2012 morning welcome connecting the dots conference


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  • I’m a person who believes Welcomes should be short and sweet – please let me start by saying that I am INCREDIBLY happy that you are here today. Youth and young adults, I hope you leave today feeling supported, and MORE empowered and MORE knowledgeable about the resources that can help you connect with employment. Adult supporters and stakeholders, thank you SO MUCH for taking the time to be here.
  • This conference is YOUR conference What connections do you need to make
  • I could tell about about the Sponsors and we love and appreciate them But they are doing it because you are WORTH it
  • I also CAN and SHOULD tell you about our Champion, ODJFS Director Colbert – who, from the time that he has taken office has listened the voices of current and former foster youth. He followed up on our concerns about the challenges of transitioning from foster care to adulthood and responded by: a.) Reinstating Ohio’s 2M Independent Living Initiative b.) Launching a BRILLIANT new initiative to bridge the gap between workforce and child welfare systems In terms of this conference, it was due to the promotion of our Director that registration flooded almost overnight – we were expecting hopefully 150 youth – registration soared to 200. As a former foster youth and current volunteer, I can say that at this point, I respect Director Colbert more than any other man I know – with one important exception: my husband
  • They say: Don’t sweat the small stuff – to me this is what is most important
  • 2012 morning welcome connecting the dots conference

    1. 1. 2012 Connecting the Dots Conference for Teens and Young Adults Connecting the Dots from Foster Care to the Future
    2. 2. This conference is YOUR conference What connections do you need to make?
    3. 3. Adult Track:• OHILA: Independent Living Best Practices• ODJFS: Roundtables (NYTD, SACWIS, etc.)• Youth Track: Connecting with the Workforce Connecting with Higher Education Connecting with Personal Health Connecting with Lifelong Connections Connecting with Youth Voice in Court Connecting with Youth Voice (OYAB)
    4. 4. Event Sponsors Include…
    5. 5. ODJFS Director Michael Colbert• TANF Independent Living Funding Allocation• ODJFS Connecting the Dots Initiative
    6. 6. What Matters Most• For youth and adult supporters to feel welcome.• For this information to benefit you personally.• Luncheon Buffet in the foyer at noon, please bring to Ballroom to eat. Youth will be served first. Adults who purchase their own lunch will be included in a raffle. Resume Clinic Suits for Success Youth Evaluations  Raffle Tickets