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Far Away From Pluto. Part One


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Far Away From Pluto. Part One

  1. 1. This is more of a Prologue chapter, telling the story of the couple before they start on the having of many kids. Also, I have tried to work a plot into this one, so yay for that. And no, I am not insane for trying to do two of these at the same time.
  2. 2. Name : Evangeline Mae Lovelace Aspiration : Knowledge Secondary Aspiration : Romance Turn Ons : Red hair/ Creativity Turn Off : Cologne Personality : Aquarius (4,4,4,7,6) Hobby : Nature LTW : Max 7 Skills
  3. 3. Name : Peregrine Leo Oseransky Aspiration : Fortune Secondary Aspiration : Popularity Turn Ons : Custom hair/Make up Turn Off : Smell Personality : Leo (4,10,4,4,3) Hobby : Music & Dance LTW : Become The Law
  4. 4. I stare up at the door with an odd cocktail of dread and excitement building up in my stomach. Part of my thrills at the idea of college; being free from my parents and in a place of learning where I can fully express myself. But then again, being away from my parents protection and at the mercy of my classmates for the first time in my life...yeah, that's scary. Falling into a vat of crocodiles scary. You see, I've always been that kid who everyone else hated, for one key reason; my eyes. I'm one quarter alien, meaning I'm not alien enough for the aliens to respect me, but I'm too alien for the humans to like me either. I'm a total outcast. Never had a friend, never been invited to a party, never been on a sucks. But, maybe, things will be different here... Maybe.
  5. 5. Not wanting to wait around and find out if people here are as cruel as those back home, I duck into my room. It's bland and overly cream. Utterly depressing. It doesn't suit me or my electric blue hair at all. As soon as possible I am going to have to get some posters and stuff to brighten it up a bit. I will never be able to survive four years in this glorified tomb.
  6. 6. When I run out of things to do in my room, I get fidgety. I've never been one for just sitting around doing nothing. So, taking a deep breath and trying to calm my nerves, I walk upstairs to the communal study area. Peeking around the banister, I see only one other person there, a guy on his own playing chess. He doesn't even look up as I trip into view. Taking this as an omen, I move to the bookcase.
  7. 7. I find something to read fast. A beaten copy of Philip Pullman's Northern Lights, one of my favourite books. But even as I start to read, I cannot ignore the fact that there is someone else there. I don't feel eyes on the back of my neck...I just feel acutely aware that I'm not alone, and it's not a pleasant feeling.
  8. 8. After a while I hear him move. Glancing over my shoulder I see him sat on an armchair, also reading. Quickly I look away, afraid that he might notice me staring at him. He's actually rather good looking. Very good looking. Shaking my head I turn back to Lyra's adventures. Stupid Eva. No point in noticing who the good looking guys are; none of them will ever be interested in someone like me.
  9. 9. Feeling the familiar melancholic depression that tints me life begin to sink in again, I go to put the book away, before I start crying. 'Hi.' I start, rabbit in headlights. A pair of sharp green eyes is fixed on me, curiosity making them brighter. I glance around, looking for someone else, but it's just me and him. 'Are you okay?' he asks, concerned, putting down his book and beginning to rise. Desperately I nod, not wanting him to...keep paying attention to me. 'I'm fine,' I squeak, before running away, back down to my room. Gods, I am such a moron.
  10. 10. I make it downstairs with no incidents. Crap! Why did he have to talk to me? Freaked out and panicked, I do what I always do when worried; eat. Unfortunately the canteen food is far from desirable, and I find myself just stirring it, round and round the bowl. 'Food's crap, huh?' I start upright to see him opposite me, the guy from before. My cheeks fan to flame. 'Uh huh,' I reply, staring back down at my bowl. There are half a dozen empty tables. Why is he sat with me?
  11. 11. 'I'm Peregrine,' he offers through a mouthful of burnt chilli. 'Peregrine Leo Oseransky, but everyone calls me Oz.' I'm sure that my eyes are bulging, but my parents brought me up properly. 'I'm Evangeline, but I prefer Eva.' He nods, clearly pleased that I'm talking to him. 'That's a nice name. Better than Peregrine!' He pulls a face. We sit in silence for a while, before the words burst from me. I can't stop it. I don't even realize I've said it until it's over and I cannot recall the words. 'Why are you talking to me?'
