase over 6000 products of electronics, home appliance, information technology and telecommunication of 150 domestic and foreign brands of all price range to cater a large section of customers. Also, the company has launched i-store for retailing Apple Latest Features Franchise Retail SME Pilot franchise: stepping stone to success... Franchise-Strategy products i-Mac, i-Pod, i-phone and Mac Air targeting high-end customers Speaking about the expansion plan of the Opting for the pilot franchises is the best possible way to lay the foundation of a successful... read more company, Ajay Baijal, CEO of Reliance Retail, informs that the company is going to set up 150 stores in 70 cities within a period of 3 years. The outlet typically requires 10,000 sq ft to 15,000 sq ft of and area and investment of Rs.7 crore excluding real estate price. In this context, Peshwa Acharya, VP & Head – Marketing and Consumer Experience reveals Watch Your Trade Secrets... that the company is targeting the metros, non-metros and small towns for its expansion. The preferred location would be Relish Sweet Benefits of Candy Franchise... a mix of stand-alone and malls where the footfall is very high. Shedding light on the USP of Reliance Digital, Acharya Unhappy customers steal your happiness... says, “The company offers a few features like Reliance Rescue which is a 24/7 one-stop after-sale service; Reliance Adding beauty to franchisees platter... Finance that include loans and EMI options from various financial institutes; Reliance One which is a membership and loyalty service; and last but not the least Digital Counselors who are tech-savvy individuals who assist you in making the right purchase. We have the widest assortment of products where you can actually touch, feel and try them before purchasing”. Latest News Titan: Ready for more retail expansion Reliance Retail-Yashraj in JV for expansions Dabur eyeing on strategic investor for retailing Odyssey’s New Store at Express Avenue Noel Tata as additional director of Trent Ethos store now opens at the Mumbai Domestic Airport Spice mobility to raise Rs 500 crore Fastrack targets Rs 1000 cr in next 3 years Interviews Allen Solly Now in Trivandrum Franchise Retail SME Cashing on customer convenience... Accor plans 90 hotels by 2015 Paresh Rajde, Founder and... An easy accessible platform that offers Indian households access to the world of services, is... read more Comment * Name: Rating: 1 Culinary delight from Crepe Station Cafe... Champions in wire manufacturing... Email Address: A franchise touch to ethnic wear... Grab a slice of franchise benefits... * Leave your comment: chars left 500 Enter the characters as seen on the image (case insensitive) Post Page 1 of 2
  33. 33. Retailer Magazine - September 2009 Issue - Setting the Age of Massophistication 23/08/10 6:29 PM Newsletter | Magazine | Feedback | Advertise | Subscribe | Free Advice Welcome Guest powered by Franchise Retail Retail Trends | Small Business | Retail Business Practice Home Magazine News Magazine Retail Store Operations Articles Blog | Retail Operations Search | Retail Supply | Retail Business opportunities Setting the Age of Massophistication Search Articles Setting the Age of Massophistication While the Indian shopper embraces modern retail trade format, traditional grocery stores New User Existing User continue to dominate the Indian retail scene and are frequented more often by shoppers. Convenience a strong driver: Shoppers are loyal to their regular mom-n-pop stores on account of the ease of credit facilities, discounts, extended shopping hours, odd hours home delivery, and personal attention to each customer. Such convenience is hard for modern convenience stores and mini supermarkets to match. Modern day Indian C-stores are somewhat befuddled between the convenience of a mom-n-pop store and experience of a supermarket. Neither are they offering the convenience of the local grocer nor the merchandise selection, display, quality, of a supermarket. Says Ram Kumar Singhal of Singhal Departmental Store, Faridabad “Our business has not been affected by the opening of modern convenience stores. But yes, big hypermarkets have their own charm and they offer a variety of products, so maybe people like going there on weekends for having a splendid Subscribe | Advertise shopping experience.” Hypermarkets-What makes them special? Find a Franchise Categories... Location... With the choice of several modern format C-stores, consumers have got more options to experiment with, resulting in shoppers flirting across modern store banners. Supermarket shoppers visit four or more stores in a month but there remain a question mark over their loyalty. The more the discounts, the more the customers and vice-versa have become more the norm than any form of loyalty. Personal Investment... On the other hand, Indians are just beginning to realize the joys of hypermarket where they do not have to go from shop to shop but get many things under one roof at a reasonable price! “The greatest USP of a hypermart is the number of products that can be retailed under one roof thus increasing the salience for customers to visit them for all their shopping requirements,” says Mr Peshwa Acharya, Vice-President & Head Marketing & Consumer Experience, Reliance Retail Ltd. “Reliance Mart offers customers Daily Updates - Signup products across categories like food and grocery, fruits and pulses, fashion apparels to Signup cosmetics, electronics to furniture, footwear to homecare & décor besides many other value adds like car care accessories amongst many others,” adds Acharya. The middle