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10 Things I Wish I'd Known About Freelancing


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A talk given at WordCamp Nashville, September 2016

Published in: Business
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10 Things I Wish I'd Known About Freelancing

  1. 1. @nathaningram
  2. 2. Hi, I’m Nathan From Birmingham, Alabama Freelance Web Developer since 1995 iThemes Training Instructor since 2012 Business Coach for Freelance Web Developers
  3. 3. Hi, I’m Nathan I’m not an expert. I’m a learner. My Qualification: I’ve been doing this long enough to have made all the common mistakes already. @nathaningram
  4. 4. Choose your partners wisely. “Walk with the wise and become wise. Associate with fools and get into trouble.”
  5. 5. Ultimately, we are all in the business of customer service. Regular, honest communication is key. @nathaningram
  6. 6. Bad clients are never worth the hassle. One great client leads to another.
  7. 7. No one is good at everything. Focus on your strengths and build strategic partnerships. @nathaningram
  8. 8. You are your most important asset. Take care of yourself. Two common challenges freelancers face: stress and isolation.
  9. 9. Time is your most valuable commodity. Become an expert in personal productivity. @nathaningram
  10. 10. Yes, it sucks… but you can’t ignore accounting. Money mistakes can cripple your business.
  11. 11. There are seasons in freelance work. Don’t waste the slow times. @nathaningram
  12. 12. It is possible to have financial security as a freelancer. It comes from a wide client base, recurring income, and strategic budgeting.
  13. 13. There are more important things in life than work. It’s easy to become a workaholic as a freelancer. DON’T DO IT! @nathaningram
  14. 14. THANKS! @nathaningram Presentation Slides iThemes Coupon Code (35% discount) Free 20-minute Coaching Call
  15. 15. @nathaningram