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Contemporary sculpture slideshow


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This slideshow was created as a brief introduction to a Year 11 unit on Sculpture in Victoria Australia, it was designed to inspire further research and to encourage different ways of considering sculpture, it requires some editing

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Contemporary sculpture slideshow

  1. 1. Sculptures come in many forms, styles and mediums and are often mixed and multi-media. Sculpture often transcends between the artistic categories of installation, textiles, ceramics, painting and more.
  2. 2. Some artists transform an ordinary space or object in a sculpture/ installation Roger Hiorns, Seizure, 2009
  3. 3. In this work Roger Hiorns filled an abandoned flat with copper sulphate to create crystals.
  4. 4. Rachel Whiteread forces the viewer to consider the negative space we occupy, but often don’t think about. This work Unititled (stairs) 2001, is a cast of the negative space of a staircase
  5. 5. House, 1996 This sculpture is a cast of the inside of a house, it causes the viewer to think differently about the negative space we occupy on a daily basis
  6. 6. A typical scene can be transformed into a sculpture / installation like this room by Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama
  7. 7. Christo famously wrapped the German Parliament building, transforming it into a sculpture
  8. 8. Mona Hartoum transformed this typical scene of a kitchen by running an electric current through it, this is a political sculpture /installation.
  9. 9. Jim Lambie transformed the space of the famous Tate Art Gallery into a sculpture/ installation with coloured sticky tape
  10. 10. Claus Oldenburg made 3D pop art sculptures, he invented ‘soft sculptures’ in the 1960s, these were soft fabric sculptures of everyday items
  11. 11. Sculpture doesn’t even have to be solid, Donald Judd used light to make sculpture
  12. 12. Alexander Calder makes sculptures from wire and other found materials
  13. 13. Calder used wire and fabric to make a series of sculptures based around the circus
  14. 14. Calder also makes mobiles, these are an example of kinetic sculptures because they are are mobile/ moving
  15. 15. Australian artist Robert Kippel uses found material such as an old piano to assemble sculptures, this assembling of objects is called assemblage
  16. 16. Thomas Lannigan Schmidt also works with found materials
  17. 17. Thomas Lannigan Schmidt transforms rubbish into beautiful objects
  18. 18. Another example of assemblage using found materials (mostly from op-shop and junk shops) is this work by Melbourne artist Paul Yore
  19. 19. Paul Yore also makes tapestries:
  20. 20. Another artist who makes tapestries is British artist Grayson Perry
  21. 21. Grayson Perry also makes ceramic sculptures
  22. 22. Below are some soap carvings which mimic natural history exhibitions made by Australian artist Fiona Hall
  23. 23. Ah Xian is an Australian Artist who came to Australia from China during the cultural revolution, he makes beautiful ceramic busts with traditional patterns on them
  24. 24. Fiona Hall uses a variety of mixed media, here she uses wire, tupperware and beading to make a beautiful jelly fish
  25. 25. Sometimes performance, sculpture and photography intersect. If an ordinary object can be transformed into a sculpture, so too can the body be a sight and instrument for sculpture. Janine Antoni made sculptures from soap, lard and chocolate and gnawed, licked or washed them down until they wore away.
  26. 26. In this sculpture/ performance Janine Antoni gnawed at these 300kg blocks of lard and chocolate spitting it out
  27. 27. Then Antoni used the chocolate and lard she had gnawed off to make chocolate boxes and lipstick cases
  28. 28. Pip and Pop are Australian Artists who make entire fantastical words out of sugar, food dye and found materials
  29. 29. Melbourne fashion label Romance Was Born collaborated with Pip and Pop at their most recent fashion show
  30. 30. Fashion can be considered as textile sculpture
  31. 31. Fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier made this leopard skin entirely out of beads
  32. 32. This mermaid by JPG transcends the boundary between sculpture and fashion
  33. 33. British artist Sheila Hicks uses wool to make massive sculptures by weaving and knitting wool
  34. 34. Local Indigenous artist Lorraine Connelly- Northey makes sculptures from weaving