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Enterprise Collaboration - 3


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After Enterprise Collaboration Vision and Process, I want to talk now about the tools involved for this effort.

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Enterprise Collaboration - 3

  1. 1. Nitin Kohli Enterprise Collaboration Tools Nitin Kohli
  2. 2. AGENDA Nitin Kohli • Basics • Vision: The What? • Process: The HOW? • Tools • Privacy and Security • Other Considerations • Other Examples
  3. 3. TOOLS Nitin Kohli Its not about the tools, its about what we want to do with them and our intent.  Its not about the tools its about what we want to do with them and our intent The Usual Suspects: The Unusual Suspects: There is no substitute for developing personal relationships. 
  4. 4. TOOLS Nitin Kohli There are many providers for  yp Enterprise Collaboration software.  However CISCO and SAP collaboration  systems come typically with decent  underlying security and rich features.  Some screenshots from Cisco’s  h f i ’ Enterprise Collaboration Platform.
  5. 5. TOOLS Nitin Kohli Similar Enterprise Collaboration  Platform from SAP Network  Platform from SAP Network Analyzer. SAP Network Analyzer also  pp comes with an iPhone app.
  6. 6. TOOLS Nitin Kohli Some other examples of features which may be utilized (Depending on the requirements) • From the surveys and feedback, scan and analyze the data which is collected.  • Close the feedback loop, integrate their suggestions into the current system and improvise. • Having a dashboard makes it easy to display and report the feedback and get intelligent data out of  it. (Highly Recommended) Once customers/clients see that their suggestions and feedback are taken seriously, you  build more trust and community belonging with them.
  7. 7. Tools Nitin Kohli Some other examples of features which may be utilized (Depending on the requirements) Surveys and Feedback: