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  1. 1. Project paper On Communication in Rahimafrooz Batteries ltd. Managerial Communication Course Code - BUS-5116
  2. 2. Project paper On Communication in Rahimafrooz Ltd. Managerial Communication Course Code - BUS-5116 Submitted To Mr. Ishtiaque Arif Assistant professor School of Business Studies Southeast University Submitted By Group B
  3. 3. Member of Group B Name ID No. Batch Section M.M Obaydur Rahman 2012110001092 31 Regular-c Md. Soroar Mazid 2012110001085 31 Regular-c Md. Ashif Al Nahin 2012110001084 31 Regular-c Md. Junayed Bhuyan 2012110001082 31 Regular-c Mhammud Imran Mahmud 2012110001094 31 Regular-c
  4. 4. Letter of Transmittal Mr. Ishtiaque Arif Assistant professor School of Business Studies Southeast University Banani Campus Subject: SubmissionofTransmittal Dear Sir, With a great respect, we are informing you that we have prepared a report of case study on Communication system of ‘Rahimafrooz Batteries Limited’ (RBL). For the project completion, we have selected a Privet Limited Company - Rahimafrooz Batteries Limited. We feel great pleasure for submitting this report to you, which will definitely help us to be successful in our future life and to complete the MBA program During the preparation of this report, we have experienced a lot that will greatly help us in our further studies and carrier life. It has enlightened our practical knowledge about Communication practices in the practical world of business. We tried our level best to develop a good report. We would like to thank you for giving us such an opportunity to do this report on this topic. We enjoyedworkingonthisproject Sincerely Yours, Group B 31th Batch Regular School of Business Studies Southeast University
  5. 5. Acknowledgement By the cordial mercy of Allah, now we are able to submit our report to our honorable Teacher Mr. Ishtiaque Arif. We strongly believe that it would not be possible preparing such a report without Almighty’s grace. Now we would like to thank our honorable Teacher Mr. Ishtiaque Arif for his keen efforts and invaluable guidance, helped us to understand, what the Performance appraisal system is & its different concepts, implementation and impact on organization which facilitated the successful completion of the report. This acknowledgment will remain incomplete if we don’t thanks to those people who helped and being cooperate with us specially M. Ziaun Nasir (General Manager, Divisional Head, HR &QMS. We would also like to express gratitude to my university faculty members. They should be remembered because they produced the platform of our knowledge Finally, we like to say that, we have prepared this report from our own experience. We are ready to accept our unwilling errors and omission which belong to us. . Group B 31th C Batch Faculty of Business Studies Southeast University Dhaka Campus
  6. 6. Title fly i. Title page ii. Letter of Transmittal iii. Supervisor’s Recommendation iv. Acknowledgement v. Table of Content vi. Chapter # 1 Introduction 1.1 Statement of the research problem and Rationale for the study 1 1.2 Objectives of the report 1 1.3 Methodology of the report 1 1.4 Limitations 2 Chapter 2 Principles of insurance 2.1 Origin Of Insurance 3 2.2 Characteristics of Insurance 4 2.3 Feature of Insurance 6 2.4 Insurance Business in Bangladesh 8 2.5 The government guidelines for formation of an insurance company are: 10 2.6 Requirements for formation of an insurance company are as follows 11 2.7 Insurance Companies List in Bangladesh 12 Chapter 3 Life Insurance 3.1 Life Insurance 14 3.2 Type of permanent Life Insurance 15 3.3 Term of Insurance 15 3.4 Permanent Life Insurance 16 3.5 Parties of contract 18 3.6 Life Insurance Background in Bangladesh 19 Chapter 4 Marin Insurance 4.1 Origin of Marin Insurance in Bangladesh 20 4.2 Definition Marin Insurance 21 4.3 Essential element of valid Marin Insurance contract 22 4.4 Major types of Marin Insurance 23 Chapter 5 Fire Insurance 5.1 Definition of 'Fire Insurance 26 5.2 Characteristics of Fire Insurance 26 5.3 Types of fire policy 27 Chapter 6 Findings 6.1 Problem for insurance sector in Bangladesh 29 6.2 Recommendation 30 6.3 Conclusion 30 Chapter 7 7.1 Bibliography
  7. 7. 1.1 Introduction 1.1 Communication in Rahimafrooz Battery Ltd. (RBL) This report is prepared on one of the Leading Business Group in Bangladesh. The brand called “Rahimafrooz Ltd” with its Hexagon symbol is known to Bangladesh. The Rahimafrooz Ltd is biggest company in our country with respect to its past history and its own culture. We consider ourselves very lucky to obtain an opportunity to work in this organization as a student of SOUTHEAST UNIVERSITY. During our survey period, we were placed in data of the Batteries plant. In consulting with different personnel’s of different department we got the opportunity to observe the operations that are done in the department and learned many operational activities of the organization during the period. After survey with the department for two days, we decided to work in my report side by side. By the consent of our Supervisor Assistant Professors Mr. Ishtiaque Arif We decide to prepare a report on “Communication techniques apply in an organization”. We have to complete the report as a part of M.B.A program that what we have learnt from different department of Rahimafrooz Ltd to complete Our MBA program. 