  12. 12. He looks hurt. 'You want me to leave?' I shake my head quickly, appalled by the suggestion. 'No! I just...wondered. I mean...why would you want to talk to me?' His expression softens, becoming far too sweet. 'You looked lost and alone. Plus, and don't hate me for saying this, you're hot!' Frowning I mull over his words. 'I'm not hot,' I correct after a while. 'I'm a freak.' 'What?' 'The eyes.' That makes him grin. 'I think they're awesome. Do you get teased about them a lot?'
  13. 13. I shrug, staring at my food again. 'Teased is too tame a discription.' He nods knowingly. 'Sure. But I'm sure people here will be more openminded. I didn't even notice your eyes at first. It was the hair.' I smile. 'That's why I did it. I dyed my hair blue in the hope that people wouldn't notice my eyes so quickly.' I listen to myself talking and begin to frown again. Since when have I been so chatty? But talking to Oz feels...natural. I don't have to work at it, like I do with everyone else. Weird.
  14. 14. We sit there talking about anything and everything until I notice the time. 'I really should go,' I say, glancing at my long empty bowl. 'I have stuff to do before class tomorrow.' He nods. 'Me too...I guess.' Reluctantly, I stand. I want to spend more time with him, another shock. Usually lacking in social skills, I am surprised at myself. 'See you around,' he calls as I leave. 'Sure.'
  15. 15. I sit there in my room, staring at my computer screen. Wow. I don't know why he bothered to try to be nice to me, but it was nice that he did. It makes me feel...warm, buoyant. Maybe things won't be so bad here after all, if more people are like Oz. I write little before I give up, too distracted to work.
  16. 16. The next morning is not as good. I sit down for breakfast, and as soon as I'm down, the other chair at the table scrapes out, and this horse-faced girl sits down. 'You're Evangeline Lovelace, right?' she demands, glaring at me. 'Eva,' I say. 'Whatever,' she rudely says, dismissively rolling her eyes. 'You're that freaky alien halfbreed, right?'
  17. 17. Fear hits my stomach like a brick. 'One quarter alien,' I mutter into my chest, afraid to look up. 'I don't know how you're brave enough to come out in public. If I was you I'd just lock myself away and never come out again.' With her point made, she gets up and flounces off, leaving me dejected and just as depressed as when I arrived. Great.
  18. 18. 'She said what?' Later, over lunch, I tell Oz what happened. He glares over his shoulder at the girl, who sticks up her nose and scowls back. 'It doesn’t matter much,' I whisper. 'I get it all the time.' 'Doesn't make it right,' he says adamantly. 'Just ignore bitches like that. She's just jealous that you're easily the prettiest girl here, and she looks like Camilla Parker Bowls.'
  19. 19. 'So, other than her, anyone else given you any hassle?' I shake my head. 'I haven't really spoken to anyone else.' Thankfully he doesn't press the issue anymore. I'm glad. I really don't want to start crying in front of him. He begins to tell me a story about his childhood. He was adopted as a baby, after his parents were killed in a car accident. I quickly apologize, but he shrugs it off. 'My Mum and Dad, the ones I was given too, are the best people imaginable. Sure, I sometimes miss my bio parents, but I never really knew them. Casey and Ted are amazing. They're old. They were in their fifties when I went to them, but they've always been there for me. I never really needed anything else when I had them.'
  20. 20. I feel jealousy sting deeply. My parents were never there for me. Dad ran out when I was still a kid and mother hated me for being a freak. The idea of loving parents is one of those things I grew up wanting, but never got. I let him go on about his family, hoping that he never asks about my parents. He doesn't, and as soon as I can I rush off to class. It will be a long time before I'm ready to talk to anyone about my family, even Oz.
  21. 21. While I don't get along with my mother, my father's side of the family always fascinated me. As a little girl Dad would tell me stories that his dad told him about space and aliens and the stars. All that kind of stuff. I love it. I was still a small girl when I learnt how to map the skies at night, how to work a telescope and find what I needed to see. At first it was a hobby. When Dad left it turned into an obsession. I want to know who I am. Where I came from. If it's all worth the hell I have to pay. And I can still hope that maybe there's a family waiting for me out there.
  22. 22. I spend a lot of time outside, especially at night. I've never been a daytime person. My fair skin burns easily and the light bounces off of my eyes in weird ways. Plus I can never wake up in the mornings, and take that morning grogginess through the day until the sun goes down. Being a night person has another advantage; there's no one around to stare. Sure, there is always someone up in the dorm, but at night everyone's too tired to bother with teasing me. It's nice.
  23. 23. With autumn now firmly set in, there's a lot to do outside at night. Like playing in the leaves, something I always used to do at home, no matter how mad it made Mum.
  24. 24. I'm the first to admit that when I'm concentrating on something, I'm pretty much dead to the world. So I never even heard him approach. After raking up the leaves, I turn and there he is, just sitting there. Swallowing my scream, I walk over to him, annoyed to have been caught off guard. What if it had been someone scarier than Oz?
  25. 25. 'Hey?' I say quietly. He leaps up, grinning. 'What are you doing out here?' Shrugging, I look at my feet. As close as we have grown, I am still a nervous ball of shyness around him. Idiot. 'I like it out here at night. It's peaceful.' His grin grows. 'Well, I heard that there was going to be a meteor shower tonight. I see you on that telescope sometimes, so I figured it was something you were interested in.' I nod excitedly. 'It is.' 'So, wanna watch the stars with me?' My heart pounds at the thought, but I control it fiercely. He's just a friend. An extremely attractive, kind, shirtless friend. Oh, why did he have to be so good-looking? And shirtless?
  26. 26. We lay down side by side on the ground, him guiding me when I falter slightly. Staring up at the sky, I can barely concentrate, feeling his warmth against my side. When his arm goes around me, pulling me into his chest, I freeze. What is he doing? His easy grin warms me as he looks down at me. 'Look!' he demands softly, pointing. But I can't, too blinded by his face and his closeness. Too enraptured by the sky, he doesn't seem to notice that my eyes never leave his face, which is good.
  27. 27. As good as it feels to be curled up against him, I worm my way out of his grasp and sit up. Propped on one elbow, he watches me, confused. 'Something wrong?' Yes. 'No. I'm just tired.' Like the idiotic coward I am, I run away, again. He must think I'm insane, which is a plus, because I am.
  28. 28. It's stupid and childish, but after that night I begin to avoid him, as much as possible. Considering we live in the same building, it's surprisingly easy, almost like he's avoiding me in the same way. That thought makes my chest ache, but I ignore it. It's almost two months before we have any kind of contact. Taking advantage of an empty dorm, I go upstairs for a few hundred sit ups. I've been eating so much to ease my unhappiness that I've put on a few pounds. I don't hear him coming. It makes me wonder if he's some kind of vampire or something, uniquely equipped to sneak up on me no matter what. I don't know he's there watching me until he speaks. 'Keep up with that and you might just disappear.' Muscles locking, I can barely roll my head to stare up at him, again the rabbit in headlights. 'You're skinny enough, Eva,' he continues, smiling as though we last talked yesterday, not months ago. And then he just saunters off. What was that about?
  29. 29. 'You have to promise to stop avoiding me!' he demands later, when I'm showered and dressed. 'I don't even know what I did wrong.' Sighing, I feel my brow lower. 'You didn't do anything.' And that's true. It's all my fault for being an emotional wreck. Fingers pinch at my sides, and I find myself gasping for breath, giggling like a little girl. 'Eva,' he growls, face pressed against mine, forehead to forehead, noses brushing. My heart putters pathetically and sweat makes my palms slippery. 'Eva, no more ignoring me, okay? I don't like it. I missed you.' Mouth like the Sahara, I can't answer. Releasing me, he cocks his head, regarding me closely.
  30. 30. 'So, what are we doing tonight?' 'We?' I ask, confused. He nods. 'Sure. We have a lot to catch up on.' I pause thoughtfully. 'Well, I have to watch this crap old horror film for my Drama class.' 'Okay then!' he exclaims happily, smiling so wide that I can't help but smile back. 'So, tonight we will take over the TV and watch that crap film.' 'Cool.' 'It's a date.' Darting forward so fast he's a ginger blur, he presses his lips to my cheek, grins again, and bounces off. I don't think I'm ever going to understand Oz. Ever.
  31. 31. 'Oz!' He rushes over to me. 'What?' I grin, eyes sparkling. 'It's snowing!' I laugh happily, twirling around, not caring that I'm making a fool of myself. 'Actual snow!' He laughs with me. 'You're acting like you've never seen snow before,' he chides. I pout, hitting his arm. 'I haven't. Not really.' His disbelief is amusing. His jaw pops open. 'Never?' 'Nope.'
