Benefits of a Portable External Hard Drive


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Seagate STAX500102 - Seagate external portable drives are compact and perfect for file storage and transfers on-the-go. Instantly add up to 1.5TB (depending on model) more storage space to your computer and take large files with you when you travel.

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Benefits of a Portable External Hard Drive

  1. 1. I have been working in computers for a very long time. In fact I started in 1966 when computers for industrywere just starting out. I worked for a major bank in the UK at that time and they were at the early stages ofrolling out the collection and reporting of information, to the branches.Before that, all the day to day record keeping had been done within each of the branches. In the first stages,the branches sent the details to head office by road at close of business each day and the computers at headoffice churned through it and sent back copious printed out reports in time for opening time next morning.This was only as long as the branch was in travelling distance of the head office of course.In the computer center, the data was held on what I can only describe as an external hard disk. They wereenormous things and, although I cannot remember how much data each could hold, I am sure that it only aminute fraction of what an internal disk drive in a laptop can hold today. It would not, however, be correct tosay that they were portable - we had to carry them around on a strong trolley.These disks were stored in a separate room and each time that we to change one it took ages. I canremember that we had to screw them into place pretty securely too. The whole computer center was airconditioned and even a little speck of dust on one of the disks would cause a lot of problems.Nowadays if you want some massive amount of extra storage get an extra disk drive external to yourcomputer. It means that -:you can plug it in to a USB port and back up all your important files;you can store them away from the main set up in case of fire or theft or something;you can use the information on another computer if you are travelling away from home or from your office;it makes it easier to take work home with you;it is a lot cheaper than buying a second computer:Computers have changed so much from the days when I started. You needed a whole floor of an officeblock to produce as much processing power as a little laptop does now. I think that the biggest changethough has been in the storage of data. Without that the operating systems would not be able to be ascomplex either.I know that I had no idea that the first external hard drive that I worked with would change the future ofcomputer technology as much as it has.I had to become the money advice expert for our family when times got tough and I like to pass on some tips
  2. 2. that I find.If you need extra storage, it is a lot cheaper to buy a hard drive external [] than anew computer. In fact the price of a hard drive external [] iscoming down as the storage capacity of it goes up.Article Source: Value Seagate STAX500102