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Final Project E90

  1. 1. Introduction to Marketing Product Observation for E90 Communicator 11-7A Group Member: Diana Sari 2007110153 Herni Veryany 2007110376 Ribkha 2007110165 Endy 2007110132 Wincent 2007110162 Lecturer Ms. Miranda Sagala, M.A. 1
  2. 2. PRODUCT Company profile Nokia corporation is the biggest producer of telecommunication tools in the world and it is also known as the biggest company in Finland. The central office of Nokia is located in Espoo city, Finland. This company is well known through its mobile phone products. Nokia corporation produces mobile phone for the whole market and the main protocol, including GSM, CDMA, and W-CDMA (UMTS). First, Nokia corporation is established as a pulp company by Fredrik Idestam in 1865. A Rubber Company built a factory around the Pulp Company location in the beginning of 20th century and started to use Nokia brand. After World War I, the Finland Rubber Company took over the Pulp Company and the Finland Cable Company ( a producer of telephone cable and telegraph). That three companies is merged as Nokia Corporation in 1967. In 1968 until 1991, Nokia corporation moved to mobile. The newly formed Nokia Corporation is ideally positioned for a pioneering role in the early evolution of mobile communications. Then in 1992 until 1999, there was a mobile revolution in all over the world. As mobile phone use booms, Nokia makes the sector its core business. By the turn of the century, the Nokia Corporation 2
  3. 3. became the world leader. In 2000 until right now, Nokia sells its billionth mobile phone as the third generation of mobile technology emerges. Characteristics Nokia E90 communicator is the new generation of communicator series that comes with 210 gram in weight, 132 mm in height, 57 mm in width, 20mm in thickness, and 140 cc in volume. This exclusive mobile phone provides 2 variant of colors to fulfill the customer demand, which is mocha and red. Mocha is specifically created for businessmen who want to look strong and masculine otherwise red is perfectly created for businesswomen who want to look feminine and elegant. This next generation of the communicator series has dual displays like its previous generation. Its external display uses 240x320 pixels active matrix display that can shine 16 millions true color whilst its internal display uses 800x352 pixels active matrix display that also can shine 16 millions color. Nokia corporation wants to make this premium mobile phone as a full mobile entertainment beside the office mobile phone. So, Nokia puts dual amazing cameras to this phone. The primary camera has 3.2 megapixels resolution (2048 x 1536 pixel) with flash and autofocus mode, and the secondary camera is QCIF camera that can be used for video calling. The flash in the primary camera is used if you want to capture image in the night or in the dark place, and the autofocus mode is used if you want to capture object in short distance. In platform and operating system, Nokia uses S60 third edition and OS 3
  4. 4. Symbian verse 9.2. So, this exclusive mobile phone is user friendly and easy to use. If you like travelling, this smart phone can accompany you travel around the world because it can operate in quad band (850/900/1800/1900 MHz) and the important thing, this new generation of communicator series can operate in UMTS or popular with name “3G”. This high end phone is integrated with WLAN, infrared (up to 115 kbps), and Bluetooth 2.0 for wireless data transfer. It is also support JavaScript 1.3 and 1.5, and flash lite 2.0. With Nokia E90 Communicator, you can do the voice and video call, save your favorite music up to 2 gigabytes, watch video streaming, record special moments with video recorder, send Short Message Services (SMS), Multimedia Message Services (MMS), and email, text to speech, travelling around the world with built-in GPS, integrated hands free speaker, push to talk, save your contact with photo, write note with Nokia active notes application and maximize your mobile phone with application download. There are a lot of benefits that you can get if you buy this quad band phone. The benefits of Nokia E90 Communicator are you can browse the internet and transfer media files quickly via HSDPA (up to 3.6 megabyte). You can also increase your productivity with mobile Microsoft Office application to see and edit Microsoft Words documents, Microsoft excel documents, and Power Point presentation. So, you can take your office wherever you go. Talking in every continent with GSM quad band and selection among band automatically. Access voice and data quickly and easily with convenient shortcut 4
