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Industrial park "Innovation forpost" Dnipro


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The strategy of creating an industrial park in the Dnipro takes into account that the future park is an average city-type complex, so it focuses on the development and implementation of advanced developments in the field of information and communication, biological technologies, instrumentation, electronics, energy conservation and the use of alternative energy sources.

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Industrial park "Innovation forpost" Dnipro

  2. 2. в DNIPRO UKRAINE Munich_2 200 km Ankara_1 600 km Beijing_6 200 km Warsaw_1 200 km Vilnius_1 100 km Minsk_990 km Tbilisi_1 300 km UKRAINE HAS BENEFITS AS STRATEGIC LOCATION FOR MANUFACTURING
  3. 3. DNIPRO AGLOMERATION IS AN INDUSTRIAL AND INVESTMENT LEADER OF UKRAINE DESPITE DEINDUSTRIALIZATION SINCE 1991 Odessa_520 km Kropivnitsky_270 km Vinnitsa_570 km Kyiv_480 km DNIPRO Poltava_200 km Kharkiv_220 km Mariupol_350 km Zaporizhzhia_80 km Kherson_330 km Krivy Rig_145 км 11% of Ukraine’s GDP 10,0 M of inhabitants in the area 31,900 km2 (5,3% of country area) 3,3 M of inhabitants (7,3% of population) 16,8% of Ukraine’s export 16,5% of total investments in Ukraine
  4. 4. Dnipro is the center of the agglomeration with 1,5 million inhabitants ІСТО ДНІПРО _ ЦЕНТР ПІВДЕННО-СХІДНОЇ УКРАЇНИ 9 higher education entities 7000 IT specialists 200 industrial companies External trade is carried out with 130 countries Export potential of Dnipro consists of the following industries: metallurgy, machine building, chemical, food processing, light industry Imported goods: natural gas, petrochemicals, machines DNIPRO CITY HAS HIGH LEVEL OF EDUCATION
  5. 5. DNIPRO CITY STRATEGY • Raise 10 billion dollars in investments in the city development • Increase Dnipro population to 1.5 million people • Dnipro is an interregional center • Dnipro is a center of space technologies • Dnipro is a city of innovative industries • Dnipro is a city of comfort • Dnipro is a city where local authorities are a catalyst for attracting investors Dnipro Mayor Boris Filatov
  6. 6. INDUSTRIAL PARK INNOVATION FORPOST Dnipro, Ukraine Area: 61,4 ha (ІNDUSTRIAL ZONE 50,4 ha) Address: 1 Steve Jobs St. Dnipro, Ukraine Land status: industrial, brownfield Hotel Shopping complex Apartment complex Kindergarten Office space including IT Park and R&D centers Exhibition complex Business incubator (stage 1) Recreation zones 4,0 ha 6 000 sq. m 5 000 sq. m 27 000 sq. m 18 000 sq. m 50 000 sq. m 1 000 sq. m 13,0 haTest platform HYPE.UA Indusrtial zone Industrial premises PLANNED PROJECT ZONES 50 ha 240 000 sq. m
  7. 7. Industrial park City center (distance - 4,6 km) International airport DNK, class 4С (distance - 21,2 km) River port Navigation: Mar-Dec Throughput: 5,7 mln. tons 3 cargo terminals 16 piers Draught – up to 4 m (distance - 3,8 km) Railway station “Nizhnodniprovsk – Junction Station” Customs terminal, cargo processing terminals for 3 t, 5 t; 20 and 40-feet containers (distance - 3,1 km) DNIPRO INDUSTRIAL PARK LOCATION SCHEME
  8. 8. ZONING Industrial zone Landscaped area Public buildings Streets and squares Multistory buildings В-5 В-5 В-4 В-4 Р-4 Р-4 Р-4Г-1 Г-1 Г-1 Г-1 ТР-3 ТР-3 ТР-3 Ж-1 Ж-1 Ж-1
  9. 9. PERSPECTIVE IMAGE INDUSTRIAL PARK ІТ-cluster 7,5 ha: 1. Office buildings 2. Apartments 3. Kindergarten Innovation and business zone 50,0 ha: 4. Production zone 5. Expo venue 6. S&T park, Business incubator, prototyping lab Additional services 4,0 ha: 7. Hotel 8. Park & recreation zone 9. Food curt and shopping area 10. Clinic and health support zone 11. Fitness center
  10. 10. ROAD-TRANSPORTATION AND ENGINEERING INFRASTRUCTURE 1. Integrated construction of road transport and engineering infrastructure financed by local, state budgets, operator company 2. Reconstruction of engineering networks of "INTERPIPESTEEL" funded by "INTERPIPESTEEL“ New engineering networks: Electricity supply Gas supply Heat supply Water supply and drainage Sewers Low-voltage networks Internet and telecom networks Road-transport infrastructure: Network of streets, roads, sidewalks Cycling tracks Pedestrian boulevard Square Complex landscaping
  11. 11. POTENTIAL INDUSTRIAL PARK RESIDENTS 1 Machine building, professional equipment and automation 2 Renewable energy equipment, automobile part components, aircraft components 3 Logistics terminal (including customs-licenced warehouse) 4 R&D center and labs, IT companies experimental workshops, co-workings, offices 5 Other ecologically clean manufacturing PRIORITY SPECIALIZATIONS INDUSTRIAL ZONE - 50.4 Ha Status - land for industrial use RESIDENTIAL AREA - 32.0 Ha INDUSTRIAL PREMISES - 240 000 sq. m (up to 80% of the rental space)
  12. 12. The territory of the industrial park Territory of the test platform Protective zone Test platform Office and laboratory premises Location of the front office 1 2 3 TEST PLATFORM "HYPE.UA" Meeting of "HYPE.UA“ project working group Analysis of the site with the Minister of Infrastructure V. Omelyan
