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Customer Centricity: Mission Impossible?, The Heaven and Hell of Customer Experience, Ernst & Young: Social Media marketing and more...

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Marketing Booster - June_July Sample

  1. 1. VOL-1 ISSUE 3-4 JUN-JUL 2013 `250I I I MARKETING BOOSTER Customer Centricity: Mission Impossible? by Jessie Paul The Heaven and Hell of Customer Experience by Jonathan Becher Ernst &Young: Social Media Marketing India Trends Study 2013 Interviews with Ÿ Rajesh Kumar, SAP Ÿ Vinay Piparsania, Ford India Ÿ Karthi Marshan, Kotak Mahindra Bank Ÿ Snehal Mantri, Mantri Developers Also Read Ÿ The Future of Shopping - And Why Does need another $200 Million? Ÿ Cause Marketing: CRY Customer First
  2. 2. 4 Rahul Koul Head -Digital Marketing & Thought Leadership Wipro Technologies Sameer Kaul CMO & VP Marketing Dr Lal PathLabs P Krishnakumar Executive Director & General Manager - Consumer & Small Business Dell India Have been an avid reader of the “Marketing Booster” since its inception. It is smart and witty round up of everything marketing - a must read for all professionals ! Jessie and her team create a somewhat first of its kind – a pure marketing monthly magazine – by the marketers for the marketers. A futurist perspective on marketing, new age trends, new segments. A great read for the CXO community. Marketing Booster is a new platform that is evoking the interest of marketers. The fact that it is primarily by marketers for practicing marketers makes the content fairly relevant and current for the reader. Marketing Booster Jun-Jul 2013I
  3. 3. 03 07 62 64 66 09 14 16 Editor’s Note Brand Buzz-o-meter Jobs Career Tracker Index Cover Story Guest Column Research Customer Centricity: Mission Impossible? by Jessie Paul Hanging out on Twitter, it's hard to miss the number of annoyed customers. One person is holding a tweetathon about his missing GPRS, another is ranting about a fridge that doesn't function on arrival, another is staging a marathon whine about how long it takes for his bank to open an account! The Heaven and Hell of Customer Experience by Jonathan Becher Marketing needs to become a champion for the customer experience across all channels. Ernst & Young: Social Media Marketing India Trends Study 2013 23 26 28 30 34 Spotlight Guest Column Interview with Rajesh Kumar, Head of Marketing, Indian Subcontinent, SAP by Tuhina Anand Customer centricity easy to preach, hard to practice by Hamsini Shivakumar Customer-centricity: is it just rhetoric or do the businesses really care about their customers? Is Feminine Perfection Still Good for Sales? by Amitava Chattopadhyay & Chris Howells Contrary to popular opinion, those bikini-clad young models might be doing your sales more harm than good these days. View From The Top Snehal Mantri, Director of Marketing, Mantri Developers Interview Vinay Piparsania, Executive Director, Marketing, Sales and Service, Ford India on the new Ford EcoSport launch. by Tuhina Anand Knowledge contents 5 Luxe Redux Marketing Booster Jun-Jul 2013I Cover Story - 09 Social Media Marketing - 16 Customer Centricity - 26 Vinay Piparsania - 34 Marketing Strategy - 52 Future of shopping - 54
  4. 4. brand buzz-o-meter Holii's campaign is on 'Me and my glamorous bag' Holii's latest ad campaign is centered on the theme 'Me and my glamorous bag' and showcases the stylish relationship that the urbane woman shares with her handbags. No longer just an accessory to carry her essentials around, she knows that her handbag articulates her personality. The campaign is lyrical, edgy and very much in sync with Holii's customers. Weber Shandwick rebrands in India Weber Shandwick, a PR agency, has rebranded and its offices in India are now operating fully under the Weber Shandwick brand. It has also adopted the firm's global 'engaging, always' positioning. The move comes after Weber Shandwick took on full ownership of its India operations – formerly known as Corporate Voice | Weber Shandwick – in Bangalore, Kolkata, Mumbai and New Delhi earlier this year. “After a 16-year partnership working with Corporate Voice, we're pleased to take this next step in bringing our India operations fully into the global Weber Shandwick family,” said Tim Sutton, Chairman, Asia Pacific. “We are continuing to invest heavily in the business and look forward to welcoming new senior and specialist talent across our Indian operations in coming weeks.” CommonFloor raises $7.5M investment Common has raised $7.5 million in Series C funding from existing investors, Tiger Global Management and Accel India. The new funds will be used to penetrate deeper