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Project Concept Industrial Park Kremenchuk Ukraine

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Industrial park kremenchuk_ukraine

  1. 1. Kremenchyk City Council Poltava regional center of investment and developmentKremenchuk center of investment and city Of State Agency for Investment anddevelopment "Kremenchuk Invest" National projects of UkraineMunicipal company PROJECT CONCEPT INDUSTRIAL PARK "CENTRALNYI" KREMENCHUK CITY (Cluster model of automobile industry proposal)
  2. 2. Industrial park concept1) Name of the industrial park - Industrial Park "Centralnyi";2) The initiator of the industrial park: Kremenchug City Council, Kremenchuk center ofinvestment and city development "Kremenchuk Invest" Municipal company, the StateAgency for Investment and National Projects of Ukraine (Poltava Regional Center forInvestment and Development);3) Aim, objectives, purpose of industrial park:Aim: Promote the development of automobile industry in Poltava by creating a opportunebusiness environment.Objectives:1. The concentration of production facilities of automotive industry.2. Technological cooperation chain creation.3. Create the conditions to ease business activities.4. Creation of new industries, based on innovative technologies with a high level ofcompetitiveness.5. Promotion of investment attractiveness of the region, increase investment activity.6. Creation of new high-tech jobs7. Increase the production of export products.Purpose:The production of automotive and related industries products.4) The location and size of the land:Ukraine, Poltava region, Kremenchuk city, is situated in the northern industrial area,bounded by lands of North industrial unit – Kahamlytska railroad station - railways Kriukiv-Kremenchuk. Electrometallurgical plant at a distance of 35 km. Roads: Roads flank the Industrial park zone Railway: Railway station Kahamlytska flank the Industrial park zone. At a distance of650 m there is a railway access to the industry plants. River connection: Kremenchug river port and cargo terminal is at a distance of 12km. Total area of the Industrial park zone - 168.55 hectares;5) Approximate period for which industrial park is established – 30 years more;6) Requirements for participants in the industrial park:-Creating a legal entity, separate units (branches, representative offices)-The company must be profitable.-Experience in the automotive and related industries (3 years).-The minimum number of new jobs created – 20-Compliance with tax, labor, environmental legislation.-Having a plan of the enterprise development for at least 5 years.-Anticipating a positive economic and social effects of the project.-Enterprises specialization automotive and related industries
  3. 3. 7) The estimated total consumption of energy, water, etc.;1. gasQ = 28046720 x 1,3 = 36,460,736 m3/year2. ElectricityQ = 33710 * 1.4 = 47.194 MW3. WaterQ = (168.55 + 10) x 1,3 =up to 232.12 l/sec4. Wastewater:Q = 168,55 x 1,3 = up to 219.12 l/sec5. Surface waterQ = 7079,1+ 0,2 = 7079,3 l/secCommunication access(distance):Water supply: 163 m d-600mm, 137m d-200;Sewerage: 164m d-300 mm;Gas supply: 149 m d-150 mm;Power supply: 107 m;8) Plan for the industrial park:Section 1:Placing the assembly of passenger cars (anchor investor). -Assembly line facility. -Tyre assembly line. -Helicopter-station. -Business center.Investment -$123 million.Production capacity - up to 50 thousand cars a year. Number of jobs - 250-310 people.(30.48 ha)Section 2:Placing a logistics terminal. -Warehouse, packaging, distribution facilities.Investment - $73 million.Number of jobs -180-230 people. (18.15 ha)Section 3:Car components manufacturers facilities. -Car parts production facility. -Welding workshops. -Pressing workshops .Investment - $115 million.Number of jobs - 320-370 people. (28.47 ha)Section 4:Car components manufacturers facilities. -Production of fuel systems. -Production of carburetors and valves.
  4. 4. -Manufacture of cooling systems.Size of investment - $83 million.Number of jobs - 180-250 people. (20.51 hectares)Section 5:Car components manufacturers facilities. -Production of plastic components. -Manufacture of metal frames for the car seats. -Manufacture of textiles, fillers, furniture components. -Manufacture of car seats.Investment - $102 million.Number of jobs - 250-310 people. (25.14 hectares)Section 6:Car components manufacturers facilities. -Forged automobile parts and metal. -Production of fastening systems. -Production of cable harnesses for cars. -Manufacture of electrical and electronic equipment.Investment - $84 million.Number of jobs - 220-260 people. (20.88 hectares)Section 7:Car components manufacturers facilities. -Chemical and thermal treatment of the metal. -Varnishing, painting workshops.Investment - $120 million.Number of jobs - 270-310 people. (24.92 hectares) It is assumed that on each section the modules of solar panels will be installed on theroofs of buildings.9) The estimated resources (financial, material, technical, human, natural, etc.) neededfor the establishment and operation of the industrial park, expected sources of itsattraction To create partial Industrial park infrastructure it is neded $3,2 million. Construction ofthe road (asphalt laying 54,000 m2) For a complete Industrial park infrastructure creation(Installation of gas supplysystems, water and sanitation, energy networks (distribution transformer substation), securitysystems need about $ 20 million.
  5. 5. 10) organizational model of the industrial park;Management Company - Kremenchuk center of investment and city development"Kremenchuk Invest" Municipal company. Position Duties Head 1. Resolve issues between business entities and local government. 2. Attract foreign investors and collaborates with members of the industrial park. Jurisconsult 1. Provides advice on preparing the necessary documentation. 2. Regulating land relations. 3. Organize competitions on sale (lease) of land. Engineer 1. Promote industrial park. 2. Organize process of engineering equipment at the site of the industrial park, construction of routes, territory fence, solve land issues.11) the expected results from operation of the Industrial park; 2022 2032 2042- Industry production 5 8 12increase,%-IncreaseForeign direct 160 270 250investment increase, USDmln.-Revenues to all levels of 8 338 17 881 28 223budget increased, UAHthousand.-Creation of new production 5 7 5facilities, unitsDirector of Kremenchuk center Director of Poltava regionalof investment and center ofcity development "Kremenchuk Invest" investment and developmentMelnik А. V. Leta D.V.
  6. 6. The plan of Indistrial park «Centralnyi»The plan of Indistrial park «Centralnyi»