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Vol S&P Scheduling walk through sept 2013 v2


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Vol S&P Scheduling walk through sept 2013 v2

  1. 1. Volunteering Systems & Processes Scheduling walk through
  2. 2. Volunteer Scheduling - overview Key Stakeholders Volunteers, Volunteer Managers, Property Business Support, VCI Whole Trust & Consultants, S&P programme team Current Process This process includes the creating of schedules and the management of volunteer time – including the processes to support volunteers to view, book and cancel their own shifts / occurrences. It does not cover the allocation of volunteers into rooms. Current Challenges • Amount of time spent on developing and administering volunteer schedules – in particular chasing people to confirm and fill shifts. Opportunities can go unfilled as people unaware of the gaps • Local developments not supported and cost effective – though illustrate pull for help with this area • No one version of the truth – schedules held on paper and excel and constantly changing – which can lead to confusion Systems and Processes Programme deliverables • System – ability for managers to create and view schedule by department / job online • System – ability for volunteers to view, book and cancel shifts online • System – ability for managers to report on volunteer attendance and understand contribution • System – support communications to managers and volunteers to act as reminders / confirmation • Guidance – new guidance on managing volunteer time – including links to case studies – different approaches already in place re. half / full day shifts • Training materials – important due to self serve element – will need easy walk through for volunteers Benefits through systems and processes programme Most of our requirements have been based on an online system developed and used for the English Riviera portfolio. By using this system they have experienced the following benefits - • Greater ownership of the schedule by volunteers – more volunteers doing more as they can see what shifts are available and easy process means it is easy to book. 80% of volunteers now using the system • Reduction in time for managers to create and communicate the schedule • Track attendance at workshops and pre season meetings – ability for volunteers to book on • One national system will be more cost effective Pre system implementation (Dependencies) • Clarity on roles and responsibilities – including role of day leaders. • Understanding whether the property is likely to move online and use this – as it is likely to be optional (use ER example to inform planning)
  3. 3. Scheduling System - out of scope • Room Rotas – developing an automated system to book and organise volunteers into specific rooms – though we are looking to see if the system can record (notes field) which room someone did volunteer in • Workforce planning – this is not about getting a full understanding of workload to support future resource planning – though it will help us make a step towards this • Volunteer cards – not covered as part of scheduling – though volunteer hours will be taken from the scheduling and held elsewhere in the system to support issuing of cards
  4. 4. Volunteer Scheduling Online / core process Note: the following slides aim to reflect the Volunteer experience and process flow. Requirements need to be prioritised based on solution coverage and business criticality.
  5. 5. High level process: ‘Create Schedule’ Select volunteer jobs at the property to use within the schedule Person or people with relevant access – not just VM When the start date is reached Add occurrences to the jobs: start/ end dates; days; recurrent; times; one-offs volunteer numbers; comments and notes No approvals/ drafts/ sign-off required The job occurrences or ‘schedule’ is active and ready to use
  6. 6. The Volunteer Manager accesses YourVolunteering through a secure login class Scheduling workshop Volunteer PortalVolunteer Portal Welcome back Charlotte, what do you want to do today? Recruitment Manage Volunteers Expenses Scheduling
  7. 7. VM is directed towards Scheduling module, selects jobs and adds job occurrencesclass Scheduling workshop SchedulingScheduling Add occurrence: Gar d ener : Volunt eer s need ed : 5 When : d ay - Wed nesday St ar t Dat e: 2 / 10 / 20 13 En d Dat e: 3 1/ 1 2/ 20 13 Wher e: It alian Gar d en Save Select jobs: Gar dener Room Guide
  8. 8. High level process: Volunteer manages their shifts. They ‘self serve’ Volunteer logs in to portal Volunteers without online access can be booked onto shifts Volunteers can: book, cancel, see who else is volunteering Navigate to Scheduling View Schedules for properties they volunteer at View the Schedule for their property Book shifts for their ‘job’ / role/s Business rules: cancelling; book shifts for properties they volunteer at and roles they do Volunteers manage their shifts with no intervention from a VM/admin Volunteer hours are recorded
  9. 9. Volunteers can login to the portal and book themselves to shifts
  10. 10. Volunteers can login to the portal and book themselves to shifts