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Speed as-a-feature

  1. 1. You’re here becausePERFORMANCE MATTERS
  2. 2. I’m here to convince youSPEED IS A FEATURE
  3. 3. Chris Kelly@amateurhuman
  4. 4. Start with theFACTS
  5. 5. Additional pageload time1s = 7% Loss in conversions
  6. 6. Additional pageload time1s = 11% Fewer page views
  7. 7. -100msPage Load = +1% Revenue AMAZON +$480M per year
  8. 8. Pause for aCLICHÉ
  9. 9. Time isMoney
  10. 10. per • for • mance (noun)1. a way to make more money2. a way to work on stuff thatmatters
  11. 11. A performant application hasa smaller footprint.A smaller footprint meansless resources to manage.Less resource managementmeans more time working onthe good stuff.
  12. 12. Built forSPEED
  13. 13. Where does the time go?
  14. 14. 1. Slave to the man2. Slave to the DOM3. Slave to the data4. Slave to the box5. Slave to the network
  15. 15. Business in theFRONT
  16. 16. The Internet is a distributedsystem.We’ve become dependent on external services:analytics, ads, trackers, social.Loading an external service can add over 900msto your load time.Synchronous Javascript calls will block yourpage load.
  17. 17. Facebook doesn’t always go down.But when it does, it takes down the rest of the Internet.
  18. 18. Get used to theWhite Page of Death
  19. 19. CSS May Be YourNew Worst EnemyBrowsers block rendering until all CSS isdownloaded.Browsers will download all CSS beforerendering, even if it is unused.Does your mobile phone really need todownload the print stylesheet?
  20. 20. Party in theBACK
  21. 21. Death by DatabaseN+1 queries will bring your database to itsknees.Slow queries will kick it while it is down.Disk thrashing will finish it off and pick it’spockets for good measure.
  22. 22. In the Cloud ResourcesAre Limitless, Right?Resources in the cloud are abundant butinconsistent.Failing resources create a domino effect offurther failures.Scaling has more to do with people more thanany other resource.
  23. 23. There and Back Again,A Network TaleNetwork round-trips can add up quickly, evenwithin the same datacenter.Browsers will limit simultaneous downloadsfrom the same host.Service Oriented Architectures are pushingmore data through the network.
  24. 24. So, now what’sNEXT
  25. 25. If you aren’tmonitoring, start!
  26. 26. Put performance inyour backlog.
  27. 27. Make performanceinto a hack day.
  28. 28. Turn performanceinto a feature.
  29. 29. Oh yeah, installNew Relic.
  30. 30. Get In Touch With Us http://support.newrelic.com support@newrelic.com @newrelic
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