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Enterprise Collaboration - 2


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We talked earlier about the Enterprise Collaboration Vision. Now I want to talk about the process involved in making it a reality.

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Enterprise Collaboration - 2

  1. 1. Nitin Kohli Enterprise Collaboration Process Nitin Kohli
  2. 2. AGENDA Nitin Kohli • Basics • Vision: The What? • Process: The HOW? • Tools • Privacy and Security • Other Considerations • Other Examples
  3. 3. Process Nitin Kohli Step 1 p •Get a Process Champion •GAP Analysis •Define: Goals, objectives & strategy  •Define: Goals objectives & strategy Define •Desired outcomes •Governance Model Key Decision Makers Process Champion
  4. 4. Process Nitin Kohli Step 2 p •Resources/ Team/ Support •Requirements and design analysis •Project planning Prepare •Prioritization •Resource allocation Key Decision Makers Process  Team Skill Set Champion •IT deployment D t b •Database •Network administration  •IT Security and Privacy 
  5. 5. Process Nitin Kohli Step 3 p •Implementation and execution •Testing •Rollout (Phased or Big Bang) Execute •Feedback from customers •Results Key Decision Makers Process Champion Team 
  6. 6. Process Nitin Kohli Step 4 p •Customer Support •More feedback from customers  • Engage customers Support •Integrate what we learn • Improvise Process  Process Team  Champion
  7. 7. Process Nitin Kohli Key Decision Makers Visibility  Process Champion Team  Credibility
  8. 8. Process Nitin Kohli Key Decision Makers Process Champion Team  The Golden Rule Visibility + Credibility = Profitability