Social HR: Internship and New Hire Programs


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Social HR is a great way to enrich your internship and new hire programs. Make your company more attractive while enhancing your ability to assess a great fit, because the retention impact is incredibly expensive and disruptive to your business.

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  • How we work matters
  • Social HR: Internship and New Hire Programs

    1. 1. Apply social hr to your college internship / new hire programs P. Quake Pletcher 19 February 20132/27/2013 Confidential Information of Quake LLC 1
    2. 2. Do you have any leaksin your intern/new hire programs?2/27/2013 Confidential Information of Quake LLC 2
    3. 3. Recruit, retain, promote is changing!‘Flight risk begins during orientation’ – Millennials may have as many as eight jobs by the time they are 25 years old.‘Values can be sticky things’ – 58% would take a 15% pay reduction if their organization’s and personal values aligned (Net Impact Survey, 2011)‘Expectations are through the roof’ – 56% expect a promotion with a year (Careerbuilder)2/27/2013 Confidential Information of Quake LLC 3
    4. 4. peeqMe Accelerates Adaptation Social HR How not What Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime2/27/2013 Confidential Information of Quake LLC 4
    5. 5. Why interns and new hires? A high percentage will be Millennials Click to see Top Ten Ways to Engage Millennial Workforce They are open to new They expect open, frequent systems feedback PeeqMe can integrate into They are assessing you as existing on-boarding much as the other way programs with limited around scope2/27/2013 Confidential Information of Quake LLC 5
    6. 6. Remember 2013 Top Priorities Business Leaders Human Resources People and Talent Management 51% Leadership Development 56% 44% Employee Engagement 51% 47% Employee Development 46% 55% Improve Team Performance 36% Source: McLean and Company2/27/2013 Confidential Information of Quake LLC 6
    7. 7. peeqMe for Now and the Future HR Respondents: Projected Growth for each trend Gamification 260% Gamification is Stay interviews 138% the highest High potential employee programs 97% scoring emerging trend for growth Planning for baby boomer retirement 94% in 2013. Social recognition/ collaboration tools 90% Engaging generation Y 80%Intern/New Hire Priorities Long-term incentives for non-… 80% Talent mobility strategy 59% Results-oriented work environment 56% Agile performance mgmt 51% Wellness initiatives 41% Managing diversity 40% The trends with the Flexible work arrangements 38% highest 2012 Current Social media for recruiting 38% implementation rate Implementation Rate: Globalization of HR as a function 37% will continue to grow Low Implementation (<10% implemented) at over 30% in 2013. E-learning 35% Medium Implementation (10% to 20% implemented) Corporate social responsibility 31% High Implementation 0% 50% 100% 150% 200% 250% 300% (≥20%)  implemented Projected Growth for Each Trend Source: McLean and Company McLean & Company 23 HR Respondents (Business Relative Rank) In Planning Growth Areas peeqMe Solution High Potential Employee Program (2) 38% 97% Coach Upward Stay interview (7) 24% 138% Engage/Retain Support Social recognition/ Collaboration tools (5) 24% 90% Improve Team Chemistry/Performance Planning for Boomer Retirement (6) 22% 94% Knowledge Transfer Engaging Gen Y (3) 23% 80% Open, Connected, Mobile Feedback Talent Mobility (1) 25% 59% Effective Assignment, Parachuting Managing Diversity (4) 21% 40% Promote Innovation, Avoid Storms 2/27/2013 Confidential Information of Quake LLC 7
    8. 8. peeqMe Mobile App Innate IntentionpeeqMe focuses on the natural peeqMe allows users to identify behaviorspreferences/strengths for individuals and values they intend to display. Corporations do an excellent job ofOver $2B per year is spent on leadership, capturing “What” people did, but strugglebehavior, and personality assessments to capture “How” employees accomplish their work objectives. peeqMe permits users to uploadpeeqMe provides a simple profile based corporate behaviors/competencies, andon the most popular assessments values. Users can give and get input at the pointUsers have access through the peeqMe of experience for review later withmobile app mentors or managers. 2/27/2013 Confidential Information of Quake LLC 8
    9. 9. Know Show Grow Self-Awareness Self-Actualization Self-Improvement2/27/2013 Confidential Information of Quake LLC 9
    10. 10. Different useOrganizational uses are member driven, bottoms up Personal Access Booster Access Corporate Access• No access to natural strengths • Selected access to natural • Access is granted by user to or style except to self profile organization to see de-identified• Keeps “book in hand,” not • Supports external coaching and data for meta analysis and locked up, for personal mentoring from trusted reporting purposes reflection and user-driven relationships • Access may be granted by user growth • Permits insights to selected to organization to see identified• Joins the network for feedback individuals on a need to know data for specific analytics and giving, seeing profiles, getting basis, such as working teams or reporting, including: org values/behavior feedback management • Talent identification • Early interventions • User-specific support/training.2/27/2013 Confidential Information of Quake LLC 10
    11. 11. Gamification IdeasMillennials are very motivated by benchmarks, social transparency Opening Day All-Star Break Awards Ceremony •Assessment (NFL Combine •Share/ Show highlights •Most Feedback (Team) Simulation) •Report out statistics •Most Innate Feedback (Style & •Draft Day: Program Leaders Strength) create teams •Most Intentional Feedback •Tie-in networking events (Behavior & Values) •Best Mentor/Intern Partnership (Prog Ldr Selection) •Best Feedback Given (Prog Ldr Selection)2/27/2013 Confidential Information of Quake LLC 11
    12. 12. Implementation: How spreadpeeqMe works a little differently for the enterprise Open Organic Observe Opportunistic •No silos, extend open •Allow teams and •Actively observe how •Support and invitation individuals chances to the tool plays out encourage •Customers, Partners, share •Analyze what works experimentation Personal & •This is “how” we work, for your organization •Cherry-pick best Professional mentors, let it flow practices and Vendors, etc •Seed with paid highlight super users •Incentivize assessment support participation2/27/2013 Confidential Information of Quake LLC 12
    13. 13. Action Steps• Sign-up for release in Spring 2013 at… It’s FREE!!!• Extend invitation to summer interns prior to arrival• Provide common assessments for all interns to take (ie – Myers Briggs, DiSC, and StrengthsFinder)• Participate in development webinars to provide feedback, request features, and help prioritize development2/27/2013 Confidential Information of Quake LLC 13