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Assembly performances


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Assembly performances

  1. 1. Assembly Performances al aboutmaking l ning visibl l ear e “As you sow so shal you r , l eap”
  2. 2. Purpose For the student :  Presentation skil ( body l ls anguage, impr ovisat cl it of ion, ar y speech, eye cont ) act  Stepping outside com fort zone ( t king and expl al aining t an o audience )  M aking choices ( whatt pr o esent how t pr , o esent )  Choice and voice – selection of rol and responsibility e  Team Work  Respecting the aud ience  Self and peer evaluation after the perform ance
  3. 3. For the teacher & peers : Journey of l earning reveal ( how much is ed int nal – good checkpoint) er ized Stud ent strength is built on Stud ent strength m ad e visible
  4. 4. Process  Perform ance once in two m onths by every grad e  Selection of what to present and how to present  Auditions - Stud ents cond uct aud itions for perform ances – peer eval uation ( choice and voice )  Planning - D ecid e stage arrangem ent, rol and es responsibility  Honing of skills – rigor for a quality output  Buddy Interaction - Get bud d ies to help in the props/ ance/ d theatre areas  Peer evaluation after the perform ance  Revisit the process (closing the loop)
  5. 5. Scaffolding for awareness…
  6. 6. Choice and Voice…
  7. 7. Awareness to Enabling….
  8. 8. Peer Scrutiny….
  9. 9. Rigor….
  10. 10. Leads To Empowerment…