Navigating college deadlines


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  • Introductions: Tai: - What do you think are the benefits of going t o college?Do you think it’s easy or difficult to go to college?* In today’s presentation we will be changing your “perceptions”
  • Maria: have students guess the different types of college before you show the answers. 4 year bachelors2 year community college- associatesVocational/ technical- certification
  • Maria:If you invest four years after high school you have the potential to earn, on average, a million dollars more during your career.
  • Tai: COLLEGE is an acronym. These steps are your plan for success that you should follow so that it becomes easier to get to college and get financial aid.
  • Maria: What are some deadlines that you should consider as you prepare for college?*four total*
  • Tai: Find the best school FOR YOU:-See if the school you are interested in has your major-Sign up to be on their mailing list-See if there are fun things to do outside of the college atmosphere
  • Maria: What are some of the people who can serve as resources to answer your questions about college?* Here are some questions you can ask*What should I be aware of? - What classes should I take to be competitive?What steps did you take to get to where you are?
  • Tai: What are the different funding sources to pay for college?*give prizes for answers*
  • Maria:What are some good habits you can establish right now to help you succeed and go to college? Why is it important to establish these habits now?Be consistent (grades and schoolwork ethic)Build good relationships with your friends, teachers and counselors
  • Tai: If you are able, visit the schools you’re interested in. - Visit on a random day, when there is no official visit planned. This will help you get a honest sense of what the college is like. (private vs. public; big vs.small) determine what you like
  • Maria: Some things to think about as you are considering which school is right for you:
  • Navigating college deadlines

    1. 1. College: Why and How?A guide to navigating college deadlines Presented by: Maria Sanchez & Tai Cornute
    2. 2. What is College?There are Three Types: Private or Public 4 year college and universities 2 year community colleges or junior college Vocational or Technical schools
    3. 3. Why Should You Go?To become a well rounded individualAbility to pick between many morejobsMake more money in a shorter periodof time
    4. 4. How can you Prepare?C Create a TimelineO Open Doors Through ResearchL Learn to ask the Right QuestionsL Look for Funding OpportunitiesE Establish Good HabitsG Go VisitE Evaluate your Strengths
    5. 5. Create a Timeline Mark a calendar with all important dates  Identify when you may take the ACT/SAT  When to visit colleges  When to apply to colleges  When to apply to scholarship opportunities
    6. 6. Open Doors Through Research Use the internet to find out about different majors and academic programs Contact college(s)you are interested in Use for scholarship information Look at the cities the colleges you are interested in is located
    7. 7.  Speak with your high school guidance counselors Speak with your friends and family members Talk to students who may currently attend the college you are interested in that went to your high school Contact the college recruiter for your area Learn to ask the Right Questions
    8. 8.  Scholarships Loans (FAFSA) - through colleges - government • General • Subsidized • Departmental • Unsubsidized - local scholarship funds - private lending institutions - businesses - various websites (i.e.  Savings Account Grants (FAFSA)  FAFSA - Government - COMPLETE AS INDEPENDENT - Private Look for Funding Opportunities Early
    9. 9. Establish Good Habits Go to school on time Develop good study habits Be consistent Build healthy friendships Build good relationships Meet all deadlines Ask questions
    10. 10.  Visit all types of schools Shadow a friend for a day Attend events at several schools Take virtual tours Go Visit!
    11. 11. Evaluate your Strengths What are you interested in? What are you good at? What you do NOT like to do? What makes you happy? In what subjects do you excel?
    12. 12. Questions?