Gabby bead story


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Gabby bead story

  1. 1. I dedicate this story to Theresa and Anthony Juliano. You are my favorite cousins. Youhelped me get through this embarrassing moment!
  2. 2. The Bead SituationBy:Gabriella Mia ScipioniIt was a severe day for me, I can still remember that single moment! That daywas total chaos! You would not want to be me that day!My cousins Theresa and Anthony were watching me. We were playing withbeads,and making crafts,like flowers that are melted and stuff .We made a ton of thembecause I thought it was amusing when I made them with my parents! We madecupcakes,trees,and anything else you could imagine!I thought it would be comical to put one of the craft up my tiny little nose. That’sright I put it up my nose, and guess what?It surely got stuck in my nose! It really hurtas it was plunged in my nose. I was as scared as a person with no flashlight in a hauntedhouse, as I hoped it would come out soon! First, I went to the bathroom to try to blowit out on my own. It still did not come out ! Second, I squeezed my nose and blew. It stilldid not come out! I was trying to think of another idea . All of the sudden, a light bulbflashed on the top of m head. I was crying like a baby at this moment. I ran downstairsstraight aimed for Theresa !I went to Theresa for help but she didn’t know what I needed help with until I toldher. It was very hard to talk, but I still managed to stumble the words out. I was stillshivering an scared to death. It was extremely horrible!
  3. 3. She got Anthony and he tried tried to help me blow the bead out but thatdidn’t work either! We were now becoming frustrated. We kept trying and trying, butit never came out! The only thing the bead did was go farther up my nose, and thatwas the worst thing that could have happened .Theresa immediately put all the beads away,because she didn’t want any moreaccidents! She was praying in her mind that the bead would come out soon. We were allstill very scared as the bead went up farther and farther, but still never came out!We sat there stumped for what felt like a lifetime! We could not think of onesingle idea to get the bead out. We were as worried as fish that were about to beripped out of the water and eaten!Finally,my dad came home and we told him about the bead very quickly! He pickedme up and ran upstairs. He scattered through mom’s makeup bag. He found hertweezers. He took the tweezers, put them in my nose, pinched the bead, and pulled itout! I was extremely worried! I was scared but dad got the bead out and yelled at me.He yelled at me for causing trouble in the house!My dad severely punished me. It was not fun having a bead up my nose, but I wasstill very jolly. My dad got the craft bead out! From that day on I never put anythingup my nose again!!!
  4. 4. ALL ABOUT THE AUTHORHi! I am Gabriella Mia Scipioni. I haveone sister named Isabella and a mom anddad. My cousins names that are in thestory are real i do have cousins namedTheresa and Anthony. I love what I wrote.This story has a great lesson. I live in clarkand go to Valley Road School in New Jersey.My birthday is May 22nd and I am currently9. I hope this story inspires you to writeyour very own story!!!