1.2. Objectives of the report: There are two types of objectives for my report such as immediate objectives and long- term objectives. Immediate Objectives: We have to complete the report as expertise as a part of the report that what we have learnt from Rahimafrooz Ltd and it’s vision mission and corporate responsibilities. Long Term Objectives:  To developing observation & thinking knowledge.  To enhance the communication skills with different levels.  To improve our report writing capability in English  To identify the problems in the workplace  To come up ideas for overcoming the problems  To strengthen of work efficiency  To understand one to one psychology.  Apply new innovative idea in an organization.
  8. 8. 1.3 Methodology of the report Methods followed to perform a job or conducting activities to complete a task is called methodology. Information obtained during survey at Rahimafrooz Batteries Ltd will be used in this study. For the organization, part of information had collected through different department. The basic method that we have applied to do our analysis on Rahimafrooz Batteries Ltd is analyses method. In this report I have used two types of information- Analysis method The basic method that we have applied to do my analysis on Rahimafrooz Batteries Ltd. analysis method may define as systematic viewing according to concise Oxford Dictionary “accurate watching, nothing of phenomena as they occur in nature with regard to cause and effect and mutual relationship”. I had observed all the activities of Rahimafrooz Batteries Ltd during to complete this survey report. 1.4; Sources were as follows: 1.4.1; Primary sources: Primary information is the information, which we get from the raw data. When searching in the field directly to collect data was called primary sources of data. we collected data from primary sources using the following method: 1.4.2; Secondary sources: Secondary information is the information which we get from their officials site of the organization. we have also used secondary data to come up with the writing the report. we have visited the Website of Rahimafrooz Batteries Ltd for information. In addition we have also collected data and information from periodicals, company profile and news papers. Secondary data were collected through different ways for this report. Sources of secondary data are as follows:
  9. 9. 1.4.3: Internal Sources: 1. Companies Annual Report 2. Office memo 3. Operating manuals Circulation & publication used by the Rahimafrooz Ltd. 1.4.4: External Sources:  Internet etc.  Newspaper 1.5: Why we have made? We have made this report because it was a topic about motivation. Which is normally needed in an organization? We all know that when we will complete our MBA course that time our all work will be within the organization. We have learned by this topic for how a company does communicate with their Internal and external parties. For that we have collect data from Rahimafrooz Ltd We have given all the information about how they control their employees. These all are essential for the student of MBA. For this reason we have made this report. 1.6: Limitations: To complete our project paper “Communication in Rahimafrooz battries ltd (RBL) for the study of Managerial Communication. We came across a lot of difficulties, which slowed me down and in some case changed our way to writing because there are some limitations to disclose all information outside of the organization. So we have completed the report from my learning in the department. Also there is some information, which is old, but we have tried my level best to provide latest information as
  10. 10. much as possible. In my report we have identified some problems and tried to give realistic solutions of these problems. Chapter# 2 LITERATURE REVIEW
  11. 11. 2.1 Communication “Communication is a basic human activity” and “enables us to connect with each other” (Pihulyk, 2003). Communication is the method of transporting information and ideas between two or more people (Cole, 2001). Effective communication is the lifeblood of a successful business. It reinforces the business’ vision, connects employees, fosters teambuilding, facilitates change and drives business results. No matter how you look at it, communication is an important part of the company’s landscape and cannot be taken for granted. Thousands years ago, people use to communicate orally. Greeks use a phonetic alphabet written from left to right. After that, many books appeared on written communication principles. In a result of this, Greek started her very first library. When communism was ruling China, communication had become the biggest challenge within the vast government as well as between government and people. 1st in China and then in Rome postal service was launched. After that paper and printing press was invented in china that made communication easier. Hence, today’s principles of communications are founded on a mixture of ancient oral and written traditions. 2.2 Communication is Lifeblood of an Organization Communication is the lifeblood of an organization. If we could somehow remove communication flows from an organization, we would not have an organization. It is needed for:  Exchanging information  Exchanging options  Making plans and proposals  Reaching agreement  Executing decisions  Sending and fulfilling orders  Conducting sales
