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3D Printing Kickstarter Projects Analysis (May2012)


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There have been 13 Kickstarter projects focused on 3D Printing since October 2009. This is an analysis of the funding strategies: goals vs targets, pitches, and geographies.

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3D Printing Kickstarter Projects Analysis (May2012)

  1. 1. Funded Unsuccessful Total# of Projects 6 7 13% of Projects 46% 54% 100%Avg Funding Goal $3,842 $16,874 $10,859Avg Funding Raised $11,039 $1,105 $5,690Avg % Funded 287% 7% 52%Avg # Backers 55 21 37Avg Pledge $164 $38 $96
  2. 2. Project Name Description Category Location Funding Status Funding Goal Funding Raised % Funded # Backers Avg Pledge Funding Date Link Maxifab is a project to developMaxifab 3D a 3D printing framework. BuildPrinting a 3d printer your way. NoFramework Limits. Open Hardware Tampa, FL Funded $5,000 $24,393 488% 61 $400 15-Apr-2012 Make your own 3D printing filament from recycled bottles and other plastic products.Filabot: Plastic Never run out of 3D printingFilament Maker filament. Technology Milton, VT Funded $10,000 $32,330 323% 156 $207 23-Jan-2012 Printing Need the latest electronics onElectronics for your 3D printer? Want to buildMakerbot, them yourself to save someRepRap, Cubely, $$$? We do, and its alwaysOthers more fun to share. Open Hardware Tempe, AZ Funded $2,500 $2,724 109% 17 $160 4-Mar-2011 Fund a 3D printer for an urbanMakerBot – 3D high school engineeringPrinting in a classroom. Inspire futureBaltimore HS engineers and get one of theirEngineering Class creations as a reward. Design Baltimore, MD Funded $2,000 $3,146 157% 48 $66 2-Oct-2011 I will be exploring the use of3D Printing and rapid prototyping to producePorcelain. original forms to be reproducedDiscovering a new in porcelain and otherprocess. materials. Sculpture Kansas City, MO Funded $2,500 $2,585 103% 32 $81 30-May-2011 The Goal: Make the process of3D Printing for building a RepRap lessEveryone - Making intimidating for people who arethe RepRap Easier interested but dont know whereto Build to start. Open Hardware Kalamazoo, MI Funded $1,050 $1,055 100% 15 $70 2-Jul-2011 Fund 3D printing of a nano3D Printing of a wind turbine for use in remoteNano Vertical Axis rural drinking water, irrigation,Wind Turbine heating & lighting projects. Graphic Design Manasquan, NJ Unsuccessful $60,000 $45 0% 3 $15 14-Jan-2011 I want to promote 3D Printing. I plan to do so by printing oneThe Daily Print. thing from ThingiverseOne 3D Print a everyday then share it with the Havre De Grace,Day. world on my blog. Technology MD Unsuccessful $3,000 $282 9% 25 $11 26-Nov-2011 One to One is a project focusing on 3D printing at aOne-to-One : large scale, with speed,Large Scale 3D precision , and durablePrinter materials. Technology New York, NY Unsuccessful $35,000 $123 0% 13 $9 10-Mar-2012 This spring, 20 first-year students at Allegheny CollegeSustainable 3D will found a business offeringPrinting for Blind free 3D printing support to theStudents blind. Open Software Meadville, PA Unsuccessful $1,815 $692 38% 13 $53 8-Jan-2011 Art Sculpture project using Zbrush, 3D printing, castingCello Girl and hand painting. Sculpture Port Jefferson, NY Unsuccessful $5,200 $386 7% 5 $77 13-Feb-2012 An iPad app that enables kidsPotteryPrint: to design their own uniqueImagine, Create, works of pottery and export theFabricate design for 3D printing. Technology Las Vegas, NV Unsuccessful $12,000 $6,032 50% 80 $75 4-Apr-2012 3D fabrication is all the rage,Fabroot - Making but costly machines and slow3D Fabrication turn around times hinderAvailable to innovation. Help us start up theEveryone! first free 3D printing service Open Hardware n/a Unsuccessful $1,100 $175 16% 7 $25 31-Oct-2009
  3. 3. Location % FundedTampa, FL 488%Milton, VT 323%Tempe, AZ 109%Baltimore, MD 157%Kansas City, MO 103%Kalamazoo, MI 100%Manasquan, NJ 0%Havre De Grace, MD 9%New York, NY 0%Meadville, PA 38%Port Jefferson, NY 7%Las Vegas, NV 50%
  4. 4. Project Name Funding Goal Funding Raised Funding StatusMaxifab 3DPrintingFramework $5,000 $24,393 FundedFilabot: PlasticFilament Maker $10,000 $32,330 Funded3D PrintingElectronics forMakerbot,RepRap, Cubely,Others $2,500 $2,724 FundedMakerBot – 3DPrinting in aBaltimore HSEngineering Class $2,000 $3,146 Funded3D Printing andPorcelain.Discovering a newprocess. $2,500 $2,585 Funded3D Printing forEveryone - Makingthe RepRap Easierto Build $1,050 $1,055 Funded3D Printing of aNano Vertical AxisWind Turbine $60,000 $45 UnsuccessfulThe Daily Print.One 3D Print aDay. $3,000 $282 UnsuccessfulOne-to-One :Large Scale 3DPrinter $35,000 $123 UnsuccessfulSustainable 3DPrinting for BlindStudents $1,815 $692 UnsuccessfulCello Girl $5,200 $386 UnsuccessfulPotteryPrint:Imagine, Create,Fabricate $12,000 $6,032 UnsuccessfulFabroot - Making3D FabricationAvailable toEveryone! $1,100 $175 Unsuccessful