  32. 32. 'Then we will have to go and play in the snow once it sets,' he says. 'Really?' 'Yes.' It feels like my head will split in two from my smile. 'Yay!' His laugh rolls around the room, deep and smooth. 'You are so weird sometimes, Eva.' If anyone said that to me, I'd be in tears. But I know Oz means it as a compliment, and my cheeks blush red.
  33. 33. Later, once he's gotten dressed after his afternoon nap, we sit in front of the TV. Or I sit, and Oz stretches across the rest of the sofa. I can hear the sound of werewolves tearing apart innocent people, but I cannot stop from peeking at Oz every few seconds. I'm freaking obsessed in the worst way. I'm a pair of binoculars and a journal away from being a stalker.
  34. 34. 'Stop staring at me,' he complains, playfully nudging my hip with his foot. My face explodes red, tears of embarrassment prickling. 'Sorry.' God! He must think I am a total freak. I bet he's regretting ever talking to me. Instead of doing what I expect, leaving while shouting abuse at me, he sits up and wraps an arm around my shoulders, pulling me close to him. As always when he touches me, my body overreacts and shuts down in the same instant.
  35. 35. I mutter another sorry, but he ignores me, pulling me onto his lap. 'What are you doing?' I squeak, trying to wriggle free. His grip on my back tightens, pulling me close to him. 'I am doing what I've wanted to do since I first met you, you crazy little blue haired alien.'
  36. 36. I don't protest as his lips touch mine. I can't protest, because this is what I've wanted for so long. And he wanted it too? That bit doesn't make any sense, but I'm not going to complain. In a blissful little bubble, I press my lips back against his, smiling to myself.
  37. 37. When he does end the kiss, a little later, he pulls me close to him, burying his face in my shoulder. 'This is it now, Eva,' he warns. 'You're not getting rid of me unless you kill me.' With that in mind, I see his kiss as it was meant to be, not just a kiss, but a promise, a pact. He wants me...forever? 'I mean it,' he adds when I say nothing. 'I love you, Evangeline, and I am never letting you get away from me. Not ever.' I can't say anything as my heart swells to filly my entire chest, pushing my lungs against my ribs so that I cannot breath. So this is love? I muse. Perfect.
  38. 38. I scream a little as an unseen attacker grabs me from behind. But when a familiar pair of soft lips brush mine, I relax and let him greet me in my favourite way.
  39. 39. 'That was unexpected,' I gasp when he allows me a break to catch my breath. 'It feels like years since I last saw you,' he complains, stroking my back and raising goosebumps. I giggle, kissing his nose. 'It was half an hour ago.' Arms tight about me, so tight it's hard for me to even breath, he glares into my eyes. 'Still too long.' Since that night when he first kissed me, two weeks ago, we've been practically inseperatable. We spend every moment together, no matter what we are doing. Though I'm still kinda petrified that he'll get bored of me, or realize that he doesn't really love me, or even like me. But, for now, I am happy just to be with him, and it really doesn't seem like he's getting bored of me.
  40. 40. 'I love you,' he assures me. Sometimes it does seem like he can read my mind, sensing when I need to be reassured. 'I love you too,' I say shyly, my cheeks flushing again.
  41. 41. After that there's no more talking. No need for talking. It's like our bodies are having their own conversation, our feelings clear as crystal despite no words being said. I never imagined anything like this. Not ever.
  42. 42. 'What if someone catches us?' I ask later, pulling away from him and his intoxicating lips. Somehow we ended up together, naked on the couch, in the communal study area. I have no idea how this happened, but looking down his toned body, I don't care. 'Don't worry so much,' he says, kissing me again. 'Nothing will go wrong. I promise.' I trust him, more implicitly than any other person I've ever known. I trust him that nothing will happen, and give myself completely to the moment. He's right. Nothing will happen, but the possibility of being caught adds a tension to the moment that makes it even sweeter.
  43. 43. 'I really, really, really do love you, Evangeline.' Dimly rubbing my face against his hand, I smile. 'I love you too. So much.' 'I have plans for tomorrow,' he warns me. 'Should I be scared?' Solemnly he nods. 'Yes.'
