My family


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My family

  1. 1. My family Where is your family originally from? Originally, my parents, and their parents are from Yorkshire in England. It's in the North of England. Who is the funniest person in your family? The funniest person in my family is my mother. She's really funny. She's got a really good, sense of humor, and she plays tricks on people, but everybody in my family has a good sense of humor. Who is the youngest person in your family? The youngest person in my family actually is my cousin was born about two weeks ago. Her name is Emma. She is two weeks old. Who is the most serious person in your family? The most serious person in my family is _____________ he/she is very responsible, committed and honest person. Or Actually, I don't think anybody in my family is serious person. Who is the most generous person in your whole family? The most generous person in my family is My brother he is really generous and he makes me feel bad because he's so generous in buying me things and giving me things, he all the time has a Gift, present, treat, offering, give-away. For everybody in special for me. Or in my family don’t have generous person anybody have some Gift, present, treat, offering, give-away with anyone Who do you talk with the most in your family? All of them really, but I suppose deep down I maybe talk to my mom the most. I tell her most things that another. In my family l don’t talk with anyone I have don’t trusted them Who do you resemble the most in your family?
  2. 2. Some people say I look like me mom and some people say I look like my dad but most people say I look like my brother, so maybe my brother. Is it better to have a big family or a small family? I grew up in a big family and it was really good: four brothers and one sister and my parents and a dog, so there were lots of people around and I think a big family is good. You're never lonely and there's always someone to hang around with or play with or do something with and lots of things to share and you learn some good values about sharing and being patient and, yeah, I think big families are better than small families. When does your family get together? My family gets together at Christ-mas, but even then not everybody does. I think really we only see the entire family at weddings and at funerals. Some expressions  I have got two brothers and one sister - Tengo dos hermanos y una hermana  There are five of us in my family - Somos cinco en mi familia  I have got a big family - Tengo una familia grande  There are not many of us in my family - No somos muchos en mi familia  We all live together in the same house - Vivimos todos juntos en la misma casa
  3. 3.  We do not live together now - No vivimos juntos ahora  My brother is a teacher - Mi hermano es profesor  My sister is a doctor - Mi hermana es médico  My father works in a factory - Mi padre trabaja en una fábrica  My mother works in an insurance company - Mi madre trabaja en una empresa de seguros  My parents are retired - Mis padres están jubilados  My parents do not work any more - Mis padres ya no trabajan  My sister is a part-time secretary - Mi hermana trabaja tiempo parcial como secretaria  My aunt had a full-time job but now she only works two days a week - Mi tía tenía un trabajo de jornada completa pero ahora solamente trabaja dos días a la semana.  Both of my brothers are unemployed - Ambos hermanos están en el paro ( están parados )  I like my brother very much - me gusta mucho mi hermano  I like my grandparents; they are so kind - Me gustan mis abuelos; son tan amables  All my brothers and sisters are very out going - Todos mis hermanos son muy extrovertidos  We are all quite shy in my family - Somos todos bastante tímidos en mi familia  My brother is quite tall with dark hair and brown eyes - Mi hermano es bastante alto con pelo oscuro y ojos marrones  My sister is slim and fair - Mi hermana es delgada y rubia
  4. 4.  My brother is not very attractive. His hair is long and fair. He has got a beard and he wears glasses. - No es muy atractivo mi hermano. Tiene el pelo largo y rubio. Tiene barba y lleva gafas.  My oldest brother is very handsome. He is got a very strong, athletic body and he likes sport - Mi hermano mayor es muy guapo. Tiene un cuerpo fuerte y atlético y le gusta el deporte.  My youngest sister is rather unattractive ( pretty ugly ). She is sixteen years old, very skinny and she is got a lot of spots. - Mi hermana menor es poco atractiva ( bastante fea ). Tiene dieciséis años, es muy flaca y tiene granos.  My father is fairly old-fashioned. He wears brown suits and he even wears a hat. - Mi padre es bastante antiguo. Lleva los trajes marrones e incluso lleva sombrero  I am the oldest / youngest of the family - Soy el / la mayor / menor de la familia.  I am the second oldest in my family - Soy el segundo de la familia  I have not got any brothers or sisters - No tengo hermanos  I get on very well with nearly all my family - Me llevo bastante bien con casi toda mi familia  I do not get on well with some of my brothers - no me llevo bien con algunos de mis hermanos  They get on very well - Se llevan muy bien  We get on well - Nos llevamos bien  My mother was born during the war. - Mi madre nació durante la guerra
  5. 5.  I was born in 1964 - Nací en 1964  I am an only child. - Soy hijo /a único /a  I have not got any brothers or sisters. - No tengo hermanos. THE FAMILY MEMBERS / MIEMBROS DE LA FAMILIA mother, madre, father, padre, parents, padres, brothers and sisters, hermanos ( varones y hembras ), brothers,hermanos ( sólo varones ), wife, mujer ( esposa ), husband, marido ( esposo ), grandfather, abuelo, grandmother,abuela, great grandfather, bisabuelo, grandparents, abuelos, son, hijo, daughter, hija, cousin, primo, cousins, primos,grandson, nieto, granddaughter, nieta, grandchildren, nietos, child ( children ), niño ( niños ), aunt, tía, uncle, tío, mother-in- law, suegra, father-in-law, suegro, son-in-law, yerno, daughter-in-law, nuera, friend, amigo.