Graduate Student Orientation 2013-2014


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Slides presented at the new graduate student orientation on August 23, 2013. Presenters include: Dr. Laura Carlson, Dr. John Lubker, Mimi Beck, Jeremy Castle, and Fr. John Jenkins.

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Graduate Student Orientation 2013-2014

  1. 1. Graduate Student Orientation August 23, 2013
  2. 2. Here You Are Next Week
  3. 3. Here You Are Next Month
  4. 4. Here You Are Next Year
  5. 5. Here You Are in 4 Years
  6. 6. Spheres of Support Mentor Peers Programs, Department, and Colleges Graduate School
  7. 7. Resources from the Graduate School • Professional Development • Policies and Procedures • Student Life • Graduate Student Union
  8. 8. Graduate School Professional Development Program
  9. 9. Professional Development Graduate training is holistic.
  10. 10. Professional Development Checklist
  11. 11. Professional Development Roadmap
  12. 12. Professional Development Events
  13. 13. Contributing Departments and Centers The Graduate School Center for Social Concerns English for Academic Purposes Graduate Career Services Graduate Student Union Hesburgh Libraries Institute for Scholarship in the Liberal Arts International Student Services and Activities Kaneb Center for Teaching and Learning Notre Dame Alumni Association Office of Research Reilly Center for Science, Technology and Values Writing Center
  14. 14. Research Workshops and Consultations offering: • Guidance in defining research goals at various stages of the graduate programs • Assistance in locating and applying for funding opportunities • Strategies for 1) efficiently articulating personal and professional goals 2) creating clear, organized, and compelling research narratives • Feedback on drafts of application materials • Advice for working effectively with faculty during the application process
  15. 15. Teaching Workshops and Consultations offering: • Succeeding as a teaching assistant • Developing your teaching style • Grading exams • Leading discussions • Maintaining a teaching portfolio • Writing a teaching statement
  16. 16. Career Workshops and Consultations offering: • Defining career goals • Networking • Talking about your research • Interviewing • Looking for a job
  17. 17. Ethics Workshops including: • Ethics Café Series • RCR/Ethics Workshop
  18. 18. Graduate School Professional Development Grants Dedicated earnings from three endowments for professional development: • Joseph F. Downes Memorial • Notebaert Professional Development • Zahm Research Travel Funds available for: • Academic Training • Research • Professional Development Common Professional Development Application Form:
  19. 19. Graduate Studies John Lubker Associate Dean of Students
  20. 20. Introduction Associate Dean of Students – Student Progress – Academic Issues • Graduate Student Ombudsperson – Liaison with other campus partners • Graduate Student Life • Student Affairs • General Counsel • Directors of Graduate Studies • Graduate Student Union Here to assist you in reaching your goals
  21. 21. Academic Code and Bulletin of Information The Bulletin of Information – Updated yearly – Potential changes that will affect you The Academic Code – Know your rights and responsibilities Both can be found on our website –
  22. 22. Spousal and Family Support Spousal ID cards Wellness Center RecSports Spouse Registration To get these done – Table in the Debartolo Hall today – Complete online form • Bring form to 5th floor of Main Building
  23. 23. Moving Forward Activity Insight – Digital productivity management tool Track academic and professional development • Publications, presentations, awards, service Individual development plan • Mentorship, goals, and feedback Provide CV/Resume templates • Grant and fellowship applications; job searches
  24. 24. Graduate Student Life Mimi Beck Program Director
  25. 25. Graduate Student Life
  26. 26. I have written eleven books, but each time I think, ‘Uh oh, they’re going to find out now. I’ve run a game on everybody, and they’re going to find me out.’” ~ Award-winning author Maya Angelou IMPOSTOR Syndrome
  27. 27. Get Involved FREE FOOD CM Welcome Bash Monday Opening Mass & Picnic Tuesday GSU Welcome Picnic & Faith Fair Thursday FOOTBALL Home Opener ND v. Temple August 31 Game Watch Party ND @ Michigan September 7 Legends FUN & FRIENDS • GSU • DPAC • The Snite • Athletics • RecSports • Dining Halls • Choir Auditions • Center for Social Concerns • Student Organizations • Department Clubs • Grad Life Grant Programs • Liturgical Ministry • Zen Meditation • Muslim Student Association • Family Playgroups
  28. 28. Football Ticket Raffle • If your number is called, please come down after the presentation to give us your contact information
  29. 29. DPAC Performances Third Coast Percussion Sunday, September 15 2:00 p.m. Reception to follow on the terrace Kronos Quartet Saturday, March 1 7:30 pm. Reception to follow
  30. 30. Stay Connected Grad Life News & Events The Stream weekly e-newsletter Website Facebook Find Mimi or 574-631-1221
  31. 31. The Notre Dame Family These medallions are presented as a gift from the president’s office to all new students as a symbol of the university, and of your membership in the Notre Dame community. – We are happy and proud to have you here. – From this moment forward you will always be part of the Notre Dame family throughout the world.
  32. 32. Invitation to Pray Please join us today at 5:00 p.m. at the Grotto to pray for God’s blessings as we begin our year together.
  33. 33. Graduate Student Union
  34. 34. What is the GSU?  The GSU is the graduate student government comprised of all fee- paying students from every graduate department.  The GSU functions directly through elected officers, committee chairs, and department representatives which meet monthly.  There are 7 committees on the GSU:  Academic Affairs  External Affairs & Orientation  Health Care  Professional Development  Publicity and Procedures  Quality of Life  Social
  35. 35. GSU Mission  Represent graduate student interests to the university  Promote excellence in graduate education  Improve quality of life for graduate students • Social, cultural, professional, and intellectual activities  Promote interaction between graduate students and faculty, undergraduates, and all other members of the university community and greater South Bend area
  36. 36. Career Development Program • GSU Conference Presentation Grant (CPG) program • GSU Teaching Awards • Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor • Outstanding Teaching Assistant • Graduate Research Symposium • Leadership Opportunities • Special Events • Coffee, Cupcakes, and TREC • Graduate Student Picture Day • Mock Interviews
  37. 37. Community Activities Family Events • Ice Skating • Day at the Zoo • Drive-in Movie Night • Thanksgiving and Easter Brunch Gatherings • Halloween Party • Christmas Party • Spring Charity Gala • Game Watches
  38. 38. Tickets and Events West Side Story Michigan Winery Tour • Subsidized tickets to DeBartolo Performing Arts Center (DPAC) and the Morris • Trips to local attractions with transportation provided
  39. 39. GSU Website Calendar of Events GSU News Student Resources Contact Us/ Suggestion Box
  40. 40. Getting the Most out of GSU • Read GSU emails and follow the GSU Google calendar • Attend events! • Talk to your department representative – Better yet, be a department representative – Attend GSU monthly meetings • Contact the GSU officers with your questions, thoughts, ideas, comments, and/or concerns: – Zack Terranova, President, – Kyle Watson, Co-Vice-President, – Jeremy Castle, Co-Vice-President,
  41. 41. Orientation Events TODAY, Aug 23: Graduate Student Prayer Service Grotto Outdoor Area, 5PM Monday, Aug 26: Library Orientation – Hesburgh 222 12:30-2:00 Welcome Back Social Legends Night Club near Football Stadium 8pm – 12am with Trivia Competition Tuesday, Aug 27: Classes begin Opening Mass for School Year Thursday, Aug 23: GSU/FOG Welcome Back Picnic and Faith Fair Free Cookout and Snow Cones (families welcome) Fischer O’Hara Grace Community Center 5:30 pm – 7pm
  42. 42. Remarks from Fr. Jenkins
  43. 43. Information Fair