into existing markets, expand marketing initiatives and invest in technology and product enhancement. CommonFloor had earlier raised Series A from Accel India in 2009 and Series B in 2012 from Accel India and Tiger Global Management. Sumit Jain, Co-founder and CEO, said, “The online play in real estate is a billion dollar opportunity and being the fastest growing real estate portal in the country, we are ideally placed to make the most of this. This round of funding by our existing investors is a vote of confidence in our business model and traction that we have built in a short time through our differentiated offerings.” Discovery Kids celebrates its first anniversary in India Discovery Kids' celebrates its first anniversary in India and invited all its young viewers to celebrate their birthday together with their favorite characters. Children between the ages of four and eleven, born in the month of August, got an opportunity to participate in Discovery Kids' birthday contest by sending their birth dates via SMS. Rahul Johri, Senior VP and General Manager – South Asia and Head of Revenue, Pan- Regional Ad Sales and Southeast Asia, Discovery Networks Asia- Pacific, said, “We are excited to celebrate Discovery Kids' first birthday with children from across India. In our ongoing commitment to foster curiosity, exploration and smart fun amongst children, the channel makes engagement more intimate with the young audience.” Cafe Coffee Day enhances customer experience Axis Communications is partnering with Cafe Coffee Day (CCD) for installing physical security solutions at over 500 CCD outlets in India. With the Axis surveillance deployment, CCD management can monitor its cafes in real time, across locations. The expected benefits would be increased security, better staff management which will consequently result in enhancing the customer experience overall. “Our objective was to implement a surveillance system that goes beyond ensuring security and actually serves as a tool to enhance the overall operational efficiency,” said Venkatesh Babu S, Head-MIS, Cafe Coffee Day. “With 24/7 surveillance, the top level management will have a window into all the locations at all times, irrespective of their physical location and this will enable us to enrich our overall customer experience.” Karbonn launches Titanium S9 Karbonn has introduced its flagship device- the Karbonn Titanium S9 HD IPS Smartphone. Biju Menon, Business Head, Karbonn said, “The Karbonn Titanium S9 is the most exciting revolution to have come from Karbonn till date. The launch of the device initiates our foray into the HD IPS Smartphone category wherein we seek to satiate the consumer needs with the best-in-class technological innovations. We understand the emergent needs of consumers of Smartphone devices which look brilliant and work effortlessly. Thus in this regard, our product innovation is geared towards creating an eco- system of mobile devices which bring the best of Smartphone experience to them.” 8 Marketing Booster Jun-Jul 2013I
  5. 5. customer centricity: mission impossible? by Jessie Paul 9 The number of middle class in India has doubled over the past decade. As per National Council of Applied Economic Research (NCAER), this has gone up from 5.7% to 12.8% in 2010. Middle class is defined as those with an income range of Rs 2 lakhs to Rs 10 lakhs. That's a little over 100 million today, but by 2025- 26 the number of middle class households in India is likely to more than double from the 2015-16 levels to 113.8 million households or 547 million individuals. This combination of economic growth and bottom of the pyramid innovation has made products that were once luxury accessible. RPG Cellular was my account at Ogilvy & Mather Advertising back in 1996, and boy, did I feel important walking down Mount Road with my Motorola brick making calls at Rs 16.80 per minute (complimentary, of course!) Today, anyone with a semblance of an income has a mobile phone. The Nano has made the car way more accessible than ever before. Low cost housing is on the rise. But all of these success stories are about products - not services. Products are non-linear - you can build a machine to churn them out and the only constraint is that of producing the (synthetic) raw material fast enough. Hanging out on Twitter, it's hard to miss the number of annoyed customers. One person is holding a tweetathon about his missing GPRS, another is ranting about a fridge that doesn't function on arrival, another is staging a marathon whine about how long it takes for his bank to open an account. We've all been there (and if you haven't yet shared it with your pals - go ahead