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Find out how to distribute your apps and content through Nokia Store, with the help of Nokia Publish. This webinar will give you inside information on how to maximise your distribution potential, as well as helpful tips on a number of key topics.

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Publishing to Nokia Store: Tips and tricks

  1. 1. Quick guide to publishing Asha Java apps in Nokia Store
  2. 2. Table of Contents • Step 1: Register to become a publisher • Step 2: Go to Nokia Publish Tool • Step 3: Check your content • Step 4: Submit your content • Step 5: Wait through Nokia QA process • Step 6: See your content in Nokia store
  3. 3. Step 1. Register to Publish Tool 1. Go to 2. Create a Nokia Single Sign On account. – You can link many Nokia accounts under the single account 3. Fill in your details to the tool accurately 4. Pay the 1 euro fee with your credit card 5. Confirm the email address
  4. 4. Step 2. Start the publishing process On the Welcome page you can: • Fill in your bank details if you plan to publish paid content • Find links to necessary information like guidelines, news, and status of your content. • Edit your account or add new users under your company account. • Email our 24/7 service via the Got questions link. Support material and guidelines can be found at: rary/ • Start content publishing by going through the checklist. Trust us, this will make your content more popular and speed up publishing your content!
  5. 5. Step 3. Checking your content Consider and prepare these items carefully before you start submitting your content: 1. A name and description for the content. A descriptive name and a good description ensure good visibility and searchability for your content 2. Add other keywords to the default keywords field to allow consumers to find your content through Nokia Store searches. Add translated keywords in the same field. 3. Define the price of the content from free to one of 15 preset price points. – Nokia has set the global price points according to the local buying power. This makes distributing applications globally easy. – Note: Refer to the billing matrix for more details. 4. In case you use In app purchasing, check the following page: (IAP can also be added afterwards)
  6. 6. Step 3. Checking your content 5. Select phones or phone families to which the content can be downloaded. To compare the features in different Nokia phones, see the Device Specifications . – Make the coverage of the latest product families as wide as possible. You can also prepare different versions for different devices. 6. The language and countries your content supports. – A global English version and separate country specific versions often help to reach maximum end user coverage – Note: Refer to the Language-region mapping to check to which countries you can submit what non-English content 7. An email address for customer support and questions about the content. Website is not mandatory, but helpful.
  7. 7. Step 3. Checking your content 8. You need the following icons and screenshots for Nokia Store: – An icon representing the content in size 256x256. – One to three screenshots from the content (for Nokia Asha platform up to five screenshots). – The size for square screenshot for S40 content older than Nokia Asha platform product family is min. 256x256 pixels, max. 2000x2000 pixels. – For Nokia Asha platform phones you also need a rectangle screenshot sized 480*640 or 240x320. Note: Nokia Publish will scale down and resize your images to fit the Nokia Store used in various phones and desktop browsers. However, if the rectangle screenshot image is not entered for Nokia Asha platform, the square image will have gray borders on top and bottom . – For Nokia Asha platform also a 120x60 Mobile promotional banner is mandatory. Please note that content name will be shown on top of the banner. Therefore please not include text in this banner. Otherwise it will look very messy.
  8. 8. Step 3. Checking your content 9. Make sure that your content works as described in Content Guidelines. Good quality content receives better ratings and more downloads. There are also some things to be checked: – If your content uses services like positioning, messaging, or data connections that require permission(s), make sure they are correctly defined in JAD file. Otherwise they will fail in Nokia QA with the signed version of app. See API calls that do require JAD definitions: (!developers- guides/security/midp-security/appendix-c-summary-of-protected- methods.html) – If the application requests personal details or uses/shares the personal data like from Calendar. Also if it uses any of the following: positioning, push notifications, analyzes the behaviour of the user for marketing purposes or shares the user behaviour data. Then the help menu or other suitable place in the applications must contain Privacy policy. Privacy policy desribes the usage and sharing of the data. For usage of any of the four things mentioned above the user should be informed about the feature in the first start and given a chance to turn it off. This setting must be available also later on in app settings or in another suitable place of the app.
  9. 9. Step 4. Submit your content 1. On the Welcome page, press Create new content. 2. Select your content type, in this case Java app for S40 Asha app. 3. Answer the Legal questions about if your content follows the Content Guidelines, and if you have the rights to distribute the content. If there is encryption in your content, certain paperwork is needed for the US requirements. If there’s no encryption=no paperwork. 4. The first page for submitting new content opens like on the right. Fill in all the mandatory metadata. The help texts and Publisher Guide provide you more information on what to fill in. 5. When ready, press Create
  10. 10. Step 4. Submit your content The following main view opens. 1. Check if privacy policy is required for your app 2. Price can be set on this page 3. Go to the Content files tab, and submit .jar and .jad files 4. Scan the files in the file view and if goes ok, you are free to upload them
  11. 11. Step 4. Submit your content After uploading the files the following page opens for defining the distribution. 1. Check the phone specifications for your app. At least one device per selected product family should be fully tested. To do it for free remotely, go to: ices/Remote_device_access/ 2. Select other phones and their status according to your best understanding 3. Click Next, and select suitable country distribution and supported language(s) 4. Click Save. 5. Click the content item name to go back to the main view, before submitting to QA
  12. 12. Step 4. Submit your content 1. Scroll down to see the following fields. Here you can add more screenshots and specific rectangle screenshots for Nokia Asha platform devices in scaled versions. At least primary, secondary and third screenshots are recommended. 2. 120x60 banner is mandatory for Nokia Asha platform (please do not include text in this banner as the name of the content will be shown on top of it). Other promotional banners are recommended 3. That’s all. Now you are ready to submit your files to the Nokia QA process.
  13. 13. Step 5. Nokia QA • If there are no failures in the Nokia QA it takes 5-7 days to get your files and metadata moderated, signed, tested, and published • If your content fails, you will get an email notification with details about the reasons for the failure. You are asked to fix the problem and resubmit the content. • If you need help with fixing your content, read the Content Guidelines, Top QA issues and Top 10 Support cases documents at • You can also check the support pages, or contact 24/7 service • Nokia Developer Community at is often the best source for technical knowledge
  14. 14. Step 6. Your content in store • Once your content is published, check the content with Nokia Store supported Nokia phones or with • On the publish tool report page you will see an up-to-date report of your content sales and download figures. • Nokia Store has the biggest coverage in operator billing 160 operators in 60 countries, which means a bigger revenue opportunity for you as a publisher. • Whenever the actual profit goes over 100€, it is paid at the end of the next month. With actual profit there can be a couple of months delay, as Nokia needs to receive the money from the operators before giving it forward. This delay will be fixed in fall 2013. With credit card payments there is no such delay. • Remember to promote your content! With Nokia Publish Tool it is also easy to create needed banners in case Nokia wants to spotlight your popular high quality content:
  15. 15. Enjoy!