  13. 13. Grant of the European Union INNOVATION FORPOST
  14. 14. STAGE 1: INNOVATION AND BUSINESS PARK The apartment is 27 000 sq. m including: •S&T Park 10 000 sq. m •IT cluster of 17 000 sq. m Innovation and Business, research and development area 25 000 sq. m including: •6 000 sq. m reconstruction of existing buildings •19 000 sq. m new construction STAGE 2: INTEGRATION OF UNIVERSITIES: •Dnipro State University •Dnipro Polytechnic Institute •Transport Institute STAGE 3: SERENDIPITY DNIPRO Creative industries and business-industrial zone: InnoCampus (marketing and advertising innovations) 10 additional business and industrial parks Scientific and technological park is part of the innovation and business ecosystem of Dnipro. The main task of creating the S&T Park is the cooperation of industrial firms with universities and academic institutions for creation and commercialization of highly effective types of equipment, new generation technologies, materials and products Project parameters: BUSINESS INCUBATOR "CENTER FOR TRANSPORTATION TECHNOLOGIES" Grant of the European Union
  15. 15. EXHIBITION COMPLEX (1 st stage) Grant of the European Union Type of construction – reconstruction of cast-iron foundry (6000 sq.m.) Exhibition complex will comprise: •Front office of the industrial park •Hall for industrial exhibitions •2 conference halls •Museum of totalitarian regime •Park of sculptures on open exhibition •Cafes, restaurants
  16. 16. EXHIBITION COMPLEX (2 and 3 stages) Type of construction - new construction SPECIAL INVESTMENT PROJECT 2 3ht stage - a multifunctional congress center of 6,000 m2: •Multifunctional hall •Administrative and technological premises •Food establishments 2nd stage - industrial exhibition 6 000 sq. m: •Hall for industrial exhibitions •2 conference halls •Administrative and technological premises •Food establishments 2 3 3
  17. 17. INSUDTRIAL PARK IT-CLUSTER Creation and administration of experimental productions based on business incubator 7000 IT specialists available in Dnipro Organization of the business incubator as an expert structure for work with startups Shared spaces Construction of 2-7 storey apartments for participants of the IT cluster and engineers of the industrial park - Club Quarter 27,000 sq. m on an area of 5.6 hectares. Construction of new office premises (40 000 m2) Joint project of Dnipro city council and DNIPRO_IT_COMMUNITY to reduce labor migration The task of the industrial park is to create attractive conditions for development of IT companies IT CLUSTER IN THE INDUSTRIAL PARK BASE - STOCKOUT OFFICES OF CLASS A
  18. 18. Apartments - 27 000 sq. m Kindergarten – 240 seats including 8 groups, 4 classes APARTMENT COMPLEX WITH KINDERGARTEN Tasks of the industrial park: 1. Creation of comfortable working conditions for industrial park and IT companies workers 2. Creation of attractive living conditions for inhabitants of the residential complex and residents of the left bank Kindergarten with elementary school classes on the territory of 1.6 ha A modern preschool complex in the territory of the left bank addresses a number of issues: •increases the number of places in kindergartens in general in the city •creates comfortable working conditions for the participants of the industrial park •increases investment attractiveness of the residential complex •creates new jobs •provides the opportunity to use preschool facility for residents of neighboring districts •improves the image of local authorities SPECIAL INVESTMENT PROJECT
  19. 19. RECREATION ZONE, SHOPPING COMPLEX, HOTEL SPECIAL INVESTMENT PROJECT The shopping complex is 6 000 sq. m on an area of 1.8 hectares, on the red line of Slobozhansky Av. SPECIAL INVESTMENT PROJECT Hotel complex of 7 000 sq. m on an area of 1.2 hectares, on the red line of Slobozhansky Av. Recreational area on the territory of 2.6 hectares •Complex landscaping •Rollerdrome
  20. 20. INITIATOR: • Carry out arrangement of the industrial park in accordance with the terms contract • To provide the management company with the rights of land, available facilities of the engineering and transport infrastructure and other objects located within the industrial park, in accordance with the requirements of the concept, business plan and the Agreement. • Maintain the trade secret of the management company. • Do not interfere with the current business activities of the management company and participants, if this does not contradict the concept. • Consider the proposals of the management company for granting consent for the improvement of its property transferred to the management company, as well as the expansion of the boundaries of the industrial park by increasing the territory of the industrial park. • To monitor compliance with the concept of an industrial park. • To comply with the terms of the agreement. • The initiator also has other rights and obligations provided for by law or arising from the terms of the agreement. TERMS AND CONDITIONS INDUSTRIAL PARK