  12. 12. When communication stops, organized activity ceases to exist. Individual uncoordinated activity returns in an organization. So, Communication in an organization is as vital as blood for life. 2.2 Importance of Good Communication Skills in the Business World Communication is the key to build and manage a successful business. Here are some of the most important effects of encouraging communication in a business. Helps Build a Good Team Building a good team requires a leader that communicates with each individual who is a part of it. Taking everybody with you, requires personal attention from the leader and addressing of their issues and concerns. By eliminating fear and instilling confidence in their abilities through direct communication, a leader can create a team that can outperform and excel in every department. Avoids Misunderstanding & Miscommunication With regular communication, many misunderstandings and miscommunication issues can be resolved amicably. This makes it easier for any employee to cut out unnecessary friction and free his or her mind to focus on the task at hand. Helps in Improving Business Process No business process is perfect and there is always room for improvement. There are various separate departments that work together to create a finished product and each member of the team has concerns and suggestions regarding how they could improve the process. If communication channels are opened through weekly or monthly interaction meetings and issues are discussed, a more smoother and efficient business process can be developed. Improves Quality of Service From the point of view of a business and customer relationship, interaction with customers can help a business provide better service. When customers issues are resolved promptly through immediate communication, he is bound to continue buying your product or service. Creates an Inclusive Culture in the Workplace When there is communication from the top level management with junior most of the employees and there is interaction between different management hierarchies of a business, every one feels included and looked after. This feeling of included in the scheme of things, makes an employee feel more encouraged to work. Appreciation of work objectives achieved by employees through personal meetings can help boost his or her performance to higher levels. A 'pat on the back' for a job done well goes a long way! Creates a Positive Atmosphere Positive communication among the various team members that make up business departments, helps sort out internal problems quite easily and smoothen the rough edges that create friction in a business process. Most importantly, when doubts, misunderstanding and other such issues are sorted out through, a positive atmosphere is automatically created as every one focuses on their work and feels like he or she is a part of the big picture. Interaction With Customers Benefit Marketing & Sales With better communication models that establish interaction channels with customers, the marketing and sales teams can implement a more focused approach, which can bring in rich dividends in the long term, in
  13. 13. the form of improved sales figures and soaring profit margins. Customer surveys and feedback from the distributors of company product can provide an insight into the customer psyche, which can help the company in improving their products and meeting customer products. For software development companies, interaction with their customers and understanding their business models through communication is vitally important to provide better software solutions, tailor made to their requirements. Better Understanding of Market Conditions Communicating with the customers through surveys can help understand the market conditions in a better way. What's lacking in a product is best pointed out by a customer. When the management team has a better understanding of market conditions and reads the mind of the consumer, coming up with the right product is easier. To conclude, in every aspect of a business, communication holds the key to improving cooperation and understanding. Developing your core business team and encouraging the opening of communication channels among them can eliminate much of the friction that may slow down the business process. By synergy of their creative force, a team can do wonders and come up with innovative solutions that can give your business an edge over other competitors. Ergo, communication should be encouraged in every business organization to create a positive force. Benefits of effective communication:  Stronger decision-making and problem solving  Upturn in productivity  Convincing compelling corporate materials  Clear and more streamline workflow  Enhanced Professional image  Sound business relationship  Successful response ensured. 2.3 Types of Business Communication There are two types of business communication in an organization: 1. Internal Communication 2. External Communication 2.4 Internal Communication Communication within an organization is called “Internal Communication”.
