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Traduccion De Ingles


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Published in: Education, Business
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Traduccion De Ingles

  1. 1. my family this conformed by my father and my mother and my five sisters and two brother and my family they are very umilde and alone workers of the seven two don't study because you conpromiso isieron and they stopped to study and all my hermamos lives in vinces county of the rivers and me to study the university and come to live in guaranda with my grandmother that offers me the food....<br />how many years he/she has your sister.<br />how many siblings they are.<br />in that your family works.<br />how many years he/she has your father<br />how many years he/she has your mother<br />where their siblings study.<br />that he/she studies your siblings.<br />I associate and school.<br />mi familia esta conformada por mi papa y mi mama y mis cinco hermanas y dos hermano y mi familia son muy umilde y trabajadoras de los siete solo dos no estudian porque se isieron de conpromiso y dejaron de estudiar y todo mis hermamos viven en vinces provincia de los rios y yo por estudiar la universidad e venido a vivir en guaranda con mi abuela que me brinda la comida ....<br />cuantos años tiene tu hermana.<br />cuantos hermanos son.<br />en que trabaja tu familia.<br />cuantos años tiene tu papa.<br />cuantos años tiene tu mama. <br />donde estudian sus hermanos.<br />que estudia tus hermanos.<br />colegio y escuela.<br /> <br />