and use the comment section on The reason why we have so many unhappy customers is that we are a supply-driven economy. The huge surge in demand means that many objects have a waitlist - a train ticket, a seat in Starbucks, or a college admission. The new Honda Amaze has a three-month waiting period. A Royal Enfield bike might require you to wait up to a year. Most housing projects are delivered after three years or more. School admissions in many cities need you to sign up almost on conception. If you are a producer, your biggest problem is satisfying the demand. You are entirely focused on delivery, not what happens afterwards. Whether it is the high-end IT firms struggling to hire people, or my neighborhood salon trying to retain stylists, they're all in the same boat. Marketing Booster I Jun-Jul 2013
  6. 6. 12 perspectives on customer centricity How do you define customer centricity? Customer centricity to us means that any enhancement, upgrades or innovation that the organization thinks of will ask the question “What's in it for the Customer”. If we have this as the centre of our decision making then truly it is a customer centric organization. In your organization, what is the stance on customer centricity? Our company took on the path of Responsive Innovation and hence we looked at customer centricity from the start. One important difference in this was: identifying two sets of customers: a. One is the 'Real' customer that we all know, who adds to the bottom-line of the organization hence the most important. b. Other is the one who is part of the chain to deliver seamless service to the customer and hence internal customers. Once we took note of the above in defining the customers and brought in focus to both sets of customers we had initiated first step towards customer centricity. What does customer centricity mean? If we keep delighting the customer, everything will fall in line. This summarizes the entire essence of customer centricity. However, delighting the customer every single time is not an easy job. It takes careful planning, commitment and a great deal of passion. Companies, that are able to accomplish the feat of delighting their customers, are the most customer centric ones. They delight their customers by doing whatever it takes and however it takes. Profits merely follow. Research shows that companies with delighted customers, are more profitable as they are able to charge a higher premium for their offerings (as their customers are willing to pay for that). In your organization, what is the stance on customer centricity? As a creative advertising agency, our direct customers are marketing heavy companies like Parle, SAB TV, Tata Housing, Maxx mobiles, Virgin Atlantic….to name a few. As a brand solutions provider, our primary job is to make their products/services relevant and desirable to the consumers.The fact that we have been declared the Happiest Agency by afaqs this year would not have been As a bank we thought of what will take us to be the 'differentiator' in the banking world. Through brainstorming and in-house ideas supported by market research, we were able to come up with simple but impactful innovations like 'Choice Money' for ATMs , ‘Direct Connect' Banking Phone Banking ,'Quick Redeem' on credit card Rewards and My Account My Number for liability accounts. The good part was it took on customers focus as usage and we were the 'first' in the banking segment to have such offerings. To ensure that there is great end-to-end delivery to the customer, the core team had not just technology but product service and marketing team as 'key' members to deliver the same. So a simple approach like 'Back to Basics' was a great success in our customer centric approach. Hence living up to our tagline 'Aapne Chaha Humne Kiya'. What in your view makes an organization truly customer focused? Customer focused to me means that the organization never lifts an eye from the customer and hence ensures his opinion counts. This does not only mean coming up with new products but also going back to ensure that he is happy with the delivery and the organization is constantly reviewing the change in customer needs and the changed environment. possible without being 'customer centric'. After all, happy clients make happy agencies. As mentioned before, delighting the customer every single time is the key to achieve customer centricity. However it does not always mean doing what the client wants. It means, always doing what is right for the brand. Sometimes clients ask for work, which seems fit for fulfilling short-term objectives in the narrow view, but is not helping the brand in the long run. At