Introduction to Nokia Asha SDK 1.2 (beta)


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Nokia Theme API and Webview API are new additions in Nokia Asha SDK 1.2. The Theme API enables developers to change themes and to access the properties of a current theme. The Webview API is used to display web pages inside a MIDlet, enabling delivery of more-sophisticated Help, About, and other screens to users. In addition, Nokia Asha SDK 1.2 contains updates to the Contact API that allow MIDlets to receive notifications with social contacts in the phonebook are added, deleted, or modified. Pranav Gothadiya, lead developer and product owner for Nokia Asha SDKs, starts this training webinar with an overview of new and updated features in Nokia Asha SDK 1.2 and the new Nokia Asha software platform 1.4. Pranav then demonstrates code examples included in the SDK to illustrate the new Theme and Webview APIs. He also touches on the (Social) Contact API, as well as on SDK features that enable developers to support frame-positioning control and progressive audio recording.

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Introduction to Nokia Asha SDK 1.2 (beta)

  1. 1. INTRODUCTION TO NOKIA ASHA SDK 1.2 (BETA) Pranav Gothadiya Product Owner Nokia Asha SDK
  2. 2. CONTENTS • Introduction to Nokia Asha SDK 1.2 • Installation • Nokia IDE for Java ME v3.1 • APIs – new and updated • Plug-in support • Additional features • More information
  3. 3. INTRODUCTION TO NOKIA ASHA SDK 1.2 (BETA) Theme API Webview API Contact API Nokia Notification API Nokia In-app Payment LWUIT Audio progressive recording Audio mixing QVGA and VGA resolution Emoji support across all APIs NEW APIS UPDATED APIS ADDITIONAL FEATURESPLUG-INS
  4. 4. INSTALLATION Install Installer type: online/offline Installer link: Prerequisite: 32bit- Java7 Releasenotes Go through release notes after successful installation Documentation Find SDK Help @
  5. 5. NOKIA IDE FOR JAVA ME V3.1 • Nokia Asha SDK 1.2 auto integration • Default SDK selection for the project • All previous SDKs are supported • Launch Nokia Asha SDK 1.2 emulator 8 April 2014 / Slide no 5
  6. 6. THEME API MIDlets can use the Theme API to: • Customize themes for MIDlets • Get all available themes • Get the current active theme • Get colour information of current active theme • Switch to a specific theme • Register for theme changes. • Load an image from a theme (only for Operator and Manufacturer signed MIDlets). • Compatible with Nokia Asha software platform 1.4 and newer.
  7. 7. THEME API It allows for registering ThemeChangeListener and managing themes It contains methods and fields that you can use to get information about the native theme, It enables an application to listen for a theme change events ThemeManager Theme ThemeChangeListener
  8. 8. WEBVIEW API • MIDlet can render URL / web page • Render a web page on a Canvas in any rectangular size. • Render a web page on a CustomItem. • Native browser handler – MIDlet.platformRequest(String url) • Compatible with Nokia Asha software platform 1.4 and newer. MIDlet passes URL to native browser Native browser renders the URL On browser closing, user goes back to MIDlet
  9. 9. WEBVIEW API a convenience class to override the methods of the BrowserListener interface. to render an html page defined by a URL. to handle call backs from the BrowserItem. BrowserAdapter BrowserItem BrowserListener
  10. 10. CONTACT API - UPDATE • Discover and receive changes to contacts • Access social contacts • MIDlets can use the Contact API to discover when: – (Social) contacts are added to the phonebook – (Social) contacts are deleted from the phonebook – (Social) contacts are modified in the phonebook
  11. 11. CONTACT API - UPDATE • to access social contacts by creating a social PIM listSocialPIM • to allow a MIDlet to retrieve information, like UID, list name, and change type. i.e contacts which have been added, deleted or updated ContactChange • to allow a MIDlet to receive contact changes from the phonebook ContactChangeManager • to allow a MIDlet to compare contact names and sort them in the same order as native phonebook PIMUtils • to allow a MIDlet to discover changes to contacts in the phonebook ContactChangeListener • extensions to the ContactList classSocialContactList
  12. 12. CONTACT API - UPDATE 8 April 2014 / Slide no 12 create a social pim list with mime-type as unified id of the list. After creating, PIM.getInstance().openPIMList() can be used to open the list
  13. 13. NOKIA NOTIFICATION API - UPDATE • Check and update to the latest Notification Enabler [It is possible to keep Notification Enabler up-to-date so that it provides to the user an option to update the software. Users can update Notification Enabler by themselves or the update can be provided to user by including the Installer implementation as part of your Notification integration.]
  14. 14. NOKIA IN-APP PAYMENT – PLUGIN • It is a monetization tool that enables you to sell digital content to your consumers from within your application. • It provides a seamless and safe purchase experience for your consumers and a transparent pay out to you. For more information visit:
  15. 15. LWUIT – PLUGIN (UPDATED) Support for Nokia Asha SDK 1.2 Single DatePicker.setDate() for all types of DatePicker. Automatically adjust the date range for DatePickers. Orientation specific crash fix. Text overlapping issue in LWUIT_Birthdays application. Tabs to properly highlight the image of selected tab. CHANGES BUG FIXES
  16. 16. AUDIO PROGRESSIVE RECORDING JSR-135 supports audio stream sending while recording It uses RecordControl.setRecordStream(OutputStream stream) Recording data is continuously flushed during recording improved usability and performance of voice messages more real-time voice messaging experience
  17. 17. AUDIO PROGRESSIVE RECORDING 8 April 2014 / Slide no 17
  18. 18. AUDIO MIXING SUPPORT JSR-135 supports audio mixing Allows the audio to play simultaneously Query system property supports.mixing to know the support
  19. 19. FRAME POSITIONING CONTROL SUPPORT Supported through JSR-135 Allows MIDlet to fast forward and playback by frame Controls precise positioning to a video frame for Players
  20. 20. QVGA AND VGA RESOLUTION SUPPORT Supported through JSR-135 Enables the use of the parameters width and height to change the resolution
  21. 21. FULL EMOJI SUPPORT Emoji support is available across all APIs TextField, TextEditor, TextBox and in Graphics.drawString()
  22. 22. MORE INFORMATION Overview - Downloads - - - Guides - Nokia Asha Design Guide: - Porting Guide: - Documentation: - Training Videos: - Code Examples:
  23. 23. THANK YOU. QUESTIONS? For more information: