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Residential safety office_business analysis_project


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Business Analysis Project

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Residential safety office_business analysis_project

  1. 1. Project By, •Kaustubh Pathak •Nisha Selvarajan •Pratik Zingade •Fenil Gandhi •Nilesh Padwal •Pragati Dhavaleshwar
  2. 2. RSO is core component of Northeastern University security investment working for 24*7 for 365 days. Daily Activities involve many residents, proctors and supervisors interaction with system which is tedious with existing paper based system Lack of co-ordination between them causes many problems like improper shift distribution, shift blocking, too many shift drops in peak time etc. Also recruitment process is unstructured and does not provide equal opportunity employment
  3. 3. Paperwork is crucial in existing system which require lots of maintenance, rework For every week all documents need to be scrutinized for no shows, memos without any mistake. Changes in dorm rules and banned list may not be properly understood by the proctors Incoordination between dorm resident assistant's and proctors Most important all this resulting in waste of time and money!
  4. 4. As a critical need of alternative for paper based system, this GoGreen solution is suggested. Less usage of papers and more usage of data inside it. Centralized system for all visible data using database. Business intelligence through the implemented database like reports, charts, future projections, efficient proctors, amount of breaks allotted etc. Better recruitment process and well educated proctor through online training and material Better shift allocation
  5. 5. Proper coordination between proctors and residents This will help in better dorm management Proper regulation in proctor and supervisor recruitment Transparent system for all employees through reviews and complaints to increase employee satisfaction. Removal of all overheads like review sign-in sheets, finding no shows, writing memos and maintaining them Most important increase in revenue with efficient time management.
  6. 6. Business Layer Presentation Layer Shift Management Role Based Dashboard Recruitment and Training Online Sign in sheets Timesheet Filling Shift pickup, drop, allocation. Fill Availability Recent Shifts, No shows, Leave and profile Online exams and induction, Online documents Real Time sign in sheet, review and online memos Timesheet filling application integrated with university Database Layer University and RSO database University Data warehouse
  7. 7. Shift Scheduling Recruitment Online Sign in Sheets Timesheet submission . . n .
  8. 8. Recruitment process. Submit application form, training materials, Online exams &results. Daily summary work: Submit and view the sign in sheets, View History of summary work. Memos and write-ups: Submit and View memo &Write-ups online. View banned list entry. Efficient Shift and Break Management: Workstations allocation. Shift conflicts and swap board blocking. View schedules, Email Notification , Pick shift. Resource Management: Timesheet, Emergency situations and disciplinary actions, View maps.
  9. 9. Data Storage : should make use of database which is scalable, reliable etc. Data De-Identification Data not to be de-identified Data Validation: Data stored should have appropriate evidence to support it. User Access
  10. 10. Auditing Usability: Understandability, Learnable, Operable, Attractive Reliability Performance Supportability- Adaptability, Compatibility, Validity, etc.
  11. 11. How the users will benefit from this new system? Motorola DynaTAC 8000X Does this phone need a name ??
  12. 12. Important Changes The best part happening to RSO is that it has a Green footprint. All those paperwork has now moved on to Paperless System. From the user’s point of view, applying for a new position has become easy and the user can now apply online instead of filling forms and thinking about the good handwriting . The breaks will be managed and every request is now done online, so all user actions will be tracked during the shift and every data is recorded. Easy accessibility in finding unknown locations. Every information is now available on the website. No waiting for special instructions after the shift gets assigned. The Algorithm is more developed to ensure that the user will get desired 20 hours in a week.
  13. 13. Release Effort For Release 2
  14. 14. Cumulative Flow
  15. 15. Burn Down Chart
  16. 16. Actors • Only once who are eligible to apply for proctor position Students • The main responsibility of a proctor is to monitor students and their guests entering the dorm Proctors • The main responsibility of a supervisor is to ensure proper working of each workstation Supervisors • Manager is responsible to ensure sufficient and proper workforce and maintain security of all the dorms Managers
  17. 17. Use Case - Student • Apply Online • Schedule Interview • Study Material • Give Test Recruitment Process Check up deadlines
  18. 18. Use Case - Proctor • Guest Sign In • Incident Reporting • Work station assignment Workstation Management • Write ups & appeals Proctor Performance Profile • Pick up/drop off/Exchange shifts • Availability Shift Management
  19. 19. Use Case - Supervisor • Ensure workstation assignment • Check for break request • Write ups and commendable Workstation Management • Go Through incidents reported • NUPD details • Lock out details Incident Management Shift Management
  20. 20. Use Case - Manager • Check for proctors needed • Recruitment process • Hire proctors/ supervisor HR Management • Update Banned List & Memos Workstation Management • Review Incidents • Review write ups • Proctor/supervisor performance review • Probate proctor/supervisor Quality Management • Update Training Material • Notify Deadlines Other
  21. 21. High Level Use Case
  22. 22. Use Case – Recruitment Process
  23. 23. Use Case - Shift Allocation
  24. 24. Use Case - Proctor
  25. 25. Use Case - Manager
  26. 26. Use Case - Supervisor
  27. 27. Use Case - Student
  28. 28. Activity Diagram – Hiring Process
  29. 29. Activity Diagram – Shift Exchange