such moments of truth, we always strive to do the right thing and manage to convince our customers/clients; after all, that's why they engage our services. This is a crucial factor for a deep and long lasting agency- client relationship, a highlight of our 60 year long relationship with Parle Products. At the same time, it is very important for us to listen to our customers and understand their business from multiple perspectives. It is the only way to bring out the best solutions for a particular brand problem. What in your view makes an organization truly customer focused? Customers love brands for various reasons. According to me, an organization is customer focused if - It gauges customers' requirements and fulfills them by exceeding expectations - Enriches their lives by adding great value - Carries the culture of 'Customer centricity' throughout the organization, at all levels. Vandana Alagh Head – Service Assurance, IndusInd Bank Dhunji S. Wadia President, Everest Brand Solutions Marketing Booster Jun-Jul 2013I
  7. 7. 13Marketing Booster Jun-Jul 2013I What does customer centricity mean to you? Customer centricity is understanding what customers actually want and will want in the future. It's taking this information and building a value proposition around it. It's about reconstructing the entire business operating model around the customer and increasing customer satisfaction. Customer centric organizations absorb this into creating strong connections across crucial business processes like product development, supply chain, sales and pre and post sales service. The crux of customer centricity is how customers engage with your company and brand, not just for a fraction of time, but over the entire lifetime of being a customer. It's using this experience and developing a healthy customer community. In your organization, what is the stance on customer centricity? The industry that we operate in is very dynamic and is undergoing tremendous changes. That makes our work all the more challenging. The solutions are not essentially demarcated as products or as services. Once a customer is acquired the relationship usually lasts for the entire arc of the product license validity. We do want to extend it and make every attempt to convert this into renewals What does customer centricity mean in the banking context? Customer centricity is very important for banking industry because it gives acceptable levels of profitability in a very competitive and changed environment, which is prevailing around all of us. It differentiates from the competitors by providing differential products and services to the customers through the understanding of their expectations and needs from time to time at a very competitive price. Customers will always be drawn towards a customer centric bank. For example, most of the customers have switched over to private and commercial banks rather than getting connected with the conventional government and public sector banks. Your title says Vice President (Customer Service & Satisfaction) at Kyocera Document Solutions India - what does that entail? Kyocera Document Solutions India shares the primary philosophy of Kyocera group “'Preserve the spirit to work fairly and honourably, respecting people, our work, our company and our global community.” We are committed to establish a great customer oriented organization, where customer is given the highest priority above everything else. and/or fresh recommended purchases. This is actually the only way of retaining a sustainable competitive strategy for current and future business processes. Customer loyalty becomes habit with positive experience however; if you miss a promise the loyalty is easily broken. And we take care to inculcate this value in all our employees so that they are empowered to think like the customer. Since our industry is quite progressive, it has made us think how this will affect the way we deliver products, how we sell them; provide help and advice, the channels that we will use and how we are responding to those changes. What in your view makes an organization truly customer focused? There is quite some difference between being customer focused and customer centered. Being customer focused is maintaining an experience that is pleasant and feels easy to do business. The support execs take care of the problem when it is reported. Being customer centered however, is taking customer experience to a whole new level. You have to understand where the trend is going so that you can continue to evolve. The customer experience is unique, memorable and seamless across all interaction channels. Problem reports are utilized to incorporate