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David Lynch Transcendental Meditation


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Nigel Mustapha discusses film director David Lynch and Transcendental Meditation. How TM is different from other spiritual practices and why it applies to CEOs, executives, and how it can improve your life.

Published in: Spiritual
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David Lynch Transcendental Meditation

  1. 1. David Lynch Transcendental Meditation! ! Daivd Lynch, the writer and director behind such films as The Elephant Man, Eraserhead, and Mulholland Drive, has made a name for himself delivering the creepy and kept under wraps sides of society in a skillful and distinct style. His various hits and cult classics aside, including his TV show Twin Peaks, David Lynch has been involved in countless projects of a much more minor nature: obscure advertisements, elusive music videos, and sometimes… on projects which seem to utilize his name, but perhaps not actually involve him other than the licensing of his image.! ! David Lynch has for some time been a spokesman for Transcendental Meditation. Where all meditative efforts can be honorable, what is interesting about TM is that it is distinctively trademarked, marketed, and sold to consumers, rather than learned or taught in a less commercial way. While it is important to make a distinction between each and every type of meditation that exists, doing so by purchasing a legal trademark and marketing a meditation style for profit… does it not seem contradictory?! ! In the case of Transcendental Meditation where the goal may not so much be a universal compassion for all sentient beings, or a vow to love and appreciate others, it may make slightly more sense. Transcendental Meditation is applicable to anyone. It works for a CEO, an artist, a rebel or a renegade. In David Lynch’s case, a director who’s interest is in exposing some of the darkest, uncomfortable weirdness that is possible in human nature and the psyche, it is clear how a meditation uninhibited by a viewpoint of compassion is appealing.! ! My intention is not to say there is anything wrong with this style or interest, just to say that the idea of marketing and profiting from spiritual practice seems inherently like an oxymoron.! ! Regardless, I would encourage people of all backgrounds and stages of life to pursue some kind of deeper, honest knowledge or understanding of their mind. In all of these endeavors, it is my opinion that one should keep an open mind, and not become fixated on a certain doctrine. A spiritual teacher or method should not ask you to contribute unnecessary money if it is not used transparently toward the goals of the practice.! ! Though this in some way could sound hypocritical, I believe the most important focus is to love and accept fellow human beings. That is my “doctrine”. I believe there is a nature in everyone
  2. 2. that relates back to the basic human being they were born: a baby. In the simple sense of living and dying, there is a natural compassion that can arise from simply seeing this in everyone and everything. I believe that when you can see this, you naturally act with beauty and honest integrity.