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Contemporary vs Previous Practices


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Contemporary vs Previous Practices

  1. 1. Contemporary VS Previous Practices • To explore the changes to film regulation over the past 50 years All to be able to recognise the difference in regulation of contemporary films compared to historical examples Most should be able to give examples of how the classification of contemporary films differs from that of historical films Some could offer examples of how contemporary films are regulated more liberally than historical films due to a range of factors
  2. 2. How has regulation changed? • Discuss the impact the following factors may have on the regulation of films (contemporary and historical) • • • • Accessibility Technology Desensitisation What is morally/culturally/socially acceptable
  3. 3. Task Using the BBFC website find the pages on BBFC history. Collate the following information (in any format you find accessible): 2000-2009 – Research “The Last House on the Left” and the history of the 12A rating 1990’s – Research what the BBFC did regarding film and video post Jamie Bulger’s murder 1980’s – what is the history of the classification of Caligula 1960’s – research this era’s liberalism and how it affected regulation
  4. 4. Watch • Watch this clip from Kermode uncut and observe his views on the changes in regulation of contemporary films compared to previous practices • Kermode Uncut
  5. 5. Task • Based on your research, how could you start to formulate an argument to this question, and provide examples? What is the nature of contemporary media regulation compared with previous practices? – You can consider what you have researched today and yesterday (the role of the BBFC and it’s classifications)