  14. 14. It includes all communication within an organization. It may be informal or a formal function or department providing communication in various forms to employees. Effective internal communication is a vital mean of addressing organizational concerns. Good communication may help to increase job satisfaction, safety, productivity, and profits and decrease grievances and turnover. Under Internal Business Communication types there come;  Upward Communication  Downward Communication  Horizontal/Literal communication Upward Communication Upward communication is the flow of information from subordinates to superiors, or from employees to management. Without upward communication, management works in a vacuum, not knowing if messages have been received properly, or if other problems exist in the organization. By definition, communication is a two-way affair. Yet for effective two-way organizational communication to occur, it must begin from the bottom. Upward Communication is a mean for staff to: o Exchange information o Offer ideas o Express enthusiasm o Achieve job satisfaction o Provide feedback
  15. 15. Downward Communication Information flowing from the top of the organizational management hierarchy and telling people in the organization what is important (mission) and what is valued (policies). Downward communication generally provides enabling information – which allows a subordinate to do something. Downward communication comes after upward communications have been successfully established. This type of communication is needed in an organization to: o Transmit vital information o Give instructions o Encourage 2-way discussion o Announce decisions o Seek cooperation o Provide motivation o Boost morale o Increase efficiency o Obtain feedback Both Downward & Upward Communications are collectively called “Vertical Communication” Horizontal/Literal communication Horizontal communication normally involves coordinating information, and allows people with the same or similar rank in an organization to cooperate or collaborate. Communication among employees at the same level is crucial for the accomplishment of work. Horizontal Communication is essential for:  Solving problems  Accomplishing tasks  Improving teamwork  Building goodwill  Boosting efficiency
  16. 16. 2. 5 External Communication Communication with people outside the company is called “external communication”. Supervisors communicate with sources outside the organization, such as vendors and customers. It leads to better; o Sales volume o Public credibility o Operational efficiency o Company profits Ultimately, it helps to achieve o Organizational goals o Customer satisfaction
  17. 17. Chapter # 3 PROFILE
  18. 18. 3.1 Introduction to Rahimafrooz: This section describes Rahimafrooz Groups businesses according to the four broad segments that its companies operate in. Storage Power: Rahimafrooz Group is the largest manufacturer and exporter of automotive and industrial batteries in Bangladesh and has the largest battery export planting South Asia. Rahimafrooz Accumulators Ltd. Rahimafrooz Batteries Ltd. Automotive and Electronics: Rahimafrooz Group markets and distributes various automotive after-market products such as automotive batteries, tyres and lubricant as well as electronics ranging from home appliances, power backup systems, lighting products, and electrical accessories. The Group is also one of the leading complete CNG solution providers in the country. Rahimafrooz Distribution Ltd. Energy: Rahimafrooz Group has a significant presence in the energy sector of Bangladesh and offers a wide range of renewable and conventional energy solutions.
