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Enterprise Collaboration - 4


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We've talked now about Enterprise Collaboration Vision, Process and Tools. Now lets talk about Privacy and security.

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Enterprise Collaboration - 4

  1. 1. Nitin Kohli Enterprise Collaboration Privacy & Security Privacy & Security  Nitin Kohli
  2. 2. AGENDA Nitin Kohli • Basics • Vision: The What? • Process: The HOW? • Tools • Privacy and Security • Other Considerations • Other Examples
  3. 3. Privacy & Security Nitin Kohli The following should be considered: The following should be considered: 1. Secure Intranet • Consider using a VPN (virtual private network) to Consider using a VPN (virtual private network) to  protect "internal" information in transit.  • They would also access their "intranet" via this  technology.  technology • Many companies have moved toward SSL VPN or what  is called "clientless" VPN.  • SSL VPN i l SSL VPN simply requires a browser rather than creating  i b th th ti the administrative overhead of installing and  maintaining client VPN software.  • Results in cost savings.
  4. 4. Privacy & Security Nitin Kohli 2. Administrative / Authentication Standards • Single Sign On (SSO) alleviates the burden of employees  and security risk.  d k • Centralized user provisioning (and deprovisioning) tools  make creating and removing accounts, a simpler task.  • Users passwords are essentially synchronized so they can  access all necessary business tools with one user ID and  password.  • “Self‐help" modules can be used to reset passwords. • Administrative costs savings associated with help desk  password resets. 
  5. 5. Privacy & Security Nitin Kohli 3. Access Rights Management • Defines Access Control.  • The goal is to provide access to just what a person  needs to get their job done and nothing more.  • “Practice of least privilege".  4. Interactions with Customers / Outer World • To ensure information leakage doesn’t happen by  employees, additional training may be required.   5. Social Bookmarking  • It  builds community around topics of interest/role.  • Search/browse by tag and user Search/browse by tag and user • Search/browse the content of the comments  • Bookmark URL itself • Any search or cross‐correlation can be turned into a  Any search or cross correlation can be turned into a feed and used other ways (mashups).