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  1. 1. Capitalism beyond crisis Running head: Capitalism beyond crisis Name: University: Course: Tutor: Date: 1
  2. 2. Capitalism beyond crisis Introduction The main issue at hand according to Sen’s article is that there is dire need for change, the old capitalism has to be done away with and new capitalism adopted. Sen blames the old capitalism on the devastating economic effects that were experienced in 2008. Among the problems that were experienced in 2008 include the food crisis that posed a great threat especially to the consumers that are poor particularly those in Africa. The oil prices rose considerably thus posing a major economic threat to all the nations that depend on imported oil to drive their economies. In the same year, global economic recession was experienced which is currently gathering momentum at a very high speed. There is no doubt that Sen is very right by blaming old capitalism on the problems being experienced around the world and as the he proposes there is need to change it so as to minimize the effects of capitalism (Sen, 2009). Old capitalism should be changed Capitalism nature and whether there is need to alter capitalism is one of the questions that are quite evident. The advocates of capitalism believe that the economic ideology is being blamed unjustifiably for economic problems that are short term. However, this is not the case as capitalism is not being blamed for negative impacts that have not been experienced. Capitalism has very serious defects, which are showing themselves in the prevailing economic arrangement. In order to avoid the effects of the defects arising as a result of the prevailing economic arrangement, there is need to adopt new capitalism (Sen, 2009). Thoughts about altering society’s organization in the long term are indeed needed; such ideas are quite different from the strategies that are needed in order to deal with the current economic crisis. The old capitalism needs to be changed to new capitalism, which is non- monolithic. The new economic order draws from various institutions that are selected 2
  3. 3. Capitalism beyond crisis pragmatically and should be founded on values of the society, which are capable of being ethically defended. Moreover, the concern about the type of economic order that is best applicable in the current world should be addressed bearing in mind the current economic crisis. There should be a method of assessing what is championed and taught among economists, in order to provide some guidance on economic policies. Since we are already in the economic crisis, the question that we can seek to address is how to get out of the crisis and suffer minimal effects of the crisis (Shah, 2006). The author suggests that the current economic order in such places as America and Europe are not genuinely capitalist systems. Although it is commonly assumed that depending upon markets for transactions of economic nature is a condition that is necessary for a given economy to be referred to as capitalist. Again, relying on personal rewards and profit motive that are based on ownership that is private are often perceived as enough indicators that a certain economy is capitalist. However, the same economies partly rely on transactions together with other payments that take place mostly outside the markets. Some of these payments include public pensions, unemployment benefits social security features and provision of healthcare and education channeled through arrangements that are non market. For sure, such economic claims linked with such services cannot be said to be based on property rights and private ownership of property advocated under pure capitalism (Sen, 2009). Conclusion The current economic order of old capitalism has several demerits some of which have far reaching implications on the economy. The experience of 2008 is a clear testimony of the bad side of the old capitalism. As proposed in the article, there is need to shift from the old to new capitalism, and thus mitigate the dire consequences that result from old capitalism. In addition, 3
  4. 4. Capitalism beyond crisis pure capitalism is rarely practiced since there are certain claims that are found in what is referred to as capitalism but are not founded on property rights and private ownership of property. 4
  5. 5. Capitalism beyond crisis Reference: Sen, A. (2009): Capitalism beyond the Crisis, Retrieved on 1st December 2008 from, Shah, S. (2006): Old Capitalism is Dead, Long Live New Capitalism, Retrieved on 1st December 2008 from, 5