ORE Connections - November 2009


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Office of Religious Education - Archdiocese of Hartford.
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ORE Connections - November 2009

  1. 1. Archdiocese of Hartford November ORE Office of Religious Education 467 Bloomfield Avenue Connections Bloomfield, CT 06002 (860) 243-9465 Phone (860) 243-9690 Fax www.orehartford.org Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m.- 4:30 p.m. Celebrate Religious Education Month Rev. Msgr. Michael J. Motta, D.Min. Ext. 13 Director of ORE, Catholic Scouting Chaplain mmotta@adh-ore.org Year for Priests sum it up perfectly: “Do whatever He tells you (John 2:5.)”After a great deal of prayer, Ms. Patricia Keck, M.A. Ext. 16 During this Year for the Priest, especially to the Blessed Mother, I chose to Assistant Director, Religious Education, we will be sharing stories of some of the enter the seminary. Catechetical Leader Training, priests and seminarians from the Arch- I love my God, and I believe in my heart that Catechesis, Sacramental Preparation, Catechist diocese of Hartford. We ask that you this is what He wants. I desire with all my Formation, Generations of Faith, keep all of our priests in your prayers in a heart to serve Him and His Church, and I Resource Library special way. hope and pray that this indeed is His will. At pkeck@adh-ore.org Ryan Lerner this point in pursuing a vocation to serve Mr. Carlos Aedo, M.A. Ext. 15 Christ through the gift of His holy priest- Coordinator for Catechesis for Hispanics Seminarian hood, my goal is to be the best priest that I caedo@adh-ore.org Born: March 16, 1981 can be, and to give my Lord all that I have to Mrs. Shawnee Baldwin, M.A. Ext. 20 I am currently in my second give. Christ is the true, Eternal Priest – the Coordinator of Youth and Youth Adults year of pre-theology at St. Joseph’s Semi- Servant of all – and therefore is the model Ministry, Confirmation (Youth), CYO Sports nary in Yonkers, NY. I grew up in Man- for all priests. God-willingly, one day as a (Basketball) chester, attended St. James Church, and parish priest, I hope to bring people to sbaldwin@adh-ore.org was a student at St. James School from Christ, and to bring Christ to the people by kindergarten through 8th grade. I at- serving as He served, and loving as He loved. Ms. Shannon Perzan Ext. 18 tended Manchester High School, and Coordinator of Catholic Scouting, then studied History & Religion at Trinity Video Library, CYO Sports (Cheerleading) College in Hartford, where I later com- sperzan@adh-ore.org pleted a Masters in Public Policy while Year for Priests BJ Daly Horell, MTS. Ext. 11 assistant-coaching the college’s cross June 19, 2009 - Coordinator of Catholic Biblical School country, track & field teams. Later I June 19, 2010 bjdalyhorell@adh-ore.org worked as a Nursing Home Administra- tor for two years before deciding to enter Mrs. Mary Marsan, M.Div. Ext. 14 the seminary. Coordinator of R.C.I.A., Adult Since I was about 12 years old, I Confirmation, Adult Formation, guess I always had this feeling that I Dear Lord, Lay Ministry wanted to be a priest. Growing up, I was mmarsan@adh-ore.org We pray that the Blessed Mother blessed with outstanding priest role mod- wrap her mantle around your priests Mrs. Jill Costa Ext. 19 els at St. James Church, as well as some and through her intercession jcosta@adh-ore.org wonderful Sisters of Mercy for my teach- strengthen them for their ministry. Mrs. Shirley Morris Ext. 12 ers at St. James School. Though “the We pray that Mary will guide your priests call” varied in intensity from time-to-time, smorris@adh-ore.org to follow her own words, I would always come back to it – and “Do whatever He tells you” (Jn 2:5). Specialized Youth Ministry whenever I thought about being a priest May your priests have the heart of St. Jo- Catholic Boy Scouting Chairperson for Jesus Christ, I felt great peace. I seph, John Meakin, Jr. (860) 688-7440 spoke with Father Michael Dolan, Voca- Mary’s most chaste spouse. Catholic Girl Scouting Chairperson tion Director for the Archdiocese, and May the Blessed Mother’s own pierced heart Dina Garafola (860) 742-1465 then my pastor at St. James, Father Kevin inspire them to embrace Cavanaugh, who stated that the “the call,” all who suffer at the foot of the cross. CYO Basketball Program is really about the answer to the question May your priests be holy, John Egan (203) 596-9610 that it presents: Is this what God wants of filled with the fire of your love (jwhoa@aol.com) me? When one is discerning what God seeking nothing but your greater glory CYO Cheerleading Program might be asking of them, I think that the and the salvation of souls. Robin Norko (203) 281-9663 simple words that Our Lady spoke to the Amen. (cheercoachRC@aol.com) www.ctspirit.com servants at the Wedding Feast of Cana Saint John Vianney, pray for us.
  2. 2. ADULT FORMATION/ From the Director’s desk… EVANGELIZATION/RCIA Charity in Truth – Workshop Advent the New Year Stay tuned! A workshop on the Holy Father’s new Advent is the beginning of the Church’s New Year. encyclical will be held in the Spring. The event is being spon- The New Year provides us with the opportunity to look back sored by the Office of Religious Education, the Office of Urban Affairs, and the Office of the Diaconate. Information will be as well as to look forward. Some time ago I told you that I mailed shortly. read a book entitled the Language of God written by Dr. Francis Collins that reconciled science and religion. If you Adult Confirmation recall I said that the Catholic faith has never had a problem On Monday, October 28, 2009 66 adults received the reconciling religion and evolution. As long as you recognize Sacrament of Confirmation at St. Mark the Evangelist Church, the fact that God created the universe at some point in his- West Hartford. Bishop Peter A. Rozassa presided. We offer our tory, it doesn’t really matter when it happened even if it was a congratulations to all those who were confirmed. The next billion years ago. How it happened points out the majesty of Adult Confirmation preparation classes will be held in the Almighty God! spring beginning on Tuesday, April 6, 2010. The adult celebra- tion for Confirmation will be on May 18, 2010 at the Cathedral Since I read that book, I’ve learned some other very of St. Joseph. Registration forms for spring confirmation will interesting facts. be available on our web site at the end of January 2010. www.orehartford.org. The Vatican has supported an Observation head- Lay Ministry quartered at the Papal summer residence located a “Castel Do you know any lay people who are active in your Gondolfo” in the Alban Hills of Italy. It also conducts much church in various ministries, but need some training? Our next of its research from the “Vatican Advanced Technology Tele- Lay Ministry classes will begin in September 2010. The Lay scope: located on Mount Graham in southeast Arizona jointly Ministry Program could enhance your parish life by providing owned with the University of Arizona. training for the lay volunteer. The Lay Ministry program is an 18 month formation program that includes classes in theology, This is an attempt to reconcile religion and science. spiritual development and pastoral skills as well as a parish in- Scientists have described the history of our 13.7 billion years ternship. For more information check our website, www. ore- old universe on the scale of 1 year where the first expansion hartford.org or call Mary Marsan at 243-9465. of the universe takes place in the first nanosecond of January 1st and our present time is the last nanosecond of December Best Practices 31st. The Paulist National Catholic Evangelization Associa- tion (PNCEA) has developed a program called “Best Practices How about a modern reading of the creation account for Parishes”. It is a self-study and action planning tool. It en- ables parishes to assess seven dimensions of parish life using found in the Book of Genesis. best practice statements drawn from church documents, pastoral experiences and ministry experts. The assessments become the On the first day, God make the “Big Bang”. On the basis for planning and implementing improvements in specific 7th day of February, God created the “Milky Way Galaxy”, ministry areas. Each dimension has its own workbook with On the 14th day of August, God created the Earth. On the instructions and worksheets which can be downloaded from the 4th day of September, God created life on Earth. On the 25th internet. The seven dimensions of parish life are: Prayer and day of December, God created dinosaurs. On the 31st day of Worship, Catechesis, Evangelization, Justice and Charity, Stew- December at 23 hours and 58 minutes, God created the first ardship, Ministry to Family/Pastoral Care, and Community humans. On December 31st at 23 hours and 59 minutes and Building. For more information or to order, go to 58 seconds God sent his son Jesus into the world as a baby. www.bestpracticesforparishes.org. New Resource Yes,. Religion and science seek truth and truth can only be found in God. A Concise Guide to Adult Faith Formation by Neil A. Parent is now available from Ave Maria Press (www.avemariapress.com). Neil Parent is the former Executive God bless you. Director of the National Conference for Catechetical Leaders. The book contains chapters on: The Adult as Christian Disciple ~Monsignor Michael J. Motta and Lifelong Learner, The Parish as Context for Adult Faith Formation, The Adult as Faith Learner, Attending to the Voice of God as Teacher, Supporting the Independent Learner, and Turning Vision into Reality. Page 2
  3. 3. Free Online Bereavement Workshop The Complete Catholic Biblical School PNCEA is offering a free workshop – Finding Grace Calendar is now ONLINE! in Bereavement – Rhusday, November 19, 3:00-4:00. Der. For instructions on how to access the online calendar, type this Geraldine Fialkowski, Assistant Professor of Pastoral Counsel- URL (http://calendar.orehartford.org) into your browser and in ing at Loyola University Maryland will provide ideas and tech- the white menu bar scroll down from “ORE Hartford” to niques which promote healing and hope for those who are be- “Catholic Biblical School.” For more information contact Ms. reaved and the helpers who choose to journey with them in the Jill Costa in the Office of Religious Education (243-9465, ext. process. All you need to participate is a connection to the 10). internet for viewing the slides and other computer/headset/ speakers or a telephone connection (toll-free) for the au- dio. The entire event is free, but registration is required. To CATHOLIC SCOUTING register, go to https://pncea.peachnewmedia.com/store/ Technology & Catholic Scouting and Camp Fire seminar/seminar.php?seminar=3068. In trying to keep up with today’s young people, busy Catholic Scout and Camp Fire Leaders as well as parents, we have finally found another way to bring Catholic Scouting and CATHOLIC BIBLICAL SCHOOL Camp Fire to your house...in your computer. Not only are we in Graduate Auditing First-year classes the process of updating our Catholic Scouting handbook on our website but we are also blogging and Facebooking! They are Twenty-four CBS grads are participating as silent great ways to get connected to other scouts and scout leaders as auditors in this year’s first-year classes. If you would like to well as keep up to date on the latest and greatest in Catholic join them, you can do so beginning with the second unit of Scouting and Camp Fire. Check it out! study. Places are still available in the two evening courses Archdiocese of Hartford Catholic Scouting Website: only: Mondays 7-9 pm at Epiphany Parish in Cheshire and http://orehartford.org/catholicscouts.htm Tuesdays 7-9 pm at Caritas Christi Center in Hamden. Contact National Catholic Committee for Girl Scouts and Camp BJ Daly Horell to register. Fire Website: www.nccgscf.org Upcoming Biblical School Events for Grads National Catholic Committee on Scouting: http://www.nccs- bsa.org/ Mark Your Calendar: Archdiocese of Hartford Catholic Scouting & Camp Fire March 6, 2010—Sr. Barbara Bozak Blog: http://catholicscoutsandcampfire.blogspot.com/ March 21, 2010—Celebration of Sacred Scripture Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/group.php? April 24, 2010—Sr. Jewel Renna, Prayer and the Bible gid=128360974678&ref=ts We’re blogging! New NCCGSCF Logo Products Available We’re blogging! Get the latest news from the Catholic The National Catholic Committee for Girl Scouts and Biblical School, direct to your email. Sign up to subscribe to Camp Fire has new logo products available. Visit our Blog at: http://bjdhorehartford.blogspot.com/ www.nccgscf.org to purchase tote bags, polo shirts, cozy's, and Help Promote the Biblical School! patches with the new logo on it. Volunteers who have graduated or are in their final year of the Biblical School are invited to meet with potential students at Upcoming Events the Religious Education Congress (Nov 7). If you can give an November 8, 2009: Archdiocese of Hartford Adult Catholic hour of your time, contact BJ Daly Horell today! Boy Scout Awards Banquet. $25 per person. Angelico’s, New Britain. Deadline to register is October 31st. No walk ins. Year of the Priest Program for Biblical School November 14, 2009: Archdiocese of Hartford Catholic Com- Graduates! mittee for Girl Scouts and Camp Fire Retreat and Counselors During this Year of the Priests, Sr. Barbara Bozak Training. The retreat is a requirement of any young person invites us to think about how all baptized Christians are working towards their medal for next year’s ceremony. Regis- "Called to be a Priestly People." As we celebrate the gift that tration deadline is October 31st. No walk ins.. ordained priesthood is to all of us, this presentation will chal- March 15, 2010: All applications and fees due from activity lenge all of us to be a holy presence to others as we live from books from all Catholic Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts and Venturers. day to day. Join us on March 6, 2010, from 9:30 to noon at the All applications due from activity books from Catholic Girl Archdiocesan Center at St. Thomas Seminary in Bloomfield. Scouts and Camp Fire. April 25, 2010: 3:00 pm.: Archdiocese of Hartford Catholic Online Bible Courses offered through University Committee for Girl Scouts and Camp Fire Recognition Sunday: of Notre Dame! Archdiocesan Center at St. Thomas Seminary. May 16, 2010: 2:00 p.m.: Archdiocese of Hartford Catholic Catholic Biblical School graduates may find these programs to Boy Scout Recognition Sunday: Cathedral of St. Joseph, Hart- be a great way to get “up close and personal” with individual ford. books of the Bible. For more information go online at: http:// Please post these events in parish bulletins, websites and step.nd.edu/ email. Contact Shannon Perzan for more information. Page 3
  4. 4. (“Letter from Africa” and “Postcards from Vatican City”), RELIGIOUS EDUCATION activities for students to celebrate the Year for Priests. For Religious Education Month junior high students – encourage students through online self- assessment. Fun formats based on “We Live Our Faith” for Check out our website for additional suggestions for grades 7 and 89. Interactive games by chapter or unit include celebrating New England Religious Education. You can also Hangman, Word Search, Multiple Choice or Crosswords. download color or bland-and-white logos to put in your parish Most games can be printed out for students with limited bulletin and other correspondence. Also included on the website online access. For games – go to www.sadlierreligion.com/ is a lesson plan using the poster and copies of articles which are rel_9_games_crosswords. appearing in the November issue of The Catholic Transcript. Go to: www.orehartford.org/reledmonth09.htm. Catechist Magazine on Facebook Faith Formation 2020 National Initiative You can now interact with CATECHIST magazine on Facebook! Become a fan of CATECHIST magazine’s A focus group meeting has been set up for Wednesday, Decem- Facebook page and you’ll receive regular posts that will sup- ber 2, 2009 from 10:30-12:30, followed by lunch (registration port you in your mission and that you can share with your and coffee at 10:00). The event will take place at St. Mark the friends. You’ll find regular reflections on the daily Gospel Evangelist Parish Center in West Hartford. John Roberto, now and weekly ideas for sharing the upcoming Sunday Gospel with LifelongFaith Associates, will be the presenter. The focus with your students, features and tips for your classroom, and group meeting will be an opportunity to hear about the Working information from across the Internet. To receive these regular Paper on Faith Formation in 2020, explore the forces affecting postings, you must have a Facebook account. You can set up faith formation today and in the future, and envision directions an account easily and quickly by visiting www.facebook.com. for the future of faith formation. It will be an opportunity for you To become a fan of CATECHIST magazine on Facebook and to have input into the development of Version 2.0 of the Working receive regular postings search CATECHIST magazine from Paper – to share your ideas and strategies for the future of faith your Facebook home. formation. There is no fee. For more information, contact Pat Keck or check out the website – www.orehartford.org. The Catholic Faith & Family Bible H1N1 Update The Center for Ministry Development, in partnership with Our Sunday Visitor Curriculum Division, has developed The latest update from the U.S. government offers a 30 a new resource for intergenerational faith formation – The page document entitled “H1N1 Flu: A Guide for Community and Catholic Faith & Family Bible. If your parish is engaged in Faith-based Organizations” and is available for a free download whole community catechesis, Generations of Faith, and/or at www.flu.gov/professional/community/cfboguidance.html. intergenerational faith formation, the Catholic Faith & Family There are also some new free print resources available for Bible is a resource for both the gathered learning setting and downloading at www.cdc.gov/flu/freeresources/print.htm. the home. Text articles explore all aspects of Catholic faith NCCL 2010 Annual Conference and practice. There are more than 85 text articles addressing all aspects of Catholic faith and practice. To order or for Save the date! The National Conference for Catechet- more information, go to ical Leadership annual conference is scheduled for April 18-22, www.catholicfaithandfamilybible.org. 2010 at Bally’s Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada. Stay tuned for more details regarding speakers, workshops, etc. America Magazine NPCD 2010 Convocation For many years, America has been an education re- source for high school teachers, college professors and parish The annual National Association of Parish Catechetical catechetical leaders. America provides a list of articles from Directors convocation is scheduled for April 6-8, 2010 at the their pages on important Catholic topics from Scripture and Minneapolis Convention Center in Minneapolis, MN. Work- the sacraments to social justice and Catholic identity. All shops for Religious Education include: “Worship, Sacraments articles are FREE to all visitors to their web site. There are and Catechesis”; “Connecting Parents and the Catechetical Pro- also weekly podcasts and daily blogs. To subscribe, go to gram”; “Lifelong Catechesis – Junior High Specific”; “Using www.americamagazine.org/education. Technology for Catechesis”; “Making Scripture Come Alive”: “Spiritual Life: A Priority for Teachers and Catechists”; American Catholic “Evangelizing and Catechizing Young Adults”: “Of One Heart: Free e-newsletters are available from St. Anthony Integrating USCCB Doctrinal Elements with Pedagogical De- Messenger Press and Franciscan Communications. Try Faith sign” and many more. For more information or to register, go to Formation Update - Help plan your religious-education and www.ncea.org. RCIA classes with their monthly free e-newsletter aimed at New Free Games/Postcards religious educators. Timed to work within the liturgical calen- dar, this newsletter will bring you ideas gleaned from experi- Just a click away at www.SadlierReligion.com. Free enced teachers. There is also “Web Catholic” - links for whole community catechesis (“Gather in My Name”), Improve your Web ministry with this free monthly e- Question of the Week, Lives of the Saints, Catechist Articles newsletter exploring how Catholics use the Internet. Web- (share ideas in the Catechist Corner!), resources for the family masters and communications professionals can keep up with (“From My Home to Yours”), vocation articles Page 4
  5. 5. what's new on the Web for Catholics and learn from their col- Parish Fundraising Pilot Program leagues whose sites are featured. Go to www.americancatholic.org/e-news. Liguori Publications has developed a new program that allows your parish to earn books and resource materials. For Amazing Catechists every $100 that is purchased through this program, your parish For Catechists, Parents, Youth Ministers and those in will earn $25 in “Liguori Bucks” to apply to any of their prod- Adult Formation Ministries: Another free site…they are just ucts. Allow yourself three weeks to collect your orders. All getting started, but the services will include: A point-and-click orders must be placed no later than noon on December 11, 2009 archive of tips from our readers and fellow catechists, arranged to ensure delivery by December 18, 2009. To order call Liz by grade level or program, called “Tips and Insights”, Forums Tallis at 800-325-9521 Ext. 1465 or email: etallis@liguori.org. for sharing and connecting with other catechists in both English Mention Marketing Code 10-708. and Spanish, Columns in English and Spanish, Bible stories American Bible Society retold for use in your homes and classrooms, Children’s reli- gious artwork, videos, photos and audio contributions from Matt Sumers is the new National Field Sales Manager readers on absolutely anything that relates to teaching and en- for the American Bible Society. He can be reached at 866-991- joying our faith together. Go to www.amazingcatechists.com. 7009 or msumers@bibles.com. ESCO Generations of Faith Training Educational Sales Company (ESCO) sells religious Several parishes have asked about upcoming training education books – Catholic Bibles, Catechisms, children’s sessions. One session will be in Orlando right before the Fash- books, textbooks and more. They also buy your unwanted, un- ion Me A People Conference. If we can get several parishes used Religious Education Books © 1999 or newer. Visit together, we could offer a program locally (the cost may be pro- www.escobooks.com for more information. We have a limited hibitive for individual parishes). If you are interested, please number of catalogs. To request one, contact Pat Keck. contact Pat Keck. Technology Tools For Your Ministry Catechetical Leader Retreat If you missed the October 14 workshop with Tim Save the Date!!! Tuesday, May 25th, 2010 at Enders Island in Welch, a copy of his power-point presentation is available. Mystic. Contact Pat Keck. You can also purchase his book, Technology Tools For Your Ministry, from Twenty Third Publications Fashion Me a People (www.23publications.com). Save the date – January 7-9, 2010 at the Hilton Disney Hotel in Orlando, Florida. Presented by the Center for Ministry Special Needs Development, the theme of this fourth annual conference on A Children’s Ministry Pocket Guide to Special Needs lifelong faith formation (children, youth, adults, and intergen- includes quick tips to reach every child. It includes general tips erational) is “The Word of God for All Ages”. Speakers in- for teachers, a section on defining disabilities and what you can clude Tom East, Steve Angrisano, JoAnn Paradise, Paul Hen- do, information about specific disorders, tips to share with par- derson, Joan Weber, Leif Kehrwald, Tom Tomaszek, Santiago ents, and tips to build peer relationships. Available from Group Fernandez and many others. For information, go to (www.group.com). www.cmdnet.org. Adolescent Catechesis Religious Education Congress Learn more about the National Initiative on Adolescent The brochures for the Congress scheduled for Satur- Catechesis. Read about the statement of vision and outcomes day, November 7 at St. Paul High School in Bristol have been regarding adolescent catechesis and join the dialogue. You can mailed. If you did not receive a copy, it is available on our check out best practices, resources, research, models and meth- website at www.orehartford.org/congress09.htm. The day be- ods, and discussions. Go to www.adolescentcatechesis.org. gins with a keynote address by Dr. Adele Gonzalez. Creating A Catechetical Plan Archbishop Henry J. Mansell will then preside at a Eucharistic Liturgy, followed by lunch. There are two rounds of workshops A new resource from Rev. Robert D. Duggan, Creating in the afternoon. Register early – open to parish catechetical A Catechetical Plan: A How-To-Do-It Resource, is available leaders, catechists, youth ministers, RCIA coordinators, adult from the National Catholic Educational Association (NCEA). formation coordinators, and all who are interested in religious The manual contains a practical guide to the planning process education/faith formation. (organize the planning process, form the core team, assess your current reality, write the plan, implement the plan, and evaluate continually. It contains planning worksheets (goals, objectives YOUTH MINISTRY and strategies), a sample plan, and resources for core team for- mation. Available at www.ncea.org. Souper Bowl of Caring Sign up now and get ready to participate in Souper Bowl of Caring on Feb 7, 2010. Get more information or register your group at www.souperbowl.org. Participate in a service blitz. Page 5
  6. 6. Disciple Project Youth Charity Dance Prepare and serve a meal at the Immaculate Shelter in Join youth from around the Archdiocese on January Hartford. Available dates 2009-2010: Dec 26. Jan 17 . Feb 14, 16, 2010 (snow date Jan 23rd) for the ever popular fun(d) 21, 28. April 4, 18. May 8, 9. Book a Hunger 101 session to pre- youth charity dance in its 11th year!! Sponsored and held at St pare your youth for this project or other projects you have sched- James, Rocky Hill, coordinated by Sharon Gagne. 860-712- uled that deal with poverty/ hunger.. 5245 or sgpoohbear@aol.com. Standing as One Human Family Adoration Bring your peer ministers, youth advisors, social justice Adoration returns to St. Bartholomew, Manchester committee, other interested youth and adults to a life altering in- every third Friday at 7:15 with music by the R.O.C.K Group. service “Training of Trainers” on Friday, February 26th or Satur- Contact Vicky Rispoli at 860-646-1613 for more information day, February 27th 10:00-4:00 at the Archdiocesan Center at St. Thomas Seminary. Learn how to conduct this retreat at your own Catholic Underground site. Registration begins at 9:30. Cost is only $20 per person Saturdays 7:30pm - 10:30pm. St. James Church, (bring 5 or more and its $15 pp) and includes lunch and all mate- 896 Main Street, Manchester. See rials. www.catholicundergroundct.com for more information about this ministry. Solidarity Saturday WHAT? A Social Justice youth rally. WHEN? Satur- World Youth Day – Madrid 2011 day, March 20, 2010 10:00-6:00 WHERE? Archdiocesan Center Sharon Gagne (St James, Rocky Hill) is coordinating at St. Thomas Seminary, Bloomfield. Interactive activities and a World Youth Day pilgrimage to Madrid, Spain (August 15- informed speakers will raise awareness of social concerns in our 21st ) with a pre-trip to Fatima, Road to St James, and Avia. If world. Registration begins at 9:30 and we start promptly at you are interested in joining Sharon for one or both options, 10:00. Cost is $15 pp (bring 5 or more and its $10 pp).. Includes contact her at sgpoohbear@aol.com or 860-712-5245. lunch and a light snack. NCYC Delegation YOUNG ADULT MINISTRY Please pray for our delegation of 29 youth and adults from 6 parishes as we represent the Archdiocese of Hartford and CREDO: Web site www.geocities.com/credocath Get a Region One at the National Catholic Youth Conference in Kan- newsletter by writing to P.O. Box 1236, Glastonbury, CT sas City at the end of the month. Plan to join us in 2011!! 06033. St. Patrick, Enfield: Saturdays 7:00-8:30. Contact: John Youth Ministry Basics Class Miller (413) 786-3023 Great training for ALL your catechists and youth volun- St. Rose, New Haven (Spanish): Sundays at 6:00 p.m. teers. Call Shawnee Baldwin to sign up volunteers or to schedule Contact: German Hernandez: 203-865-6149 training at your parish. $100 pp. Discounts for additional persons St. Mary, New Haven: Thursdays at 7:00 p.m. Contact: John from the same parish. January 8-10th – the whole series. Loca- Alvaro 203-562-6193 John.alvaro@yale.edu tion TBD Rock Group Holy Hour: Fridays: 7:15 pm: 1st Friday: Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, Waterbury; 2nd Friday: Holy Spirit, Summer Mission Opportunities Newington; 3rd Friday: St. Bartholomew, Manchester. 4th Friday: Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, Meriden; Just5Days (for grade 7,8,and 9) engages middle school- www.therockgroup.org ers in age-appropriate service, hands-on learning about Catholic Bustedhalo.com A website to surprise, challenge & support Social Teaching, dynamic prayer and liturgy, and a meaningful you in making meaningful faith connections. experience of Christian community. Check out Just5Days.org Catholic Dinner Club (for ages 18+) Young Neighbors in Action (for 15-18 year olds who have November 14TH -DR. THERESA KRANKOWSKI. Topic: completed 9th grade) is a week-long service-learning experience “Love is Stronger than Death: Being Pro-life Amidst the designed to help young people grow in faith and strengthen their Darkness / Divine Mercy”. relationship with God and the community: meaningful service Prayer 6:00. Dinner 6:45. Speaker 8:00. Members pay $20 opportunities, dynamic prayers and liturgy. Go to pp. Non-members pay $25 pp Www.youngneighbors.org for all the sites and dates for Make reservations by the first Friday of the month. Come YNIA. Or contact Sean Lansing at (414) 875- @7:30 for the speaker only ( $10.00pp). Questions? Contact 9866 slansing@cmdnet.org. If you are interested in hearing Keith 860-747-3513 or catholicdinnerclub@gmail.com about either of these programs there will be a “meet and Theology on Tap, New Haven 2009-10 season. greet” burger and a beer” on Saturday, December 5th. Loca- Held on Mondays in the back room of Bar, 254 Crown Street, tion TBD. New Haven. Check out www.theologyontapnh.com for more information Page 6
  7. 7. Advent Day of Reflection on December 2 and Advent Evening OTHER of Reflection on December 1; and many more. Annual Pro-Life Conference Saint Gerard’s Center For Life in Hartford is sponsor- EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES ing their First Annual Pro-Life Conference on Saturday, No- vember 21, 2009, from 12:00 noon until 4:00 p.m. This confer- Visit our website at ence, featuring Doctor Janet E. Smith is free for all who wish to http://orehartford.org/employment.htm attend, with goodwill donations gratefully accepted. It will be held at Saint Paul Catholic High School in Bristol. Food and beverages will be available. Contact Chris D’Amore at (866) 660-6831 for reserved seating or for more information. Office of Urban Affairs – New Name The Office of urban Affairs is now the Office for 2009 Calendar Catholic Social Justice Ministry. Check out their new web site: www.catholicsocialjustice.org. Congratulations to Cori Thibodeau, Executive Director and her entire staff for a wonder- ful Social Justice Dinner and Annual Meeting. Congratulations Reminder: Go to also to those who received special awards: Mrs. Patricia Wal- lace, the Special Service Award; Rev. John Blackall, the Most www.orehartford.org and Reverend Joseph F. Donnelly Memorial Award (individual award); and Brake the Cycle of Poverty CT, the Most Reverend click on calendar. All of Joseph F. Donnelly Memorial Award (organization award). JustFaith our events for Religious JustFaith is a conversion-based process that seeks to provide a context in which participants can grow in their com- Education, Youth and mitment to care for the vulnerable and to become advocates for justice. JustFaith is an extended justice education process that Young Adult Ministry, meets weekly employing books, videos, guest speakers, discus- sion, prayer, retreats and hands-on experiences. Recruitment RCIA, Adult Confirmation, for JustFaith groups forming in the archdiocese is happening now in the following locations and parishes: Biblical School, Catholic All of the parishes in Manchester St. Dunstan, Glastonbury Sacred Heart, Southbury Scouting, Lay Ministry, St. Ann, Avon St. Joseph Cathedral, Hartford and CYO Sports are St. Christopher, East Hartford For more information about JustFaith or how to join or start a included. You can list the group contact John Ryan (Office for Catholic Social Justice Ministry) at 860-716-3914 or jfryan05@cox.net. events by date, print the Holy Family Retreat Center calendar, click on an event/ New offering – Advent Day and Evening Retreat: “A Revolution of Joy in a World of Chaos: The Radical Vision of workshop to get all of the St. Francis of Assisi” with Brandon Nappi. Tuesday, December 8, Daytime: 10:00 am – 2:00 pm or evening 6:00 – 9:00 pm. The day will include presentation, dialogue, Reconciliation, information regarding lunch and Liturgy. The evening will include dinner, presenta- tion, dialogue, and Liturgy. Program offering: $30 Register times and locations or you online at www.holyfamilyretreat.org or send name, address and offering to: Holy Family Passionist Retreat Center, 303 Tunxis can search for an event. If Road, West Hartford, CT 06107 (860-521-0440). you have any questions, Our Lady of Calvary Retreat Center Go to www.ourladyofcalvary.com for the program contact Pat Keck. guide for November, 2009 – February, 2010.The theme for the weekend retreats is “Drawn Into Mystery”. Programs include Page 7
  8. 8. Archdiocese of Hartford NON-PROFIT Office of Religious Education U.S. POSTAGE PAID 467 Bloomfield Avenue PERMIT #4 Bloomfield, CT 06002 BLOOMFIELD CT Page 8