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GKYM Presentation


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Published in: Spiritual, Business, Design
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GKYM Presentation

  1. 1. GKYM 2011Booth & Recruiting Process
  2. 2. Open booth concept
  3. 3. Our Booth
  4. 4. Our Booth• Content
  5. 5. Corner Booth!• More room for us!
  6. 6. What staff will be doing• Wear nametags• Wear PPFF shirts• Carry clipboard – Contact sheet – Internship Information – Internship Application• Talking to students! – Use clipboard to fill out their information – One-on –one conversations.. almost interview-like
  7. 7. What staff will be doing• 1-2 Staff may be in charge of taking care of money (DVD sales)• Invite them to our booth! Show them our cool stuff
  8. 8. Our GOAL• Promote PPFF to students/missionaries/pastors/etc• Get INTERNS• Most importantly, we need to show that we are a mission organization. Get them interested in what we are doing
  9. 9. What is PPFF representing?1. Support content creators (filmmakers, musicians, designers, etc) – Film Festival • Opportunity for amateur filmmakers to connect with professionals • Live music • Award ceremony – award + grants for Christian fillmmakers – Graphic/web service assistance2. Media for Mission – Distribute through DVD to churches, individuals – This is active ongoing ministry
  10. 10. Way THEY can support1. Volunteer their time (editors, programmers, videographers, graphic designers, etc)2. Join our internship program3. Audience4. Prayer/Monetary Suport5. Connections6. Buy our products7. Resources for everyone Using God given talent for God!
  11. 11. Internship Program• Video Production • Administrative• Post Production • Event Logistics • Public Relations• Motion Graphic • Financial Development• Web Development • Film Distribution• Graphic Design• Theater & Stage Management• Marketing
  12. 12. Internship Program• Application Process – DUE January 15th – Resume + Sample work optional – Orientation February 4 – 1 on 1 interview with department head – Training Starts February 11th• 3 month commitment required• Spring/Summer/9 month internship• Please let them know their work will be directly contributing to PPFF • Will be trained
  13. 13. In Charge• Pansonic Video Camera - Sarah• Still DSLR camera - Catherine