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Nokia Asha webinar: Developing location-based services for Nokia Asha phones by using Geo2tag


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With the open source Geo2tag platform, developers can use JSON or XML to manage location references in apps for Nokia Asha phones. In this webinar, we’ll show you how to use the Geo2tag API and how to manage a local database of georeferences.

We’ll start with an overview of the RESTful Geo2tag API and explain how to use the API in apps for Nokia Asha phones. Then we’ll demonstrate a few location-based applications developed on top of Geo2tag and show how to integrate Geo2tag reference feeds with map widgets.

Find out more about:
* the Geo2Tag project and code:
* the Nokia Asha SDK:
* getting started with the Nokia IDE:
* getting started with the NetBeans:
* all the new APIs in Nokia Asha software platform 1.1:!whats-new/java-runtime-for-nokia-asha-software-platform-110.html

Check out the current webinar schedule here: and

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Nokia Asha webinar: Developing location-based services for Nokia Asha phones by using Geo2tag

  1. 1. Nokia Asha LBS Development with Geo2Tag Kirill Krinkin FRUCT @kkvt
  2. 2. What is Geo2Tag ● Geo-tagging (geo-coding) platform ● High performance database for spacial/temporal tag filtration ● RESTful service Geo2Tag does not provide: – map services – data back-end (in current version)
  3. 3. Geo2Tag terminology Tag: tuple <t, L, B, H, data>, ● t – time ● B,L,H – coordinates ● data – text data ~1K Channel: classifier for group of tags
  4. 4. Geo2Tag: channels and tags LBS Platform Tag Channel Канал Channel Tag - time - coordinates - data (link) Channel Tag Tag Channel Filtration - time - radius - figure (2D or 3D)
  5. 5. Geo2Tag architecture clients Asha web Qt-based Android Libraries: jgeo, http_reqs JSON Query engine Session cache cache System cache Session manager HP database Indexer backend Cluster/cloud infrastructure BLOBs
  6. 6. Geo2Tag LBS Platform installation
  7. 7. Geo2Tag preparation ● Install your own server ● Free test instance: – Ask for creating service – Register users db_name=dbname
  8. 8. Getting HERE keys
  9. 9. This class offers an abstract base class for providing a method of showing map content on a Canvas
  10. 10. Obtaining coordinates
  11. 11. Example layout Map widget implementation Implementation of Geo2Tag requests Getting coordinates on device
  12. 12. Libraries Nokia HERE (./plugins/maps_api/lib) – maps-core.jar – maps-components.jar – Infobubles, Touchable buttons and so on – maps-gesture.jar – Add Gesture API support – maps-kml.jar – JSR#172 is required for KLM data – places.jar – Geocoding and reverse geocoding – routing.jar – Routing services Geo2Tag For Asha: – j2megeo.jar (sources:
  13. 13. Map widget Basic map widget Supports gestures
  14. 14. Authentication
  15. 15. InfoBubble
  16. 16. FocalObserver and centering
  17. 17. Centering and add commands
  18. 18. ClearMap command
  19. 19. Show nearest tags
  20. 20. Geo2Tag requests doLoginRequest doSetDbRequest doFilterCircleRequest doWriteTag
  21. 21. .doLoginRequest
  22. 22. .doSetDbRequest
  23. 23. .doFilterCircleRequest
  24. 24. .doWriteTagRequest
  25. 25. Resources ● Example: ● Map Forms in JavaME ● Determining Current Location via Cell ID ● Geo2Tag development resources: – – –
  26. 26. Thank you. Questions? For more information: ● ●