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  1. 1. The FootBall GameBy:Andrew! It was a warm summer night at Met Life stadium for theGiants football game. We had to go through the metal detector atsecurity. My dad had to take out his blackberry, wallet, and hisyellow shiny keys out of his pocket.! Once we passed security we had to get to the elevator so wecould get to our floor.! We finally took our seats and they started the game. Theystarted the kickoff. Jets won the toss so they got the ball first.! It was 4th down for the Giants at the 30 yard line in Jetsterritory and the play was a fake run. Eli snapped the ball, threwit, but a Jets defender blocked the throw. Luckily he didn’t catchit. A Giants running back catches it. TOUCHDOWN!! When we were leaving Met Life Stadium I knew I would neverforget this moment, but when I left I was as cheerful as anightingale, because I got to spend time with my dad.