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Enterprise Collaboration -5


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We've talked now about Enterprise Collaboration Vision, Process, Tools, Privacy and Security. Now lets talk about other considerations involved in the process.

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Enterprise Collaboration -5

  1. 1. Nitin Kohli Enterprise Collaboration Other Considerations Other Considerations  Nitin Kohli
  2. 2. AGENDA Nitin Kohli • Basics • Vision: The What? • Process: The HOW? • Tools • Privacy and Security • Other Considerations • Other Examples
  3. 3. Other Considerations Nitin Kohli Budget and Time Considerations would  depend on the following factors:  1. Business Requirements and Objectives 2. Implementation Approach (Phased or Big  Implementation Approach (Phased or Big Bang) 3. H/W & S/W Cost 4. Resources OR Acquiring Resources (such  ( h as time needed to get a team together) 5. Tools & Technology
  4. 4. Other Considerations Nitin Kohli Legal Considerations l C id i • Privacy & Security  • Provide training • Sensitive data should not be disclosed (example: racial or ethnic  origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, union  g p p g p p membership, health, or sex life) Adoption Considerations Adoption Considerations • Must be easy to get started • Must be self‐evident: What s in it for me? Must be self evident: What’s in it for me? • Make sure it fits the way people work (example: emails, mobile,  working with 3rd parties)
  5. 5. Other Considerations Nitin Kohli Role of the CIO and IT Leadership • Top‐down support • Link tools to strategic goals Link tools to strategic goals • Market the project • Training program • Begin small or phased approach • Monitor Adoption • Value after adoption
  6. 6. Some Companies Using Social Media Nitin Kohli
  7. 7. Nitin Kohli Thanks