Free Universal Construction Kit


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F.A.T. Lab and Sy-Lab are pleased to present the Free Universal Construction Kit: a matrix of nearly 80 adapter bricks that enable complete interoperability between ten* popular children’s construction toys.

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Free Universal Construction Kit

  1. 1. The Universal Adapter Brick of the Free Universal Construction KitThe F.A.T. Lab and Sy-Lab present the Free Universal Construction Kit, a collection of adapter bricks that enable complete interoperabilitybetween ten* popular children’s construction toys. By allowing any piece to join to any other, the Kit encourages new forms of interplay betweenotherwise closed systems — enabling the creation of previously impossible designs, and more creative opportunities for kids. The Kit adapterscan be downloaded from and other sharing sites as a set of 3D models in .STL format, suitable for reproduction by personalfabrication systems. >>> For more information, please see: ® nik ® ® ch L og s y ® ol ® rte ® les ln ert o eTo ® lo he ex ® k ® up isc ’N rin go c o k m ob D F K K Le Lin Tin Zo Zo Godtfred K. Christiansen Artur Fischer Joel Glickman & M. Doepner Walter Heubl Godtfred K. Christiansen John Lloyd Wright Charles H. Pajeau Steven Rogers & P. Hildebrandt Michael J. Grey US Pat. 3597875 / Aug. 10, 1971 US Pat. 3464147 / Sep. 19, 1966 US Pat. 5061219 / Dec. 11, 1990 US Pat. 3603025 / Sep. 30, 1968 US Pat. 3005282 / Jul. 28, 1958 US Pat. 1351086 / Jan.8, 1920 US Pat. 1113371 / Jul. 8, 1914 US Pat. 6840699 / Nov. 1, 2002* US Pat. 5897417 / Dec. 11, 1996* (Lego to Duplo Du (Duplo to Duplo) already supported plo ® by manufacturer) uck-00f01m uck-00f03m uck-00f04m uck-00f06m uck-00f07m uck-00f08m uck-00f09m Fis che rte (Fischertechnik to chn Fischertechnik) ik ® uck-01f06m uck-01f00m uck-01f03m uck-01f04m uck-01f05m uck-01f07m uck-01f08m uck-01f09m Ge Ge ars! Ge ars! ars ! ® uck-02f00m uck-02f01m uck-02f03m uck-02f04m uck-02f05m uck-02f06m uck-02f07m uck-02f08m uck-02f09m K’N (K’Nex to K’Nex) ex ® uck-03f08m uck-03f09m uck-03f04m uck-03f06m uck-03f05m uck-03f00m uck-03f01m uck-03f07m Kri nk (Krinkles to Krinkles) les ® uck-04f08m uck-04f09m uck-04f05m uck-04f06m uck-04f00m uck-04f01m uck-04f03m uck-04f07m (Lego to Duplo Legalready supported (Lego to Lego) o ® by manufacturer) uck-05f01m uck-05f03m uck-05f04m uck-05f06m uck-05f07m uck-05f08m uck-05f09m Lin col (Lincoln Logs to nL og Lincoln Logs) s ® uck-06f00m uck-06f01m uck-06f03m uck-06f04m uck-06f05m uck-06f07m uck-06f08m uck-06f09m Tin (Tinkertoy to ker Tinkertoy) t oy ® uck-07f03m uck-07f04m uck-07f05m uck-07f08m uck-07f09m uck-07f01m uck-07f00m uck-07f06m Zo me (ZomeTool to Too ZomeTool) l ® uck-08f01m uck-08f03m uck-08f04m uck-08f05m uck-08f06m uck-08f07m uck-08f09m uck-08f00m Zo (Zoob to Zoob) ob ® uck-09f01m uck-09f03m uck-09f06m uck-09f07m uck-09f08m uck-09f04m uck-09f05m uck-09f00m The Free Universal Construction Kit is licensed under and subject to the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. You are free to copy, distribute and transmit the Kit, and to remix and/or adapt the Kit; in doing so, you must attribute the Kit to “F.A.T. Lab and Sy-Lab”. Please note * Two construction playsets nominallypatents: Zoob the Kit are1996) protected (as of March 2012) by active supported by (patented still that extensions to the Kit require the same or similar license. You may not use the Kit for commercial purposes. For inquiries, please contact and ZomeTool (patented 2002). For the Zoob and Zome systems, please note that we have delayed the release of adapter Lego®, Duplo®, Fischertechnik®, Gears! Gears! Gears!®, K’Nex®, Krinkles®, Bristle Blocks®, Lincoln Logs®, Tinkertoys®, Zome®, ZomeTool® and Zoob® models until December 2016 and November 2022, respectively. are trademarks of their respective owners. The Free Universal Construction Kit is not associated or affiliated with, or endorsed, sponsored, certified or approved by, any of the foregoing owners or their respective products. The Kit is represented, for legal purposes, by Adapterz, LLC.