  19. 19. Rahimafrooz Renewable Energy Ltd. Retail: Rahimafrooz Group introduced the first retail chain of superstores in Bangladesh and has played a major role in redefining everyday shopping. 3.2 History of Rahimafrooz Rahimafrooz, is one of the largest business group in Bangladesh, founded in 1954 by Late A. C. Abdur Rahim as a trading company. The Group's Chairman is Mr. Afroz Rahim and the Managing Director is Mr. Feroz Rahim Rahimafrooz operates in three broad domains: automotive after market, power and energy, and retail chain. It sells tires, batteries, lubricants, emergency power products, diesel as well as gas generators, lighting products, electrical accessories, solar systems, energy solutions using compressed natural gas, and power rectifiers. The Group also runs 'Agora' the first retail chain in Bangladesh. The Group has strengthened its market leadership at home while reaching out to international markets. Ranging from automotive after market products, energy and power solutions, to a retail chain. Rahimafrooz produces and markets a range of battery products – automotive, motorcycle, and appliance batteries, Industrial (stationary, deep cycle, traction, VRLA) batteries, IPS and UPS batteries, and rectifiers. Lucas and Spark are the leading names in the local battery market while Volta, Optus and Delta batteries are fast gaining equity as International brands. The Group’s portfolio includes international tire brands Dunlop and Kenda, and its own brand RZ Tyre. Rahimafrooz is the exclusive franchisee of the full range of lubricant brand Castrol in Bangladesh. Through Rahimafrooz IPS, UPS and Voltage Stabiliser, the Company enjoys clear leadership of the emergency power products market. The Company brings to Bangladesh leading gas and diesel generator brands – Pramac as well as Mitsubishi. It also markets home and industrial lighting products from General Electric USA (GE) and electrical accessories from Hager France.
  20. 20. Rahimafrooz, in 2001, made a breakthrough in the urban lifestyles by launching one of very few retail chains in the country – Agora. Rahimafrooz’s Renewable Energy division has been providing Solar solutions. It has supplied over 52,000 solar home systems (SHS) to the rural, off-grid areas of Bangladesh where the national grid cannot reach. The Company has helped light the darkness by making available the SHS through micro-credit, whereby a family can pay as low as USD 7.00 per month for lighting up their homes, workplaces, business, etc. The Company, in recognition of its solar efforts, received the McGraw-Hill Platt Global Energy Award in 2004 and the Global Ashden Award in 2006. Rahimafrooz also offers equipments for CNG refuelling, conversion, conversion centres, and maintenance. The Group operates a non-profit organization Rural Services Foundation (RSF) through which the solar home systems reach the customers in the rural areas of Bangladesh. Rahimafrooz is also endeavouring into tyre retread, besides manufacturing and marketing emery cloths and abrasive papers. In a joint venture, the Group has enterprise into the first ever fibre optical commercial networking backbone in Bangladesh in the form of Metronet Bangladesh Ltd. (MBL). One of the SBUs of Rahiamfrooz Group, Rahimafrooz Renewable Energy Ltd. distributes solar home systems to underdeveloped rural regions of Bangladesh. For that, the company received the Ashden Award for Sustainable Energ in 2006. Rahimafrooz Batteries Ltd Rahimafrooz Batteries Ltd. (RBL) is the largest lead-acid battery manufacturer in Bangladesh. The company is one of the leading regional players, with market leadership at home and export endeavours to more than 44 countries around the world. It manufactures about 200 different varieties of batteries for automotive, motorcycle, IPS and other applications in its factory located at West Panisail, Zirani Bazaar, Gazipur. The Company maintains high standards of operations, which are certified in both ISO 9001 as well as ISO 14001 standards. Furthermore, in order to ensure occupational health and safety of its employees, the company has also implemented the occupational health and safety management system, OSHAS 18001 standard.
  21. 21. The expertise and reputation of Rahimafrooz as a manufacturer of quality batteries locally and internationally has inspired the Group to invest in setting up a new battery factory at Ishwardi EPZ to cater to the growing potential in the international battery market. As part of the same strategy, the Group recently decided to spin-off the Industrial Battery manufacturing facilities of RBL as a separate business unit, moving to a new factory in Savar. As a result of these initiatives, RBL will now be able to devote more resources towards meeting the increasing demand of the local market. Lucas and Spark are the leading names in the local automotive battery market while Volta, Optus and Delta are gaining equity as international brands. RBL has state of the art manufacturing plants. It is equipped with the latest technologies along with complete air treatment and lead-recycling management system. Its capacity in automotive and other appliance battery is over a million N50 units per annum and has provision for further expansions. Rahimafrooz has different technical collaboration agreements with the Lucas Battery Company, Technical support Group (TSG), Hawker Batteries, and Invensys, of UK, Eltek – Norway and AEES – France to ensure the quality of the battery.