Technology changing future


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Technology changing future

  1. 1. Trend UpdatesTECHNOLOGYCHANGING FUTUREIn this edition, let’s not talkabout…Web 2.0BlogosphereSocial networksMicro-bloggingVideo / YoutubeThe Long TailUGC / Crowd sourcingBut about 5 new technologiesand how they might impact theworld around us -Internet TVSemantic WebGlobal CurrencyRFID’s3D Printing
  2. 2. Trend Updates Technology changing futureINTERNET TV: Long Live Television TV vs. Internet is a hot debate. TV has been losing to internet when itcomes to personal leisure. But, now think what Internet TV will do?This year the internet and the web start to become the same thing. We areentering a demand entertainment environment. With most of theentertainment remaining free!Implications1. Real Time TV –TV advertising will be in real time now. If a viewer likes the TV ad, he/she can instantly go and check the product online and even order.2. Measurement –Those spends made on pre-post ad tests, which still cant say for sure if the TV ad works will be redundant because the results will be on ‘How many people went online to check your product? After viewing the ad’
  3. 3. Trend Updates Technology changing futureSEMANTIC WEBWeb 1.0Web pages Web 2.0linking to web Transformation Web 3.0pages. of web pages Semantic Web to web Machine understands semantics / applications & user dialogue meaning of information on world wide web. The Web 3.0 will be mashups of applications with artificial intelligence. The control of the Internet will go out off our hands and the web itself will control the Internet. Implications 1. Ease of search – As the data on web increases, semantic web will be a powerful tool for consumers, because it will easily find products and services that provide precisely what they need. 2. Search engine optimization – Businesses will now have to learn - what consumers want and how they think about what they want, because search won’t be about key words anymore but intent. Additionally, they will benefit by spending less energy on wrong channel and wrong prospect.
  4. 4. Trend Updates Technology changing futureGLOBAL CURRENCYWhat is it ?We spoke abut Social currency in our last edition,Facebook Credits is a way to monetize ‘credibility / the social currency’.Implications1. Incentives – Bloggers often get flown around the world now to talk at conferences, which was previously the domain of People like Harvard Professor - Michael Porter. Global currency will unlock the power of social influence. Incentives to use products in a more profitable way is where the real hot area will be.2. Secure Online Purchase – This will lower the adoption barrier for million of international users who will be able to buy credits from a single point that can be used across networks and sites.
  5. 5. Trend Updates Technology changing future RFID’s We are getting very close to disposable Radio Frequency Identification technology... What is it? An electronic tag almost an active bar code attached to an object that uses radio waves to transfer data from the object, through a reader for the purpose of identifying and tracking the object. Tiny sensors, will be able to detect everything we do and interact with. So all of a sudden we can use these tools for game play. It’s a heaven for marketers –It will be an active record of where yourproduct is and who is buying it.Imagine Nike running shoes with an RFIDmicrochip which records how manykilometres we run or walk per year, linkedto our Health Insurance provider.More KM’s equals lower premiums due to +improved heart & cardio vascular healthand an increased frequency in wear out ofNike runners!A corporate gaming match made inheaven.
  6. 6. Trend Updates Technology changing future3D PRINTINGWhat is it?Its an additive technology in which objects are created by laying downsuccessive layers of material.3D printing is not just forsci-fi fans anymore.Imagine a future in which adevice connected to acomputer can print a solidobject?3D printers outputting physical objects are already on the market!!Implication1. Game changer for small businesses: Often the cost of prototyping is the highest for small business, but they arent close to real things to convince investors. 3D printers are generally faster, more affordable and easier to use than other additive manufacturing technologies and 3D Printing is just as real.2. At home: Though right now, 3D printers are expensive but imagine as technology is becoming cheaper, how it can surprise brands by producing items for a fraction of the cost to what it now is. Think beyond the prototype, even if you’re not in the manufacturing space, how can use the technology to give your consumers experiences they have never imagined. Take a look at the link to see how Google uses it for next level of thinking!
  7. 7. Trend Updates Technology changing futureImpactTechnology has moved the power to people. Brands must leverage humanrevolution with a commercial perspective. Just that rules of engagementare different.1. Authenticity pays. Consumer respect comes from understanding the rules and respecting the on line world as the real world.2. Speak with a human voice3. Engage the crowd. They own your brands. Pay the respect the real brand owners deserve. Now that we know we must act on it. Let consumers hijack brands.4. Compound effort. Benefits take longer to garner in the new world. It’s not like the old days of a large media campaign and watch the scan sales.5. Learn on the job – It can’t be strategized. It’s too unorganized and changeable… the web is humanity in digital form. Then the only way to play is to embrace the chaos and be part of the conversation. Eager to discuss and chat more?