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  1. 1. Research has found that smartphones are affecting productivity, communication in the workplace, social engagement, and have an effect in education.<br />Yes, I do agree with this statement. The following slides will justify my opinion.<br />
  2. 2. A smartphone.....<br />
  3. 3. Top 5 smartphone manufacturers:<br />
  4. 4. Statistical information:<br /><ul><li>There was a 15% increase in smartphone sales from the year 2009 to 2010.
  5. 5. 48% of smartphone users use their phones to aid their business, while the other 52% use them for personal use.
  6. 6. People in the age group 25 – 34 years use smartphones the most (29%),the second major users are in the age group 35 – 44 years. ( working class people)
  7. 7. Smartphones accounted for 297 million of the 1.6 billion mobile owners sold in 2010.
  8. 8. Sales of smartphones will exceed those of PCs in 2012.</li></li></ul><li>Advantages of smartphones:<br />A<br />D<br />V<br />N<br />T<br />A<br />G<br />E<br />S<br />Never out of touch ( email; call etc), better information sharing (more data), greater functionality (Multimedia; MMS; graphics etc), faster communication (web access and easy connection)<br />They keep you organized (electronic diaries; contact lists; reminders), flexible working (take notes edit appointments etc whilst on the move), information at your fingertips (immediate access to maps; weather; news etc)<br />
  9. 9. Work productivity affected by smartphones:<br /><ul><li>Smartphones are like an office that you can hold in your hand so it makes work go much faster.
  10. 10. They can save travelling and make E mailing much more efficient.
  11. 11. Workers who own smartphones have a portable piece of technology that can offer many useful things in the workplace, like, saving contacts, to do lists, schedules and are basically like electronic diaries.
  12. 12. Having this increases the productivity in the workplace as everything is more organised and information and communication is much faster.</li></li></ul><li>Communication in the work place affected by smartphones:<br /><ul><li>In the workplace, there is a lot of communication to be done, whether it is global, regional, local or within the building.
  13. 13. A smartphone makes communication much easier as it can connect to most places.
  14. 14. It is portable and has the graphics and ability to send pictures or videos even.</li></li></ul><li>Social engagement affected by smartphones:<br /><ul><li>A smartphone makes it so much easier to communicate and use the internet compared to any other phone.
  15. 15. People can interact with each other through using smartphones, they can sms and mms, send pictures and emails
  16. 16. People can interact with each other through their smartphones therefore they are engaging socially.
  17. 17. Smartphones enable social engagement on a local, global or regional stage.</li></li></ul><li>Education affected by smartphones:<br /><ul><li>Smartphones are very helpful when it comes to education.
  18. 18. They allow for quick and easy to get information at your fingertips.
  19. 19. Because smartphones are so popular, especially with teenagers, it makes education fun.
  20. 20. Assignments, homework, research etc, can be done and maybe even submitted all through a smartphone.
  21. 21. Smartphones have calculators, speakers and graphics, reminders, sticky notes and much more that can assist in education.</li></li></ul><li>Research findings:<br /><ul><li>In my research I found that sales of smartphones were very high and that they are important and needed by many people for many things.
  22. 22. I also found that, as well as all of the advantages stated in the previous slides, there are also some disadvantages.
  23. 23. In my research, I also found out all of the services that smartphones offer to individuals, groups and differents classes of people.</li></li></ul><li>Information about the research findings:<br /><ul><li>The statistics that I found were reported or predicted by : The IDC Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker , The Coda Research Consultancy, Morgan Stanley Research and the Mobile entertainment company, Mxyer.
  24. 24. Some of the research that I found was online, from:, </li></ul>, <br /><br /><ul><li>I also located some pictures off of the internet from Google images.</li></li></ul><li>Conclusion:<br />I can now conclude that smartphones are affecting productivity, communication in the work place, social engagement and education in a positive way. Smartphones are actually assisting in all of these areas and making it easier and faster in these four aspects.<br />