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I can flyyyyy


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I can flyyyyy

  1. 1. I can fly !!Iʼm not sure why but when I was four I wanted to fly. My Dad told me it wouldnever happen. He kissed me on the cheek five times. I went on the brown,fuzzy, puffy couch to prove him wrong. “I like jumping” I thought.I was excited to show my Mom and Dad how I can fly. I called them over MomDad look at me!! what do you need Kelsey? watch what I can do! I can fly! Whatdo you mean? my Dad questioned just watch. Ok he said I was as scared as aturkey on thanks giving. Up up and down! I was laughing so hard even my dadwas laughing ! Never try to fly unless your a bird because my experience was notgood!
  2. 2. about the authorIʼm Kelsey Brennan I am ten years old and I am now a fisally an author. I grewup in bayone then I moved to New Jersey. I love it here because I have all of myfriends!