I finally stopped waiting for the day i.............


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I finally stopped waiting for the day i.............

  1. 1. Dedicated to Kristen
  2. 2. I Finally Stopped Waiting For The Day I.......By: Michael KarnaughEver since I laid eyes on the wooden roller coaster Icouldn’t take my mind off it. Whenever I thought about it myeyes lit up like a candle and excitingly said “ Kristen we arefinally going on El Toro!” Before i could finish my sentenceshe ran like a cheetah with excitement. The breeze she madewas like a rocket taking off. We scrambled around inexcitement,then ran into each other.“Chloe come on El Toro with us!” We screamed. “Why shouldI, its to high!” Chloe exclaimed. I thought and thought “I don’treally care now, she’ll just scream in my face anyway.” Theline went on for miles and was as slow as a snail. Even ifChloe wanted to go on she she wouldn’t of came on with us.About 30 minutes later we saw a bright red snack stand. Onthe sign, in flames, it said “Snack stand.” In a shy voice I said“Can you move up.” They didn’t answer for a while. Once theyfinished eating they moved up. The line went as quick as acricket once they moved.In the corner of my eye I saw everyone screaming on the ride.“Ahhhh,” a phone dropped right next to me. Someone wasrecording the ride. I picked it up and pretended it was mine.“Hello Kristen , where are you?” I said. “I’m right here.”Kristen said on her own phone. We waited for a very longtime, it was like a cobra waiting to strike out. While waiting
  3. 3. on line, I put my hand on my head, and found blue cottoncandy.“Bum bum bum bum bum bum!” As we were going up. Ithought about what was going to happen on the ride. Ihopped in front and danced , then a bucket of flowers filledthe carts. Until horror slowly went poured on my face. Itwisted and turned from Kristen to the side of the cart, and asmy mind turned blank my eyes filled with terror.I couldn’t wait to get off the ride but in a second everythingwas still and quiet. When we got off the ride I jumped out ofthe cart like a kangaroo, and tumbled down the stairs. I ranas fast as a gazelle, but Kristen ran as fast as a cheetah. Weran and ran until we found everyone. “Why wouldn’t you comeon!” I kept asking and asking but Chloe wouldn’t budge.
  4. 4. About The AuthorI am a 9 year old boy that lives in Clark, NJ. I live with mymom, my dad, 2 brothers, and 1 sister. I go to Valley RoadSchool.