  44. 44. Delightedly I squeal, dancing through the thick covering of snow. 'I knew you'd like it,' Oz says, watching me, eyes filled with adoration that I'm surprised I ever earned. 'I love it!' I cry. 'And I love you!' He flushes slightly. 'It's just snow,' he mutters, but I ignore him.
  45. 45. 'We have to build a snowman!' I say, jumping about like a rabbit on Red Bull. He starts balling up snow, and for a moment I just stand there, staring at his cute little arse. Then his eyes flicker to me, lips smirking, and I hurry to join him.
  46. 46. 'He's perfect!' I state as Oz adds the carrot. 'Everything's perfect to you. I cannot believe this is your first snow,' he says, disbelievingly. 'I was sent to my Grandma's in the winters. In Australia.' 'Oh.' 'But it really was worth the wait. Thank you.'
  47. 47. He answers by drawing me in for an intense kiss. I'm glad that the snow has kept most people inside, as many girls have taken offence to Oz, the prize of the campus, dating me, the school freak. The teasing has gotten worse, but Oz makes me immune to it. Who cares what they think when Oz thinks I'm perfect? Okay, I care a little bit. Who wouldn't, though?
  48. 48. 'I'm still not used to that,' I gasp when we break apart. He's panting too, eyes out of focus. 'I'm just so good,' he teases lightly, poking my ribs. But behind the teasing there's a desire in his eyes that makes my knees weak.
  49. 49. When I'm not with Oz, I'm studying, and when I'm not studying, I'm with Oz. Some would say it's an unhealthy relationship, but I'm just surprised to have any kind of relationship at all, so I really don't care. But I do still study as hard as I ever have, no matter how much it annoys Oz. I've never missed a class or a deadline. Perfect grades and a spotless record.
  50. 50. I also still spend a lot of time painting. I secretly painted Oz while he was studying one night, and after that I decided to try a self portrait, something I'd never bothered with before. I was an ugly freak, why would I want to immortalize myself on canvas? But I don't feel ugly anymore.
  51. 51. 'What are we doing here Oz?' I demand, looking up at the small house. We have just completed our second year of college, still very much together, and Oz has another "surprise" for me.
  52. 52. He doesn't answer. Walking up to the front door, he pulls out a key and opens it. He beckons and I follow him in. 'Why are my paintings here?' I ask, looking around the brightly coloured living room. 'You really can't guess?' he asks, grinning. 'This is our house, for the rest of our time here.' My jaw hits the floor. 'What?' 'If you want to live with me, of course.' I throw my arms around him. 'Of course I do. It's perfect.' 'I've been saving.' And that's all he will say on the matter. 'So, want to see the bedroom?' I roll my eyes, but allow him to bundle me excitedly upstairs.
  53. 53. It's just as bright and garish as the downstairs. Grinning, I perch on the obnoxious bedspread. 'It's really perfect, Oz. Thank you.' Sitting beside me, he hugs me. 'Anything for you, Eva.'
  54. 54. 'Anything?' I ask huskily, pulling him further onto the bed. 'Anything you want.'
  55. 55. Time passes quickly, and before I know where I am, we're Seniors with only one year left here. Normally I cook, but tonight Oz insisted on taking over. I let him, regretting it when the entire house fills with smoke. I turn and Oz is there with a plate of burned pork chops, looking forlornly down at them. It breaks my heart. 'I ruined dinner, Eva,' he says. Coming up behind him, I wrap my arms around his waist. 'It looks fine,' I say. 'Now, I'm starved, so let's eat.'
  56. 56. 'I really am sorry about dinner.' Chocking down another bite, I smile. 'It's fine, Oz. You just need a little more practice. It's no big deal.' His bottom lip juts out. 'It is a big deal. Tonight was meant to be special.' 'Why?' I ask, frowning. Did I miss an anniversary or something? I don't think I did.
  57. 57. 'Eva,' he says, looking deep into my eyes. Dropping my fork, I grab his hand, getting nervous. He sounds really weird. 'What is it?' I ask, voice breaking.
  58. 58. 'Eva,' he says again, swallowing. 'Evangeline, you've made me the happiest man in the world these past few years. No one should be this lucky, but I was and still am, just having you in my life.'
  59. 59. My heart hammers against my ribs as he pulls a little black box out of his pocket. Gingerly he pushes it towards me, eyes pleading. 'Evangeline Mae Lovelace, will you marry me?'