class consumer is increasingly patronizing hypermarkets. The shopper base spreads across socio-economic groups, with more than a quarter of customers today belonging to SEC C category. Hypermarkets are also the preferred destination for youth. Cherry picking customers whose buying decision comes more from the sops offered also Submit your email address to receive the latest updates. Latest Business Features Retail-Business-Practice Grabbing for extra edge... Retailers take their relationship with the... Upcoming Events find hypermarket a shopping haven due to basket sales and promotional offers. Many FRO2010, Indore FMCG companies also prefer joining hands with hypermarkets for launching their new Retail-Business-Practice August 21-22 products thus giving demos, free trials etc to entice the customer. Pop Up Stores, latest retail... The new retail practise that is gaining... View more Events A positive outlook for Hypermarkets: Indian cities have the potential to have over 300 Retail-Operations new hypermarkets by 2011, mostly in tier-I and tier-II cities, according to a joint study by Food industry: Dearth of skilled... global auditor KPMG and the Associated Chamber of Commerce and Industry Both FICCI report and the industry insiders... (Assocham). Assocham President, Mr. Sajjan Jindal said that given the expected growth in the number of households as well as in income and consumption per household in Retail-Trends urban India, particularly in its leading 25 towns, 5 or more hypermarkets per city is Retailer Retention... feasible. The Assocham President, however, pointed out that after 2011, the organized Malls going extra miles for full occupancy... retail would grow by 15 per cent as enough competition will have emerged by then and the Chamber expects that in most of the 400 good towns in India, the number of hypermarkets would have risen to 475. Retail Interviews Puneet Nanda... The Mantra for Hypermarket: “In future, the successful retailers will be those who use Puneet Nanda: Fashion weeks are a... this shopper information to target their growth via advertising, merchandising and Puneet Nanda, MD of Genesis Colors Pvt Ltd and the man... promotional activities, and offer a product range that offers the best demographic fit with Sumona Parekh, Owner and... Page 1 of 2
  34. 34. Retailer Magazine - September 2009 Issue - Setting the Age of Massophistication 23/08/10 6:29 PM Sumona Parekh, Owner and... the shoppers who visit their stores,” says Mr Asitava Sen, Director, Retail Consulting, The Nielsen Company, India. The jewellery that carries a legacy... The launch of Gaja Heritage in Kolkata substantiates the... Store planning is correlative to any retailer’s success. Some customers prefer to purchase smaller quantities to meet their daily requirement while there are some customers who prefer shopping at regular intervals like weekly or Bijaei Jayaraj, CEO, Loylty... fortnightly. They wouldn’t mind travelling a little distance for purchasing their daily Loylty Rewardz Management Pvt Ltd. offers end-to-end... Retailers are banking on loyalty... consumables and household items. “Reliance meets requirements of such customers by having Reliance Super co-located closer to large societies or key junctions,” says Ask an Expert Acharya. Property Supplier Industry A wide array of products is another factor driving store selection. Retailers must give the shoppers a complete shopping experience within hypermarkets and therefore it’s Name : Address : E-mail : low involvement category, so convenience and easy access to product categories is Phone : particularly important to today's grocery buyer. Details : necessary to avoid stock-out situations and carry an assortment of product categories and brands. Keeping regular customers happy by stocking categories and brands that are important to them is a key mantra to avoid banner switching. Food and grocery is a Yes, I want to subscribe for weekly Newsletter. “Internationally, many hypermarkets choose suburban or out-of-town locations that are Send easily accessible by automobile but in India because of poor infrastructure and low penetration of automobiles, they are located within city limits,” says Ms Esha Anand, Business Head (Marketing and Visual Merchandising), HyperCity Retail India Limited. Ms. Anand also added that due to their format, hypermarkets offers products which are insulated from recession like food and other essentials products. In boom times, these formats can also scale up by introducing aspirational categories. Hypermarket-The future beckons As slowdown takes a back seat, the second wave of prosperity is on its way – and will radically change the structure of the needs of the people of India. Hypermarkets which promise a nicer quality of life, a promise to create the next big retail revolution and will be the biggest contributor in organizing retail. Comment * Name: Rating: 1 Email Address: * Leave your comment: chars left 500 Enter the characters as seen on the image (case insensitive) Post Home | About Us | Contact Us | Feedback | News | Careers | Disclaimer | Sitemap Supported by : Indian Franchise Association Our Group Sites : Franchise India Exhibition | Franchise Guru | Franchise India Brands | Francorp | Brandesign | License India | Club City Your use of and browsing in the Site are at your risk. Neither the Site nor any other party involved in creating, producing, or delivering the Site is liable for any direct, incidental, consequential, indirect, or punitive damages arising out of your access to, or use of, the Site. Without limiting the foregoing, everything on the Site is provided to you "AS IS" WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, EITHER EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED. While the Site uses reasonable efforts to include accurate and up to date information in the Site, the Site makes no warranties or representations as to its accuracy. Copyright © 2009 - 2010 Franchise India Holdings Ltd. Page 2 of 2
