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PaperJam Luxembourg Interviews Dave Mendoza Interview
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PaperJam Luxembourg Interviews Dave Mendoza Interview


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Luxembourg Business Journal Interviews Dave Mendoza on his Award Winning Talent Acquisition Strategies

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PaperJam Luxembourg Interviews Dave Mendoza Interview

  1. 1. 40 KEYNOTE SPEAKER HR organisations have been much too slow in adapting new technologies, says the US-based recruitment consultant. Will offering more sophisticated yet easier-to-use tools help bring “talent management” into the digital media age? Human resources“ The solution and the challenge remain human-based” Aaron Grunwald (interview), Greg Cradick (photo) } 42 PAPERJAM MANAGEMENT
  2. 2. 42 KEYNOTE SPEAKER The employee’s perspective A promising career path is more important to jobseekers than salary, training or company reputation, according to a survey of approximately 1,300 employees in five European countries including Luxembourg by the recruitment firm Tempo-Team.40 { WHEN SEARCHING FOR A NEW JOB, EMPLOYEES SAID THEY LOOKED FOR: An interesting and stimulating job 58% Good work/life balance 48% Good pay 34% A financially sound company Source: Tempo-Team research, published May 2011 29% A company that communicates openly with staff 16% A company that makes a significant investment in talent 11% A company with a reputation of being one of the best employers 9% An innovative company 6% PAPERJAM MANAGEMENT
  3. 3. 43 KEYNOTE SPEAKEREmployers rate themselvesWhile employers in the Grand Duchy are confident they are doing a good job in recruitingoverall, they are less sure about their use of technology, according to Deloitte Luxembourg’sTalent Management survey of 200 executives and operational and HR managers.HOW WOULD YOU RATE YOUR ORGANISATION’S HOW WOULD YOU RATE YOUR ORGANISATION’S HOW WOULD YOU RATE YOUR ORGANISATION’SPERFORMANCE IN RECRUITMENT AND ATTRACTION PERFORMANCE IN ALIGNMENT OF TALENT AND PERFORMANCE IN USE OF HR TECHNOLOGY?OF TALENT? BUSINESS PRIORITIES? 7% 9% 18% 3% 5% 7% 28% Source: Deloitte Luxembourg research, published May 2011 34% 29% 61% 52% 46% Excellent Good Poor Don’t know TALENT ECOSYSTEM Award-winning project Dave Mendoza’s “talent ecosystem” proj- The system maps “competitors’ email ect with client Informatica was honoured nomenclatures and web domains, fol- last year with one of the industry’s best lowed by a compilation of those competi- known accolades, the “ERE Recruiting tors’ documented product data,” which Excellence Award for Most Strategic is then compared to social media, blogs Use of Technology.” and networking forums such as LinkedIn “Major corporations that invest in develop- Groups, and industry conference agendas. ing deep and highly organised competitive “By continuously monitoring our compe- intelligence libraries focus on product mar- titors’ areas of expertise we identify keting objectives,” Mendoza explains. learning institutions as well as job title “Talent acquisition objectives are seldom variations throughout the world,” he says. afforded such order and precision.” “Our competitive intelligence investment So Informatica created a “knowledge is also noteworthy as a benchmarking management system that facilitates novice tool. By charting the social media imprint recruiters to quickly adapt and produce of our competitors, we enhance our own output matching the proficiency level strategies to meet and exceed our long of experienced veterans.” term goals,” notes Mendoza. A. G. } 44 PAPERJAM MANAGEMENT
  4. 4. 44 KEYNOTE SPEAKER Today’s HR systems Deloitte research found the vast majority of HR technology used in Luxembourg today addresses administrative work, but largely leaves recruitment unaddressed.43 { 18% Personnel administration 12% 13% Compensation Performance management & talent assessment 14% Managing leave 2% Succession planning 12% Time 10% management Learning management 10% Recruitment When asked about the evolution of their “talent technology,” Luxembourg employers said little would change in the near future. We have a strategy for talent technology We have a strategy that we are currently 20% for talent technology implementing that we are currently 16% implementing Source: Deloitte Luxembourg research, published May 2011 14% We are evaluating talent technology solutions 50% We do not plan to expand our use of talent technology BIOGRAPHY Social media sourcer Dave Mendoza, principal of Dave Mendoza clients have included Freescale Semi- delegate and allowing others to share & Associates, is an award winning blog- conductor, LinkedIn and Microsoft. He parts of the whole. It’s all a process of key ger (www.sixdegreesfromdave.com), has presented online workshops on moments and actors, never an army of global speaker and corporate staffing sourcing methodologies as an adjunct one,” he says. Mendoza received both consultant. In 2010 he was named one faculty member at JobMachine.net, and a bachelor’s degree in Russian and Central of HRExaminer’s “Top 25 Most Influential been a speaker at recruitment confer- European studies and a master’s degree Online Recruiters” and “Top 25 Online ences from California to France, the in public administration with a human Influencers in Talent Management.” Netherlands and Spain. “I have learned resources management emphasis from In addition to Informatica, Mendoza’s the importance of regulating myself to California State University, Fullerton. A. G. PAPERJAM MANAGEMENT