  60. 60. I pick up the box and stare at the ring. It's beautiful, a traditional gold band with a- 'What kind of stone is that?' I ask, not looking up. 'It's a starstone. I was asking around for ages, members of your race, and this is a traditional gift between lovers, they say.' 'I can't accept this!' I say, putting it down as though my very presence will devalue it. 'It's too much. It must have cost you a fortune.'
  61. 61. 'Eva, answer my question,' he demands. 'Will you marry me? Forget the ring. Will you marry me?' I stare, slightly shocked by his outburst. 'Of course-' Taking the box from me, he pulls out the ring and slides it onto my finger. 'Good.' Overwhelmed, I twirl the cold metal around my ring finger, feeling it warm to my skin. 'Thank you.' 'You're worth every penny, and a million more.'
  62. 62. Guilty over the price of the ring, I let Oz celebrate in his favourite way. Not that I mind at all, really.
  63. 63. 'I cannot believe that you're engaged!' I smile at the weird little witch, Alice, one of the few people in town who don't treat me like crap. She claims to be some kind of all powerful Goddess figure, but I think she's just an eccentric.
  64. 64. 'So, what's new with you?' I ask, wanting to turn the subject away from me. I'm still not totally comfortable talking about myself, not even with Oz. 'Worrying a lot. The war between humans and aliens is getting worse. The aliens are threatening to drop bio-bombs if we don't surrender.' There's a lot about this on the news. Lots of aliens are leaving town, retreating to secluded places due to the abuse received. I don't get too much, luckily, but what does filter through is worse than the jibes about my eyes.
  65. 65. 'Do you think it will really come to that?' Sadly she shrugs. 'Hard to say at the moment, but I really hope not.' 'Me too.'
  66. 66. Again time seemed to just disappear, and the end was nigh. Oz and I left for our final exams before graduation with a small amount of sadness. I would miss our house here, and I'd miss the college. But, then again, I would not miss the people and their mean remarks.
  67. 67. 'It's all over!' I cry, hugging Oz close. Pushing me away slightly, he stares into my eyes and shakes his head. 'No. It's only just beginning.' He's not wrong there.
  68. 68. Across town, Alice and her latest consort, CatMan, watch the news with growing distress. 'The world leaders today voted to ignore the alien threats. It is their policy not to negotiate with terrorists, and so a special envoy is not being sent on behalf of Earth to dissuade the aliens from hostile action.' 'This is bad,' Alice says, ignoring the rest of the report. CatMan nods. 'I know. But what can we-'
  69. 69. He is cut off as a million biological warheads are dropped across Earth. The explosion is deafening, and when the smoke clears, something is not at all right.
  70. 70. 'Well...this sucks.' CatMan nods pleasantly. 'It really does.' 'Stupid flesh eating viruses.' 'Yes.' 'Oh!' she cries. If she could still cry, she would. 'I'm not pretty anymore!' 'You are...just in a more living-dead kind of way.' She ignores him, moving for the phone. 'I'd better check on everyone else.'
  71. 71. 'Hello?' -'Mortimer? Hey. Listen...anything weird happen today?' 'If you mean did I get turned into some kind of zombie type creature, then yes.' -'And everyone else?' 'Much the same.' -'Crap.'
  72. 72. 'I'm so confused! I don't know if I want to eat cheese or brains!' -'May I suggest both?' 'Hmmm...'
  73. 73. -'Malcolm, baby, how are things.' 'I know this was your fault, LeQuia. You've always hated me, and now I'm a monster, and not in the good, Alan Sugar way.' -'It's not my fault! I'm buggered, just like all of you!'
  74. 74. -'Oh, Pascal! Not you too!' 'I'm afraid so, Alice. But isn't it neat?' -'You're an undead brain eating freak...wait, of course you'd like it.' 'Like it? I love it!'
  75. 75. 'You've got to help me! I have a date with Romeo in two hours and I look like death!' -'Tasteful joke, Juliet.' 'Who's joking?!?!?!' -'I'm guessing that Romeo is just as fugly as you now, so deal with it.' 'I hate you.' -'Everyone does.'
  76. 76. 'Oh...crap.' Frowning she turns to the man...zombie behind her. 'Catman. I think we have a problem.'
  77. 77. EWWW! I'm a zombie! This really does suck. Anyways, join us next time to see what will happen next, Far Away From Pluto. And *drool* at Oz.