  35. 35. Retailers come up with special offers in the run up to I-Day - Corporate News - MONDAY, AUGUST 23, 2010 Home 23/08/10 5:41 PM e-paper | TODAY'S NEWSPAPER | mint CODE Search Posted: Thu, Aug 13 2009. 1:41 PM IST MarketInfo Money Matters Mint Money Economy & Politics Corporate News India Agenda Budget 2010 Views Corporate News Retailers come up with special offers in the run up to I-Day While Reliance Retail has free gifts and offers in its value stores, Big Bazaar has kicked off its annual shopping festival with discounts on many of its products Email Print digg newsVine font size Columns Business of Life PTI Technology Marketing & Media International News Lounge Reviews ADVERTISEMENT New Delhi: Independence day is serving as another spring-board for big retail chains to come up with special offers and product promotions to boost sales and increase footfall in their outlets. While Reliance Retail has free gifts and offers in its value stores, Big Bazaar has kicked off its annual shopping festival with discounts on many of its products. Mint 50 Environment Elections 2009 Book Reviews Profiles Blogs Slideshows Videos Podcasts Mint Reports Webcast Archive Partners Wall Street Journal Tools Mint Mobile RSS Feeds RSS Story mint e-paper Email Alerts Daily Newsletter Follow us on Twitter Follow us on Facebook ADVERTISEMENT Industry leader RIL’s subsidiary Reliance Retail has come up with a month-long ‘Azadi Ka Jashn’ offer at three of its value formats- Reliance Fresh, Reliance Super and Reliance Mart which includes 60% discount on apparels, 50% rebate on footwear and a prize of digital home theatre with 29 inch CTV during the month of August. “With this, we are integrating all our three value formats under a single campaign. We expect footfall to be two and half times more than in any normal period,” Reliance Retail vice-president and head (marketing and consumer experience) Peshwa Acharya said. Big Bazaar, the hypermarket format of Kishore Biyani promoted Future Group has announced a five-day-long ‘Maha Bachat´ campaign from 12-16 August. Wal-Mart profit up, says US consumers still wary Of body sculpting and silo existence Wall St dips on jobless claims, retail sales The offer is valid on a range of 1.6 lakh products including food and grocery to apparel, footwear, toys, luggage, home decor, furniture, electronics and fine gold jewellery across its 116 stores in the country. Raymond to expand capacity, retail reach “Now into its fourth year, ‘Five Days Maha Bachat’ has become synonymous with ‘value shopping´ for millions of customers across India,” Big Bazaar president (Concept) Sadashiv Nayak said. Lounge podcast | Speaking of ‘reasonable restrictions’ The 51, after 63 years The story of the 51 that began 63 yrs ago Property expos can help you find the right house He said the company is expecting a footfall of 55 lakh customers during the offer period at its stores. Other Future Group formats like Furniture Bazaar, Home Bazaar, Navaras and One Mobile are also offering the ‘Maha Bachat´ offer. Vishal Retail’s three-day long ‘Aazadi Mehengai Se´ campaign is offering 60% discount on apparels, 40% on home and kitchen appliances and special gift vouchers. The company’s 170-odd supermarkets across the country have the offer valid from 14-16 August. Another Delhi-based hypermarket chain V-Mart is giving flat 20% discount on footwear, home furnishing and luggage items and 50% rebate on garments. Global eye health company Bausch & Lomb has launched the week-long ‘1947Vision for Independence´ promotion at all its outlets involving distribution of free daily disposable lenses to customers in the age group of 19-47 years. “It has always been our endeavor to be at the forefront of celebrating occasions More videos >> Cairn India discovers oil and gas in KG basin Page 1 of 2
  36. 36. Retailers come up with special offers in the run up to I-Day - Corporate News - 23/08/10 5:41 PM “It has always been our endeavor to be at the forefront of celebrating occasions Banks gear up for tighter liquidity in September in the lives of our consumers, by providing them with something extra to make that day special for them,” Bausch & Lomb India managing director Harish M&M, Atul Auto eye controlling stake in Scooters India Natarajan said. Biocon sees 15% growth in 2 yrs ‘Tata Global Beverages plans restructuring’ Tags - Find More Articles On: Retail Independence Day Reliance Retail Discounts Vishal Retail Grocery Promotional offers Most Read Big Bazaar Garments Most E-mailed Editor's Picks Cairn deal may not get ministry nod Rising dragon, but whither the tiger? The changing face of ICICI Bank India’s new-found economic muscle Anil Agarwal set to pip Mukesh Ambani as richest Indian Reality bites Cabinet clears revised nuclear liability Bill READ MORE ARTICLES BY: PTI Add New Comment Sites Hindustan Times Hindustan HT Next Fever 104 Shine: Jobs in India DesiMartini find Friends Post as … Showing 0 comments Sort by Subscribe by email Newest first Subscribe by RSS ADVERTISEMENT Trackback URL blog comments powered by DISQUS Subscribe Log In Contact Us Customer Service Privacy Policy Terms of Use Advertising About HT Media Browse Jobs Site Map Copyright © 2009 HT Media All Rights Reserved Page 2 of 2