  5. 5. keys that you can personalize by your own. Also, searching locate meeting venue, restaurants, banks, hospitals and interest places with integrated GPS (Global Positioning System). Beside that, you can share your favorite images with 3.2 megapixels camera (2048 x 1536 pixel), completed with flash and autofocus mode. 5
  6. 6. PRICE Price of The Product The biggest communicator users in the world is Indonesian people. So, in the first launching, 13 June 2007, Nokia corporation set price of E90 communicator at Rp10.900.000,00 for only 2000 first mobile phone units. But in the mobile phone market, most phone retailers increased the price of this phone from the Nokia standard price to Rp15.000.000,00. Then in the next 2 month, the price of this product decreased up to Rp2.000.000,00. This condition occurred because there was a Black Market (BM) mobile phone that came from Singapore. In Singapore, the price of Nokia E90 Communicator was cheaper than in Indonesia. For complete details, you can see Table 1. and Figure 1. Value factors Nokia E90 Communicator is perfectly designed for premium class, such as professional businessmen or businesswomen who need computer, multimedia, and entertainment in one device. The person who uses this mobile phone usually comes from high social and economy class. It means, Nokia E90 Communicator can represent their status as a professional and active business people in their society. 6
  7. 7. This mobile phone is an user friendly product that easy to use because this product uses the S60 third edition as its platform ad Symbian verse 9.2 as operating system. Nokia E90 Communicator provides a complete facilities for professional people who are active and have high mobility because this phone has quick office application to see and edit documents, such as Microsoft word documents, Microsoft excel, Power Point presentation and Adobe Reader. It is also easy if you want to install application to personalize or even maximize the function of this mobile phone. If you buy Nokia E90 Communicator, you will get 1 year official guarantee from Nokia Corporation, manual book to guide you in learning how to use this mobile phone and also CD for instruction that can assist you in maximizing this younger brother of Nokia 9500 communicator. Nokia corporation has so many service centers which will help consumers when they have a problem or get difficulty in using this premium phone, such as Nokia Priority, Nokia Hospitality, Global Teleshop, and Nokia Care. Nokia also provides Nokia Original Accessories such as leather case and Bluetooth headset to maximize and personalize this phone. Nokia E90 Communicator is a suitable mobile phone to accompany every professional business people in several years toward before the next generation of communicator series releases. It is a long life high technology mobile phone that will not out of fashion. It is not a big surprise if this mobile phone has a high price. The generations before are also has a high price but high price equals with 7
  8. 8. the value that will be got by the customers if they buy this mobile phone because Nokia E90 communicator is a high value phone that will not disappoint them. This phone can increase mobility and productivity. Pricing Strategies In Indonesia, there are a lot of people who are interested in Nokia E90 Communicator. So, Nokia corporation used this opportunity to set high price to this premium mobile phone. In first launching of the product, Nokia sold E90 communicator to people who can buy this phone with the highest price. This event is held on 16 May 2007, at Ritz Carlton Hotel, Jakarta. It is sold to a professional businessman named Hartono Gunawan, and made Hartono Gunawan as the first person who has Nokia E90 Communicator. He bought this mobile phone in Rp.45.000.000,00 and its profit was donated to UNICEF. Price Negotiation There is always a special offer that is offered by Nokia in promoting each of its mobile phone. For E90 Communicator, Nokia offers to customer to buy this phone in two common ways, by cash or 12 months credit. For the owners of Visa Card, Nokia gives special offer if customers buy Nokia E90 Communicator in 12 months credit. Customers do not need to pay the 3% for the interest. This special offer only valid if customers buy this premium mobile phone in Nokia official store. 8
  9. 9. PLACE Form of Distribution Nokia E90 Communicator is distributed intensively to every province in Indonesia. The official distributor of Nokia mobile phone in Indonesia is Parastar and Bimasakti. So it is not difficult for customers if they want to get this exclusive mobile phone. Every Nokia mobile phone customers in Indonesia can buy this next generation of communicator series in every mobile phone store, started from the Nokia official store (eg. Nokia Priority, Oke Shop, and Global Teleshop) until common mobile phone shops. The intensive distribution is effectively done by Nokia corporation for balancing the customer demand for every Nokia mobile phone like before. So Nokia supplies E90 Communicator for every distributor, then the distributor can distribute this mobile phone to all of phone retailers in Indonesia. Payment Methods It is easy if the customers want to get this exclusive mobile phone. Customers can buy it in two payment methods, by cash or 12 months credit. For the owner of Visa Card, there is a special offer from Nokia Corporation if customer wants to buy this mobile phone in 12 months credit. The special offer is 9