  21. 21. MANAGEMENT COMPANY: • To comply with the terms of the agreement. • To arrange industrial park in accordance with the terms of the contract. • To ensure implementation of the business plan of the industrial park. • To engage participants in the industrial park and conclude necessary contracts with them. • On its own or on behalf of the participants, to receive permits and approvals in state power bodies, bodies of local self- government, including for the construction of objects for production purposes, other objects necessary for carrying out economic activities within the industrial park, • To represent the interests of the participants in the relations with permitting authorities, services, enterprises, institutions and organizations. • To apply with proposals on granting consent for the improvement of the property transferred by the initiator to the use of the management company. • To keep the land, engineering and transport infrastructure and other objects placed within the industrial park, transferred under the relevant contracts, in good condition and ensure the proper conditions for their use. • After the expiration of the term for which the contract is concluded, transfer the land plot together with the objects of infrastructure located on it, and other objects located within the industrial park, to the initiator, unless otherwise provided by the contract. • Quarterly submit reports to the initiator and the authorized state body on the operation of the industrial park. TERMS AND CONDITIONS INDUSTRIAL PARK
  22. 22. Type of support Regulatory framework 1. Exemption from shared funding of the development of municipal infrastructure in case of construction within the industrial park (10-15% of the estimated cost of the facility or 175 - 263 k USD of savings on 1 ha of industrial area) Law of Ukraine «On Industrial Parks» sub-s. 3 art. 34; sub-s. 1 art. 36; 2. Provision of interest-free loans and special-purpose non-refundable financing of industrial park amenities to operating companies Law of Ukraine «On Industrial Parks» sub-s. 1 art. 12; sub-s. 4 art. 34 3. Exemption from payment of import duties on components, equipment and appliances that are not produced in Ukraine for managing companies - for the construction of industrial parks, and for the residents of industrial parks - for carrying out economic activities within industrial parks Customs Code of Ukraine sub-s. 2 art. 287; sub-s. 6 art. 287 4. The allocation of funds from the State Fund for Regional Development for the creation of the infrastructure of industrial parks (subject to co-financing from the local budget at a level not lower than 10% of its estimated cost Budget Code of Ukraine (art. 24) 5. Real estate and land tax deduction according to city council decision Tax Code of Ukraine sub-s. 2 і 4 art. 266; sub-s. 1 art. 284 6. Minimal land rental payments within industrial park area according to city council decision Tax Code of Ukraine sub-s. 5 art. 288 * Incentives 5 and 6 may be included in the industrial park creation and management agreement GOVERNMENT SUPPORT OF INDUSTRIAL PARKS IN UKRAINE (Current)
  23. 23. Type of support Conditions Regulatory framework 1. Exemption from profit tax payment for 5 years and payment of 50% of its amount during the period between years 6 and 10. At least: 1) 70% of revenue comes from legally registered types of activities (KVED); 2) 30 full-time payroll employee engaged in the main company activity; 3) salary payment is equal or more than 3 minimal wages. Draft Law 2554а-д (adopted in first reading on 04.10.2016) 2. Lower barriers for VAT refund for industrial park initiators, operating companies and residents (exemption from rules for VAT refund requiring the mentioned legal entities (1) to have at least 40% of export revenue in total revenue and (2) fixed assets being at least 3 times the value of VAT refund 3. Provision of 60 months of import VAT payment by installments for equipment and components imported by the industrial park initiators, industrial parks operating companies included in the Register of Industrial Parks, and industrial park residents for the construction of industrial parks and further use by participants in such industrial parks. Draft Law 2555а-д (adopted in first reading on 04.10.2016) Other support 1. Assistance at the local level in the execution of all permits and other documents necessary for the implementation of projects. 2. Organizational and financial participation of local government bodies in the training and organization of training of potential and existing employees of industrial park residents. GOVERNMENT SUPPORT OF INDUSTRIAL PARKS IN UKRAINE (to be enacted)
  24. 24. Volodymyr Panchenko Chief of Dnipro Development Agency Olena Ivanytska Deputy director for Industrial park in Dnipro Development Agency Dmytro Khorishko Innovator / S&T park project leader Alexey Samovalov Deputy director for business in Dnipro Development Agency Общее фото Project Operator in Dnipro - DNIPRO DEVELOPMENT AGENCY Voskresenska Street, 14, Dnipro, 49000, Ukraine E-mail : DNIPRO DEVELOPMENT AGENCY