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Procedure text


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Published in: Technology, Education
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Procedure text

  1. 1. What does the song tell us about? RAIN
  2. 2. Rain Process
  3. 3. PROCEDURE TEXT By Ningsih SM, Dip. Ed., M.Pd
  4. 4. By the end of this section you will: • Know the definition of procedure text • Understand the structure of procedure text • Have worked with a variety of procedure • Have constructed with variety of procedure
  5. 5. Direction EXAMPLES Itineraries Recipes Instruction manuals
  6. 6. The Generic Structures Aim Materials Steps
  7. 7. Language Features • Using technical language • Begin with verbs and stated as commands • Using time words or numbers that tell the order for doing the procedure • Using adverbs to tell how the action should be done
  8. 8. Assignment • Write your own procedure text on your note book !