  10. 10. customer does not need to pay the credit interest. This special offer does not valid for the owner of another credit card. They will be charged 3% for the interest. Service/Repair Nokia corporation is a big company that cares with customers. It always wants to give the best and satisfying service to its customers. So, if customers get a difficulty in using their mobile phone or have a mechanical problem with their phone, Nokia provides some services center which will help customers to solve their problem. There are some official Nokia service center that can be visited by the customers, such as Nokia Priority, Nokia Hospitality, and Nokia Care. For information, Nokia service center is spread in every province in Indonesia. There is no fee for mobile phone repairing if the mobile phone still has official Nokia guarantee, except in exceptional condition, for example, the mobile phone is splashed by water or fall down. Common mobile phone stores also provide repairing service for Nokia mobile phone, but they usually take an expensive fee for phone repairing although the consumers still have an official guarantee. 10
  11. 11. Guarantee Nokia corporation provides 1 year official guarantee for E90 communicator. This guarantee is valid if there is a factory damage and valid in all of Nokia official store in Indonesia. But the guarantee does not valid for exceptional condition like the mobile phone is splashed by water or accidently fall down from your pocket. 11
  12. 12. PROMOTION In promoting E90 communicator, Nokia corporation uses some promotion tools: Public Relations Holding an event will be effective in promoting this high end phone. So, Nokia held an event to educate people in understanding functions and technology of E90 communicator. The event also included an auction for charity. With auction for charity, Nokia hoped every people will know and realize that Nokia is a corporation that cares with children in Indonesia. Advertising Nokia corporation made an advertisement that can make people pay attention and build interest to this product. Nokia used some mass media in promoting this smart phone. Newspaper was the main media in every communicator series promotion. The product was created for the professional business people, and as every people knows, generally, businessmen and businesswomen usually read newspaper in the morning. So, putting the advertisement in the newspaper was very effective to increase the sale amount of the product. 12
  13. 13. The next mass media that was used by Nokia is television. Nowadays, most people like to watch television, they can spend several hours in watching television, including the business people. So, it was a good way to promote this product through the television. The last mass media was magazine. Most business women love reading magazine. Putting the advertisement in the magazine would make them pay attention to the product. Other promotion tools Beside Public Relations and Advertising, Nokia promote its product by using neon box, poster, billboard, brochure, and advertisement through the internet. Nokia also has official website that can be accessed by people if they want to search and get any information about Nokia corporation and its product. In Nokia official website, people can know the new Nokia’s products, the features of every Nokia mobile phone, or even compare each Nokia mobile phone to know which mobile phone that suitable for them. The website is Positioning By the price, promotion, and the overall outlook of Nokia E90 Communicator, people can see that this mobile phone is regarded by public as a premium, exclusive and smart mobile phone that can assist every professional business people in doing their work. This premium mobile phone is designed for businessmen and businesswomen who are active, productive, and have high 13
  14. 14. mobility. Nokia E90 Communicator is a office mobile phone, with a stylish and sleek design. Table 1. Price of The Product Month Price (in billion rupiahs) May 15.5 June 15 July 13.5 August 13 Sept 12.75 Oct 12 Nov 11.7 Dec 10.3 Figure 1. Price Figure of Nokia E90 Communicator Price (in billion Rupiahs) Month 14
  15. 15. Pictures Nokia E90 Communicator Flip open 15
  16. 16. Flip Closed Hartono Gunawan (middle), the first owner of Nokia E90 Communicator 16