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Titanium Mesh and Decorative Mesh Combined

Looking to know about Titanium Mesh or Decorative Mesh? In this slideshow we tried to explain more about all important aspects about both of these industrial products.

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Titanium Mesh and Decorative Mesh Combined

  1. 1. Nickel Wire Mesh Presents
  2. 2. Titanium Wire Mesh & Decorative Wire Mesh Combined
  3. 3. The Role of Titanium Wire Mesh • The role of titanium wire mesh is undeniable in the medical industry. Its use for the localized alveolar ridge development was tested at the clinical, radiographic and laboratory level.
  4. 4. • The patients needed localized alveolar ridge development prior positioning the dental implants. A mixture of autogenous bone graft and inorganic bovine mineral was utilized as a bone graft.
  5. 5. • This graft was made intraorally including the plunged titanium mesh for 8.47 months. Ideas were utilized to calculate the volume of alveolar ridge augmentation and offer linear lab measurements about the outcomes of bone augmentation.
  6. 6. • Volumetric lab records showed the alveolar development within a month of bone grafting. The contribution of titanium mesh for localized alveolar ridge augmentation with a combination of autogenously harvested bone implant and Bio-Oss provided sufficient bone area for dental implantation.
  7. 7. • Intraorally harvested autogenous bone graft combined with Bio-Oss below a Titanium Wire Mesh provided significant new bone development and further development occurred after bone grafting.
  8. 8. • Sufficient bone volume is an essential prerequisite for an expected and prolong prognosis in the dental implants. Although some patients describe with inadequate horizontal or vertical bone that rapidly precludes the successful result of a suitable implant placement.
  9. 9. • Different methods have been made to increase bone volume and augment new tissue development- Distraction osteogenesis that shows the surgical induction of a fracture and followed by steady separation of the two bone ends to develop immediate bone regeneration among two fragments.
  10. 10. Titanium Mesh is Created From Stamping Titanium • Titanium mesh is created from stamping titanium sheet that is ASTM B265 specified commercial pure titanium sheet as the strength for alloyed titanium is very high to be stamped in mesh. The area of the mesh offered becomes equal to the sheet.
  11. 11. Titanium Has Various Significant Characteristics • Titanium has various significant characteristics such as exclusive corrosion resistance and the largest strength to weight ratio among any metal. The metal is used in various fields for example chemical and electronic industries. Titanium mesh is widely used as anode and filter element in chlor-alkali industry and chemical plants.
  12. 12. Titanium Mesh is Light and Strong • Titanium mesh is light and strong, smaller and hence smaller mass mesh can be made for skimmer use. Titanium mesh is produced in the woven wire cloth and expanded metal in the different grades and sizes available in the stock. The wire cloth is significant for its good strength, lightweight and corrosion resistance characteristics.
  13. 13. Decorative Mesh • Now coming towards mesh for decoration purposes, the decorative wire mesh is preferably used in the building architecture. This mesh is usually made from stainless steel that is bright and corrosion resistant.
  14. 14. • It is easy to clean and has long lasting shine that make it ideal for architecture purpose. The mesh is made in the diverse range of designs for decorative purpose as well as security of the exterior side of the building from bad weather and sun rays.
  15. 15. Thank You For Your Time 