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9 things to look for in a consultant


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If you are looking to hire a consultant, ask yourself these questions.

If you are a consultant, you NEED to have these attributes to be successful.

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9 things to look for in a consultant

  1. 1. The 9 things to watch for when hiringa consultant
  2. 2. Do they return phone calls or emailsin time?
  3. 3. Do they submit low ball jobs just to getin the door?
  4. 4. Watch out if they want to “partner”with you!
  5. 5. Do they charge you extra fees forquality control?
  6. 6. Do they hire unqualified andinexperienced staff?
  7. 7. Watch out for those “full-service” firms
  8. 8. Do they have good listening skills andpeople skills?
  9. 9. Do they respond to your complaintsright away?
  10. 10. A consultant knows that it is always ALLabout them (them = his clients)
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