Meaningful Alumni Engagement - Volunteers


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MACRAO Conference Nov. 2010

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  • AFFINITY GROUPS:Orientation Group Leaders,Student Ambassadors,Peer Mentors,Student Government,Student Newspaper,Graduate AssistantsALUMNI DATA: - Legacy,Parent Orientation
  • Follow up Letter, follow up with student contact, letter from Dean, VP, ect. . .
  • Meaningful Alumni Engagement - Volunteers

    1. 1. Meaningful Alumni Engagement - Without Asking for a DimeLearn how to build a program utilizing alumni volunteers as part of your recruitment initiative MACRAO Conference November 10-12, 2010
    2. 2. Oakland University Overview• Founded in 1957 as MSUO• Charter class graduated in 1963 with 125 students receiving Oakland University diplomas• Over 19,000 students with 134 undergraduate degrees offered
    3. 3. Undergraduate Admissions Overview • OU undergraduate population: 15,530 • OU grad level population: 3,523 • Fall 2010 FTIAC: 2,311 • Fall 2010 Transfer: 1,825 • Reasons for collaboration: Alumni participation increases national recognition, yielding, and retention efforts
    4. 4. Alumni Relations Overview• Over 84,500 alumni worldwide• Nearly 60,000 alumni live within the state of Michigan• No out-of-state annual Alumni Relations outreach initiatives• Reasons for collaboration: AAAP Program initiated to strategically advance and creatively position Oakland University, while also providing a return on investment to address the economic issues
    5. 5. AAAP MissionThe Mission of the AAAP is to meaningfullyengage Oakland University alumni in therecruitment and retention of UndergraduateAdmissions efforts
    6. 6. Five Strategies1) Leverage Resources and Gain Buy-In from the Campus2) Facilitate alumni expertise and passions to appropriate volunteer initiative3) Coordinate Volunteer Training and Recruitment Opportunities
    7. 7. Five Strategies4) Maintain Alumni Involvement5) Recognize and Reward Alumni Service to the University
    8. 8. 1) Leverage Resources and Gain Buy-In from the Campus• Alumni Faculty and Staff Outreach• Academic Units Outreach• Collaboration Outreach to Senior Students• University Departments Recruiting and Retaining Students• Grizzly Story Time Visit Program
    9. 9. Alumni Faculty and Staff OutreachAlumni Reception Academic Unit Recruitment Programs
    10. 10. Collaboration Outreach to Senior Students Senior Brunch Student Ambassadors
    11. 11. University Retention EffortsCORE Reception in Detroit Freshman Move - In
    12. 12. University Retention EffortsStudent to Professional Dinner with a Dozen Grizzlies Conference
    13. 13. Grizzly Story Time Visit ProgramMarch Is Reading Month initiative Collaboration with Pre-College and PSA programs
    14. 14. Grizzly Story Time Visit ProgramGovernment Relations School of Education collaboration collaboration
    15. 15. 2) Market your Initiatives to Alumni• Web site and marketing materials• Develop and build a strong relationship with communications and marketing unit• Affinity groups and utilizing alumni data• Align with Undergraduate Admissions strategies• Testimonials and photos• One-on-one apts
    16. 16. AAAP Website
    17. 17. Marketing MaterialsPoints of Pride piece
    18. 18. Marketing Materials AAAP brochure
    19. 19. Communication Strategies Targeted Markets
    20. 20. Communication StrategiesNews Stories Web Banners
    21. 21. Social Media
    22. 22. Utilize Data AvailablePast Affinity Groups Utilizing Alumni Data• Student Leader Reception • Alumni Faculty and Staff• Student Organizations employees• Student workers • Alumni who have volunteered at• Student Alumni Association the University in the past• Hometown Grizzlies • Alumni who have attended an on campus / off campus event • Social Media • Alumni Parents • Engagement Outreach Receptions
    23. 23. AAAP Aligned with Undergraduate Admissions for Strategic Engagement Outreach Alumni Engagement Leveraging Legacy Receptions Scholarships
    24. 24. AAAP Aligned with Undergraduate Admissions for Strategic Engagement Outreach Alumni Engagement Out-of-State Student Receptions Welcome Receptions
    25. 25. Testimonials and Photos Share Ambassadors Use Photos and Stories to experiences paint the picture• Brochures • Photo Slideshow• Receptions • Follow up story about the event• Web site – Highlight meaningful• Stories connections that were made • Past photos to enhance upcoming opportunity
    26. 26. 3) Coordinate Volunteer Training and Opportunities• Training• Align opportunities with Undergraduate Admissions recruitment strategies• Listen to ambassador interests and respond• Follow up
    27. 27. Training• Training Binder• Website Training Materials• One-on-one apts• Follow up
    28. 28. Face To Face Training SessionsOut-of-State Recruitment Campus Tours and Personal Outreach and Training Trainings
    29. 29. Undergraduate Admissions Recruitment Events College FairsTeaming Up With Admissions Out-of-state Independently Adviser at sanctioned fairs
    30. 30. Undergraduate Admissions Recruitment Events On Campus Welcome ReceptionsWelcome Reception Alumni Welcome Reception Alumni Keynote Speakers Hosts
    31. 31. Undergraduate Admissions Recruitment Events On Campus Go For The Gold!Alumni Hosts hand out Prizes Alumni panelists share their OU story
    32. 32. Undergraduate Admissions Recruitment Events • On campus group visits/connecting with their HS alma mater • High School visit presentation/visiting their HS alma mater and community college attended
    33. 33. Undergraduate Admissions Recruitment Events • Letter to Specific Communities • Email to Specific Student with same Interest • Grizzly Story Time Visit Program
    34. 34. 4) Maintain Alumni Involvement• Personal contact• Ask for honest feedback and respond• Maintain ambassadors trust and they will continue to support• Share outcomes from their service• Invitations that are not ALWAYS volunteer based• Instill ownership• Social Media
    35. 35. AAAP E-Newsletter
    36. 36. Maintain InvolvementEvaluation Share Outcomes
    37. 37. 5) Recognize and Reward Alumni Service to the University• Certificate of appreciation• Nominate ambassadors for OU Alumni Awards• Annual Ambassador Night / invitations to university events• Social media / letter of reference• Faculty review letter / comments• AAAP spotlight
    38. 38. Certificate of Appreciationsigned by University President
    39. 39. OU Alumni Awards Banquet AAAP Ambassadors received the‘09,’10,&’11 Alumni Spirit & Community Service Awards
    40. 40. Recognition of AmbassadorsAnnual AAAP Appreciation Ambassador Spotlight Button Night on Multiple Websites
    41. 41. AAAP Return on Investment• Out-of-state admits and orientation sign ups increased• Over 300 ambassadors are engaged and have contributed over 500 volunteer hours of service• Undergraduate Admissions out-of-state applications have doubled over the last 3 years• Over 10,000 points of contact have been made with prospective students
    42. 42. AAAP Tracking• Alumni contacts• Measurable outcomes• Event Ambassadors• Ambassador hours of service• Estimate points of contact by alumni at event• Evaluations• Additional time, talent, treasure opportunities
    43. 43. AAAP Program Luke FleerAssociate Director of Alumni Engagement @lukefleer