changes in supply and production. The organization also effectively communicates the message that it is continuously improving and trying to invent the future because people want to be a part of the future. It is going beyond asking what the customers think their needs and wants are. I am responsible for building, developing, managing and growing the national business focused on service to achieve the established service goals given quarter by quarter and year by year. This includes Service Specific Performance, Account Management, Customer Satisfaction and Strategic Objectives with the overall responsibility of the service outcome from identified and existing verticals of businesses of the company keeping customer centricity under optimum consideration. Besides being responsible for the full ownership, successful execution and implementation of all Kyocera Document Solutions India Service Operations Programs, streamlining of all logistics operations and driving Service Revenue & Profitability through Service Marketing Programs and Initiatives with customer centricity in mind. What in your view makes an organization truly customer focused? Highly satisfied employees can only make the organization truly customer focused. Also it should be driven from the top management of the company. A customer-focused organization can never die or face any kind of difficulty even during recession. At the same time it takes great pains to build a customer centric organization. Abhijit S.Jorvekar Country Head, Quick Heal Technologies Deepak Agrawal Vice President (Customer Service & Satisfaction), Kyocera Document Solutions India
  8. 8. gims: award winners 50 Award winners were selected by a jury of luminaries including Bijou Kurien, President & CE, Lifestyle at Reliance Retail, L K Gupta, CMO, RedBus, K Ramakrishnan, President & CMO, Cafe Coffee Day, Prof Abraham Koshy, Professor of Marketing, IIM Ahmedabad, Amit Gossain, EVP - Marketing & Business Development, JCB India, Akshay Mehrotra, CMO, Big Bazaar and Joshua H Samuel, Principal Attorney, J Hudson Samuel & Partners. Wow 360: Best Integrated Marketing Campaign Puravankara Projects Ltd Omkar Realtors and Developers Pvt Ltd Brigade Group DLF Limited Marketing Booster Jun-Jul 2013I
  9. 9. 51 Digital Excellence: Best Digital Presence The Image Champions: Public Relations Program Lodha Group Strategic Outsourcing Services Pvt Ltd PBEL Property Development (India) Pvt Ltd Sobha Developers Ltd MediaValue Works VGC Group Marketing Booster Jun-Jul 2013I
  10. 10. gims: award winners 52 Outstanding Outdoor: Out of Home advertising Blockbuster Business: Real Estate Eco-system Marketing Campaign Skylark Mansions Pvt Ltd Total Environment Provident Housing Limited Commonfloor.comHomeShikari Marketing Booster Jun-Jul 2013I
  11. 11. 53 Dynamic Debut: Best market entry Dynamic Debut: Best market entry The Money Magic: Financial Marketing - My Financial Advisor Affordable housing: - Godrej Properties Ltd Riddhimaan BuildCon Company A.A.Walker Estates Pvt. Ltd Salarpuria Sattva Bhartiya City Developers The Money Magic: Financial Marketing My Financial Advisor – MFA Corporate Social Responsibility Tata Housing Development Company Ltd Mantri Developers Pvt Ltd Nitesh Estates Ltd Marketing Booster Jun-Jul 2013I
  12. 12. Contact or +91 80 4096 5053 For more information please visit Rajesh Kumar Head of Marketing Indian Sub-continent, SAP Sanjeev Kapur Chief Marketing Officer, Citi India Chandramouli Venkatesan Executive Director Chocolates & Biscuits, Cadbury India Mohit Ganju SVP Marketing & Communications, IndusInd Bank Balachander Sekhar, CMO, MetLife Mahesh Murthy Founder, Pinstorm and Managing Partner, Seedfund Arvind Gupta, National Head, Information Technology, BJP Arunima Singhde Co-founder & Founder, Are you a Forward-Thinker? You're intrigued by how digitization is changing marketing. You're not a geek, but have a technology roadmap for your team. You're thrilled by the changing role of the CMO. Sounds a bit like you? Then you should join us, and a hundred other senior, forward-thinking global marketers for the third edition of India's first global conference designed for and by marketers. C o n c l a v e 18 September 2013 atThe Oberoi, Gurgaon Rasheed Sait VP & MD GPJ Anshu Bagai CMO & Head Institutional Sales Tupperware Deepali Naair Country Head & Brand,Customer Service & Corporate Communications L&T General Insurance Company Limited Neeraj Sanan CMO ABP News Krishnan Chatterjee Head Strategic Marketing, HCL Technologies Sameer Kaul VP Marketing Dr Lal PathLabs Vivek Jaiswal VP & Head of Marketing, Sobha Developers Sanjeev Kapur CMO Citi India Advisory BoardSpeakers