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Mobile advertising

  1. 1. Trend Updates July 2012 Mobile Advertising: The $20bn opportunity mirageWhat comes to your mind when we say mobile advertising? Mobile ads, applications, location based messages, sms… This update brings cases that showcase different ways to use mobile advertising presented at Cannes 2012.
  2. 2. Trend Updates Mobile Advertising July 2012Hijacking customers from competition storesObjective:Meat Pack is the trendiest shoe store inGuatemala, known for its special discounts inlimited edition kicks, including brands likeAdidas, Nike, Puma, and Supra. They neededto launch a new promotion.Solution:To promote the new discount it createdHijack, an enhancement for the official MeatPack app used by its customers. Using GPS,Hijack was able to recognise customersentering stores of one of the brands sold atMeat Pack . The app triggered a promotion tolet them earn a discount that would start at Catch the case at - & decrease by a percentage with each ?entryid=15208&award=99&order=0&direction=1second that went by. The countdown discountmade people want to hurry towards the MeatPack store, before the countdown stopped.Those who reached the stores faster, gotbetter discounts.Results:More than 600 costumers were hijacked fromthe competitors. All discounted merchandisewas sold in record time. Every time a discountwas redeemed the person’s Facebook statusautomatically changed informing the worldabout the promotion and generating a viralcompetitive attitude that spread like wildfire.
  3. 3. Trend Updates Mobile Advertising July 2012Creating an emotional bond between parents andchildren.Objective: Building on BAND-AID Brand’s 90 year history ofhealing the hurt, bring alive the magic of BAND-AID for kidsSolution: Magic Vision - An app featuring the Muppets, amobile AR experience that turns any ordinary BAND-AID Brandadhesive Muppets bandage or box into a stage for interactiveentertainment.BAND-AID Magic Vision was designed to amplify the magic thattakes away pain. Now, when a parent applies a Muppets Band-Aid bandage to their child’s hand and scans it with theiriPhone/iPad mobile app, Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy or Gonzothe Great literally come to life to entertain away the pain. MissPiggy’s red carpet unfurls from the bandage, where she posesand asks users to take paparazzi photos. Gonzo performs anepic stunt designed to make kids of all ages forget their worries.In the process, he gets stuck on your iPhone screen. (Shakingis the only way to help him off!)A fun and helpful new way for parents and kids to use theirbeloved bandages. Catch the case at - http://www.cannes 12/mobile/ m?entryid=13648& award=99&order=0 &direction=1
  4. 4. Trend Updates Mobile Advertising July 2012Generating more walk-insObjective: Emart is Korea’s No.1 discount store but its sales drastically decreased duringlunch time. The objective was to increase sales from 12 pm to 1 pm.Solution: It gave people a unique lunch shopping experience using the sunlight at noon anda shadow QR code. It installed a shadow QR code only available at 12PM to 1PM. Whenpeople scan the QR code it is automatically linked to the SunnySale mobile homepage.The users receive special offers including a $12 coupon. When users make a purchase onthe online store, it is directly delivered home.Results: Over 12,000 coupons issued and new Emart membership increased by 58% inFebruary from the previous month. Sales of Emart mail increased 25% during lunch hoursin February and media coverage on the shadow QR code promotion over the past month. The most notable result of the SunnySale is that it made people ‘Sunny’ for at least one day.Catch the case at -
  5. 5. Trend Updates Mobile Advertising July 2012Changing attitudesObjective: To help Toronto’s Hospital for SickChildren manage and minimize pain. Find anengaging way to encourage young cancerpatients to fill out detailed reports on the painthey were experiencing.Solution: To begin, young cancer patients wereenlisted as recruits in Pain Squad - a specialpolice force dedicated to hunting down pain.Each kid was given an Apple iPhone loaded withthe Pain Squad Mobile App. Then twice a day,an alert from Headquarters, told patients it wastime to complete their pain reporting mission.Because the reports worked with iPhone’s user-friendly touchscreen, kids could easily fill themout. With a simple flick of the finger, they couldidentify exactly where and how muchit hurt.To encourage the young target to fill in reportsdaily it also brought together the casts ofCanada’s top police dramas, Flashpoint andRookie Blue and filmed a series of inspiringvideos that deployed them throughout the App.Results: Instead of approaching pain reports asa chore, young patients have reportedly been“looking forward” to filling in their reports and dueto this App’s overwhelming success it is now setto rollout to 4 other Canadian hospitals.
  6. 6. Trend Updates Mobile Advertising July 2012 Summary People are increasingly spending more time on Smartphones.Cases above showcase how mobile advertising can be innovativelyused to address various stages of brand building from awareness, reputation, consideration & to generating leads.Its for us to see which of our brand problems can be addressed by this medium. For more info call- strategic planning professional