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School Project

Published in: Education
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  1. 1. Links buttons Definition Info. About researchSmartphones Pictures Conclusion Arguments Bibliography Statistics Adv & Disadv
  2. 2. Definition…. a smartphone is a device that lets you make telephone calls, but also adds in features that you might find on a personal digital assistant or a computer--such as the ability to send and receive e-mail and edit Office documents, for example.
  3. 3. Smartphone……….
  4. 4. ARGUMENTS……I disagree with statement : “Research has found that smart phones are affecting productivity, communication in the work place, social engagement, and have an effect in education”. to some extend because:• Smartphones have improved communication to the fact that the speed of which data and information are transmitted is really high and the result is just shown in a matter of second. Like sending an e- mail. And this is useful tool in the work place because interviews can be held on Smartphones, documents and application can be submitted just in a matter of a click.• Smartphones help people to socialize without going and sitting on a computer the whole days. Some people are naturally shy but not when it comes to Smartphone because they help them keep on truck and be part of the whole group.
  5. 5. However when it comes to education, Smartphone can helpstudent have access to their document and library from any part of the world but also, Smartphone are too destructive and addictive. Student my spend the whole day on a Smartphone then at the end of the day the wont have enough time left to dotheir school work and keep it for another day. Besides that, they say: “habit is a second nature” student’s spelling become badly as they are used to text messages.
  6. 6. Advantages & DisadvantagesAdvantages DisadvantagesEasy to carry AddictiveIt is a mobile computer, which Expensive to affordmeans you can keep truck on your Weakens one’s spellingdocument at any point in time, Have an effect in our ecologicalIt can be used as a diary to keep you footprint.alert.Can store enough data to entertainyou on the go.The ability to save as a multi factiondevices : camera, play music andvideos, phone calls and etc..
  7. 7. Statistical information Click for more details
  8. 8. Information about research that has been done on smart phonesResearch questions1. What percentage of a news article do you typically read on your smartphone?…2. Excluding voice calls, how often do you use your smartphone in these situations?3. Multitasking: Excluding voice calls, how often do you use your smartphone while simultaneously doing other activities?4. How often are you consuming different types of information on your smartphone?5. How do you consume news on your smartphone? What are your preferences for consuming news on your smartphone?6. What types of news do you typically read, listen to, view, or seek out on your smartphone?Findings This reach support my argument as most of the questions in this research support the idea that smartphone are very essential in our communication, education and social engagement
  9. 9. CONCLUSION  Smart phone are essential tools in our daily life. They help us to communicate, socialize and interact with each other at any point in time and for all the four corners of the world. However smartphones could be a dangerous tool to those who are addicted to them especially students it is therefore every one’s responsibility to control the phone and not let the phone control them.
  10. 10. • martphones+usage&hl=en&client=firefox- a&hs=HQY&rls=org.mozilla:en- US:official&channel=s&prmd=ivns&ei=dYOKTfXQOIn0sgb 2yZStDA&start=10&sa=N• artphone-survey/• mart.htmBibliography